FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


In writing I frequently use the term 'The Big Picture'. That term dates back to a television series of the 1950s produced by the U.S. Army that was designed to inform the American public about the events that occurred during WWII. The title, as the name implies, tries to depict the war as viewed from the flag officers' viewpoint rather than isolated events as seen from the individual foot soldier, company or division levels. My greatest frustration as a writer has been my inability to get my readers to grasp the big picture of today. Instead they tend to focus on, and be distracted, by isolated events and cannot view those events as part of a larger tapestry, all connected in one fashion or the other, whether occurring in St. Louis, Washington DC, Liverpool England, or Kabul Afghanistan.


I have long expressed my doubts about there even being a Presidential election in 2016. Now I am certain of it. Whether the topic is warfare or politics it is always a good idea to allow your enemy to feel comfortable in his delusions and wishful thinking. The agenda that has been directing the course of this nation is very adept in this field of misdirection. I have long written that the progressive movement would never again allow a man such as Reagan to assume office and upset their plans. Senator Ted Cruz, one such political leader, has now become the conservative American firebrand, and the last great hope for a nation in shambles.


I do believe that Ted Cruz is one of the most brilliant elected officials in Washington DC. He is undoubtedly one of our greatest patriots, and totally fearless, and he has just done something that is totally unorthodox. He started a fight that he knew in advance that he would lose. That makes no sense at all unless one has a devious side and, being totally dedicated to this nation and its Constitution, has decided to expose the treasonous members of both parties now serving in the Senate. What could be the motive. Shall we go there?


If you have never been to war, you could never possibly comprehend the true soul draining meaning of combat fatigue. It sets in as day after week after month of stress and fear and assorted horrors wears on a man's soul until he is losing the very will to live. Now I am not saying that the conservative American public are suffering combat fatigue, but I am saying that they have been fighting a long, so far bloodless war, that began the day that Hussein Obama was elected. They, you, I, all of us to one degree or the other have been opposing tyranny, and the fact of the matter is that we are all weary to the bone, and the real fight has not yet begun, but believe me now, it nears. Do not be taken by surprise.


When I begin a series of essays I generally have an overall view where each segment will lead. This one is an exception to that rule as it is the result of numerous comments made by a group of fellow patriots firmly adhering to the concept of Ted Cruz being elected in 2016 and questioning various positions that I put forth in my last installment of Conservatives In Fantasy Land.


The term 'Thirty pieces of silver' always invokes the image of betrayal, and so you probably know where this essay is leading. 

I have long written of my belief that there is NO political solution to the problems we face today. This one essay, Tahrir Square U.S.A., dates back to February of 2014. Allow me to offer an excerpt: 'I make no secret of the fact that I have absolutely no belief that there is a political solution to today's problems. No election is going to alter the course of this nation. If that course is to be altered it will be done only with an uprising of our people as we witnessed occurring in Tahrir Square in Egypt. Anything less and we are simply delaying until tomorrow what should have been done years ago.'


I write this the day after December 7, 2014.  Many years have passed since the day of 'infamy.' A day that many vowed would never be forgotten. But like so many dates of history and the importance, we have forgotten. On many occasions we have neglected to pass on the history of our country. The forming of values in this great nation. In many cases we have forgotten those who fought for our country. Men and women who believe in the values of our country. I also have to admit I didn't always pass on to others what I know of history.


My last essay Conservatives In Fantasy Land Part One was but a brief summation of some of the predictions that I have made over the last five years, predictions I might add that have already come true or are in the process of coming into full bloom right now. It would be so nice if I had to work harder to find vindicating evidence of my beliefs but such evidence is overwhelming and there are times I simply hate being right. Sadly most Americans slumber on. Some are hard core liberals and progressives with an agenda to fulfill and an axe to grind, but so very many are quite simply deluded patriots, content to spend their time on the internet discussing who they want to vote for in 2016, and discussing the latest hoax.


Nearly five years ago when the battle cry was 'Vote em Out' I was warning of civil war and the utter futility of believing that our elected officials would support the American public. Since then we have had the election of 2010, regarded by many at that time to be a victory. Also, at that time, I was writing that it was a victory in name only as the RINOs of the GOP were giving false hope to America. An (R) by a politician's name is very deceptive, as that (R) misleads the gullible. False hope, by the way, leads only to despair and anguish, but Americans, being what they are were immediately looking forward to 2012 when we would really 'Vote em Out'. Yes sir, we were going to show Obama the door, marked EXIT.


History tells us of a man who is possibly the world's best known bank robber, and in an odd sort of way I rather admire him...for his honesty. Allow me to explain: Folklore tells us that a reporter once asked Mr. Sutton why he robbed banks and he replied, "Because that's where the money is." In a book he later published 'Where The Money Was', ole Willie denied ever having said that, crediting the imaginative reporter with coining the phrase. What he did tell us well indicates a certain degree of honesty about his chosen profession: "As to what actually motivated Sutton to hold up banks, as he said in 'Where the Money Was': "Why did I rob banks? Because I enjoyed it. I loved it. I was more alive when I was inside a bank, robbing it, than at any other time in my life. I enjoyed everything about it so much that one or two weeks later I'd be out looking for the next job. But to me the money was the chips, that's all."