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Danny Jeffrey


Prior to Obama first assuming the office of the Presidency several political pundits and news commentators discussed the possibility of George W. Bush launching an airstrike against Iran's nuclear facilities during this final days in office. After all, any sensible person knew that Iran had to be stopped, and in doing so Bush would have done a great service to all of mankind, especially the United States and Israel. True, those pundits were well aware of the political fallout and the ensuing attacks from our left wing politicians, but with George Bush retiring and Obama assuming the throne that attack would soon have been old news and the world could have breathed much easier. Unfortunately those experts were mistaken; Bush did nothing; and Obama was soon cuddling up with the Ayatollahs, leading us to the nightmare scenario we face today.


Many have often compared our future to Rome's past and for good reason. History is once again repeating itself as the human race never seems to learn from past mistakes. This is perhaps due to the fact that most spend more time in their pursuit of pleasure and their own self interests than in seeking knowledge of where we have been, and associating that with where we are going. In past writings I have often invoked the forest and the trees analogy as that seems to be one of our major stumbling blocks. Our citizens, by and large, cannot see beyond their most immediate concerns leaving them unable to grasp the big picture. Most people are far more concerned with the cost of gasoline and beef than the fact that Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear nation and that we are living under a daily threat of yet another 911.


I have never liked politics, most politicians, what goes on in the political arena, and especially dislike what goes on behind closed doors. And yet oddly enough, at the age of seventy, politics has become the very focal point of my life. I could say that this change is due to fear, but quite honestly at my age there is very little that can inspire fear in me. No, the simple fact of the matter is that I have long been a student of history and know far more than most of man's inhumanity to man. I have spent countless hours trying to understand the evil within some who crave unlimited powers, and the craven apathetic nature of the masses who allow this to happen. In younger days this study was an academic pursuit. Today it is a reality that haunts my every moment.


I have long stated that Islamic immigration has but one purpose...To foment discord thus leading the host nation to implement Draconian laws that would then be used to control the native born people, while giving a politically correct pass to Muslims. Now, in the U.S., we find the DHS warning not of militant blacks and illegal aliens, nor of the danger from Islam. They are warning that our greatest concern should be directed at right wing groups.


The bulk of this essay is going to be about terrorism and how our Progressive leaders, across all of the western nations, helped to set the stage for the emergence of those terrorists and continue to aid them as their horrifying powers grow. Before going there, however, I would like to use one bit of news, seemingly unrelated, but actually quite relative, for it reveals the duplicity of those we once trusted with our highest aspirations. Allow me to present none other than Marco Rubio, and man once hailed by the conservative right and considered as a possible candidate for President. Today Americans, not nearly as concerned about terrorism as they should be, regard illegal immigration, ObamaCare, and the economy, to be our greatest concerns. Well, here is an 'Up Yours' salute from a man once trusted, and he is but one more indicator of the treason that has taken root in our nation's capitol.


In recent writings and comments to associates I have been taking up the topic of 'experts' as they speak of specifics while failing to address an overview of the big picture. Surely you have heard the tale of the blind men and the elephant. If not, this is a link to the parable, and this is an excerpt from it: 'the parable implies that one's subjective experience can be true, but that such experience is inherently limited by its failure to account for other truths or a totality of truth. At various times the parable has provided insight into the relativism, opaqueness or inexpressible nature of truth, the behavior of experts in fields where there is a deficit or inaccessibility of information, the need for communication, and respect for different perspectives.'


The recent debacle in Yemen was far too well enacted to be anything short of a well planned and choreographed submission of the U.S. military before the forces of Islam. The bloodletting and the disgrace of Benghazi taught the Obama regime a lesson they are unwilling to repeat, and yet the narrative must continue; America must bow as the black flag of terrorism is raised above our territory. The surrender of our embassy in Yemen was designed to be a deliberate capitulation to terrorism, and the long term effects of that capitulation are equally well planned, and few understand the true ramifications of some of our finest warriors retreating in disgrace.


I have a standing policy of using only brief excerpts from an essay written by another and referring my readers to the original article. Today, for the first time, I shall back away from my own rule, due to the importance of what is revealed, while still giving credit where due and providing a link to the site and the brave men and women involved in the effort. It is an open letter to Hussein Obama and it warns of the dangers of his goal to close Gitmo and send the terrorists housed there to their home countries or to the United States.


Fondly dedicated to G.B. and J.S.

There was a time when it could be stated, more or less rightly, that 'It is a man's world.' Thank goodness those days and such an attitude has faded into history. The only reason that I have even brought the topic up is I am about to ask you to read a brief poem from a great poet by name of Rudyard Kipling. The name of the poem is 'If' and everyone is familiar with at least the first one and a half lines. 'If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs'... As you read the poem do a mental adjustment, allowing for the 'man's world' concept of that long gone day. Whether you are a man or woman, twenty two years old or sixty, it matters not as the message is the same. It is one of strength, of self control, self reliance, and a spirit that refuses to be broken, or even bend. Think of that poem as a message from your father or mother, or for that matter, me. We have some very trying times ahead and it would serve us all well to heed the message that Kipling left his son.


Liberals...Many debate with them, trying to awaken them to the reality and the dangers that lie before us. I never bother, feeling the effort to be a total waste of my time. I have long since written them off as casualties in a mindless world of their own making. Their ultimate fate is a matter of extreme indifference to me. I publish on two separate websites; 'Freedom Rings 1776', began while I was still optimistic about this nation's future, and 'Fix Bayonets' that began after concluding that any hope we have will begin after the inevitable crash that our enemies have planned for America. If you are reading this on 'Fix Bayonets' look to the top of the page. There you will find my statement of purpose for this site. It reads...