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Danny Jeffrey


Mister President
Dear Mister Beck,

There was once a time when colonists in New England strained to hear the words of Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin as they spoke of a tomorrow when free men would never again have to bow before a monarch, or to pay an unjust tax, or to be regarded as a subject instead of a citizen. We know this to be true because you have taught these things to those who did not know our history, and reminded many of us who had forgotten, that it was these men, who gave us the things we now accept as ours by right.

It has been your words, your faith, and your love of liberty, that have inspired millions of my fellow Americans and brought us together as a unified group, believing that we can and will stand against the tyranny that now threatens to rip this nation asunder.


Spirit if '76
A very special friend* recently started a Facebook conversation that led me to write this post, as the subject of "Singing To The Choir" has often come up. Until Obama assumed the throne I had never really been politically active. Never had I volunteered trying to help put some local politician into office. For that matter I would have no interest at all in going to a national convention for either party. I began blogging because I now fear my government! I love history, and although not overly excited about either political party, I do know the harm that a dangerous politician can do. Barrack Hussein Obama is, without a doubt,  the worst leader that this country has ever elected, and it is due to him and his power lust that I now have five blog sites.


Reagan never ever looked at America through such a
power crazed mentality
I often use history when writing about a current event and how it came to be. History is a great tool in contrasting the quality of our leaders. There was a time in the past when statesmen were concerned about the United States and future generations. Today statesmen are an endangered species, and politicians can see no farther than the next election.


creative commons
We can look back over 12 generations of freedom loving people. Americans are easy to get along with, helpful to a fault, even to the point of rebuilding the enemy after a war is over, but they are not a good people to anger. There is nothing quite like a bunch of irate Americans.

The people of Europe and Asia live under the constant threat of being invaded by their neighbors. We, here in the United States, have never had to put up with this problem and so we get passive and trusting, but when betrayed, Americans have a way of coming together for a common cause; thus the sleeping giant syndrome.


It is odd, how in times of danger, a gallant few step boldly forth and take up the gauntlet of liberty, and are so often are scorned for their efforts. It happened here in America in 1775 when a small group of colonists formed a line in the colony of Massachusetts and exchanged fire with the world's finest army. To some they were heroes, while other colonists regarded them as traitors to the crown. History, always the final arbiter on such matters, declared them heroes!

Today there is another such group on the other side of the Atlantic. Like the minutemen of our colonial days, these heroes are also fighting for the liberty of Americans...and of the English...and of the Swedes...and of the people in any other country where Islam has established itself and is endangering the liberties and beliefs of the people who have offered them sanctuary.


I am retired and quite concerned about the direction that our country is headed and I love both history and the internet. All of these things factored in, I spend a minimum of ten hours a day, usually more, doing research and managing/writing five blog sites. The research that I do for my articles take me to websites and news outlets all over the world. For the benefit of those who cannot expend the time that I do, I bring back information and post it on my wall, providing a news outlet of sorts for friends. Sadly, some of the things that I encounter in researching the Islamic problem are so hideous that I choose to censor my own findings, as I do not want such things on a wall where they might be seen by young viewers.


The simple fact of the matter is that our so called "Ally" Saudi Arabia, is financing the Mosques and the Madrassas in Europe and America where hatred of the West is taught. The Saudis are spending countless millions on our schools and replacing our text books with others that are more "Muslim friendly" and teach that the new world was discovered by the followers of Allah and that the American Indians spoke Arabic. The truth matters little when they have as many of our dollars as they do. This may sound hard to believe so if you have any doubts, watch the following video.


Barrack Hussein Obama is not a Democrat. His actual affiliation is with the New Party. It simply would not be acceptable to call it a branch of the Communist Party as only the most jaded left wing radical would join. Instead they outline themselves as a Third Party interested only in improving the nation. They even encourage you to remain with your current political party and donate only twenty five dollars a month to help finance these improvements.That $25.00 per month ($300.00) per year will pay the salary of a full time Community Organizer for one week. After you click the following link for yet more details on how your donation will be put to good use. There will be many of these pages and you certainly need not read them all, but note in the first paragraph that magical word Transforming.


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"Mister Gorbachev...Tear down that wall!" Those are words that will echo through the centuries. Only six words, but they conveyed so much. No long winded speech; no two thousand page document, just six words suggesting that peace and understanding were possible between the USA and the USSR. President Reagan had a gift for saying what needed to be said, of bringing opposing parties together and for inspiring a world to believe in a better tomorrow. He was a man for all seasons!

Ronald Reagan was no genius, but he had a talent for putting the right person into the right position, and getting the results he desired. When he was elected, that was just what this country needed. After the divisive last partial term for Richard Nixon, followed by the glaring incompetence of Jimmy Carter, Reagan was himself, the right man in the right position. Bringing back the tune "Hail To The Chief" and restoring dignity to the Presidency, he gave Americans what they so desperately needed: A sense of  pride, a feeling of American exceptionalism, and a belief in a better tomorrow.