FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


Mister President
Dear Mister Beck,

There was once a time when colonists in New England strained to hear the words of Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin as they spoke of a tomorrow when free men would never again have to bow before a monarch, or to pay an unjust tax, or to be regarded as a subject instead of a citizen. We know this to be true because you have taught these things to those who did not know our history, and reminded many of us who had forgotten, that it was these men, who gave us the things we now accept as ours by right.

It has been your words, your faith, and your love of liberty, that have inspired millions of my fellow Americans and brought us together as a unified group, believing that we can and will stand against the tyranny that now threatens to rip this nation asunder.


Spirit if '76
A very special friend* recently started a Facebook conversation that led me to write this post, as the subject of "Singing To The Choir" has often come up. Until Obama assumed the throne I had never really been politically active. Never had I volunteered trying to help put some local politician into office. For that matter I would have no interest at all in going to a national convention for either party. I began blogging because I now fear my government! I love history, and although not overly excited about either political party, I do know the harm that a dangerous politician can do. Barrack Hussein Obama is, without a doubt,  the worst leader that this country has ever elected, and it is due to him and his power lust that I now have five blog sites.


Reagan never ever looked at America through such a
power crazed mentality
I often use history when writing about a current event and how it came to be. History is a great tool in contrasting the quality of our leaders. There was a time in the past when statesmen were concerned about the United States and future generations. Today statesmen are an endangered species, and politicians can see no farther than the next election.