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Danny Jeffrey


It is not so much that political leaders are opposed to helping the people they represent, and some will help, but only if it does not interfere with their personal agenda.

There are few who watch even the Lame Stream Media that are not aware of the impending collapse of the Euro, and I cannot help but recall the Titanic. Frightened passenger were told not to worry, there would be plenty of room on the life boats. All the while, knowledgeable crewmen, well aware of the true danger were fleeing the vessel in half empty boats. History is about to repeat itself.


Recent years have exposed the politics and back room maneuvering that takes place with every Miss America pageant. Honestly, it has never really bothered me for two reasons: One, is that I never watch the pageant and Two, is that I have always believed that the real Miss America stood in New York Harbor holding aloft a torch, beckoning the worthy of foreign nations to our homeland. That, sorrowfully is no longer the case. No longer can she stand as the reigning Miss America for she is now Miss Citizen of the World.

Gone are the days when we could look upon Lady Liberty as the greatest of all American icons, for she has now been cast into bondage and is the property of the United Nations. Do you want to play a little guessing game? What do Carlsbad, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall, the volcanoes of Hawaii, Monticello, our Redwood forests, the Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone and Yosemite all have in common? The answer is that these sites and many others now fall under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.


The human body, or for that matter, the the body of a dolphin or a snail, is a magnificent work of art. When young and healthy, possessing an exuberance for life, any creature is a wonder to behold. Sadly, age, accident, or abuse takes its toll on any organism and a developing  problem with any part of the system, be it the heart, the liver, or the lungs, effects the entire life function and deterioration is inevitable. The same holds true for the world's financial system. The lack of a healthy economy in any nation has a direct effect on the economy of all nations.


Sam Houston

On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston led his small army of poorly trained and poorly equipped Texas patriots against the forces of Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana at the battle of San Jacinto. It was there, in the heat of a battle that was to be a great victory, that the battle cry "Remember the Alamo!" was born.

In days to come the patriots of this nation will band together in many battles across the nation to oppose the encroaching forces of Marxism. Might I suggest a new battle cry..."Remember America!" and there is much to remember. We who are prepared to stand, fight, and if need be, die for America, cannot allow this memory to fade from the pages of history, for if that memory does fade, then this world may not know freedom for another thousand years


Nikolai Lenin
Loose lips sink ships", "The walls have ears", "Speak no evil." Many are the phrases cautioning speaking out and many have been the time that it was not good to speak for your safety or that of your nation. What is happening today in Washington does not fit into such a situation. Today our corrupt leaders are simply trying to silence us to promote their own agenda and while Obama protests being compared to Hitler, Stalin and such, those comparisons will continue as long as he continues using the tactics on us that they practiced on their people.

I've heard it said that you never miss something until you lose it, and if Obama, Reid and Pelosi have their way we will lose our first amendment rights and the internet, for silence is what the Ruling Class expects of us. Just a few months ago we all heard the President tell Americans to get out of the way, go sit down, and shut up. Never in the history of this country has any President had the audacity to look down on Americans as though they were peons. The last time anyone tried that they were thoroughly whipped and sent back to England with a message...The message was "We have had enough!" It is beginning to look as though our President needs to receive the very same message.


The New American
At times we all need to pause briefly, examine priorities and if need be, make any necessary adjustments. I am in the process of doing just that. Being a compulsive workaholic, I have on occasion pushed myself beyond my own limits. Just recently I did, and believe me: Total exhaustion and dehydration is a somewhat less than a pleasant experience. I do not plan to go there again.

We have long lived in an America that we all thought would go on forever. That is now debatable. We have come from a reasonably safe, predictable environment, to a world of extremes. We have lost our balance, many have lost their faith, and America has lost her way,


London Riots

I wish that I could claim to be the author of this essay's title. Alas. I cannot. It would even be nice if I could tell you that those were the words of an American, describing what is happening here, in what was once the land of the free. That is not the case either. The fact of the matter is that those forlorn words were uttered by a Mister Aaron Biber, age 89 ...  resident of London. Where the gentleman lives matters not. What does matter is his words: "We've lost something."


Standing now at what appears to be the proverbial Eleventh Hour, we cannot be content to simply wait, be taken off guard, or to blink, for after the Eleventh Hour there always comes the Twelfth. By that time, if we as a nation are to survive, we must have seized the initiative.


The following comment was in reply to Obama's "Jobs Bill."

"The proposals the president outlined tonight merit consideration. We hope he gives serious consideration to our ideas as well. It's my hope that we can work together to end the uncertainty facing families and small businesses, and create a better environment for long-term economic growth and private-sector job creation."—House SpeakerJohn Boehner, R-Ohio.


Who wouldn't love this little guy?

Last year I wrote an essay about the ridiculous demands of the Muslims. They proclaimed Christmas to be evil, complained that they were offended by a collection of porcelain pigs that were in a senior citizen's window, until the police of Leicaster England impounded the pigs to appease the Muslim community.

Appeasement always fails. It simply emboldens the attacker to the point that they were soon complaining of the smell of bacon coming from a restaurant and again with police intervention, the exhaust fan had to be removed from the restaurant. Quite naturally the wretched image in the form of a piggy bank was more than the delicate systems of Muslims could endure and piggy banks were banned by English banks.


The past...The future
Being a student of history gives me a rather unique perspective on world events. I firmly believe that one can look to the past and see the future as mankind tends to do the same stupid things over and over and over again. That unique perspective I speak of allows me to take a brief look, not only into the past but also into that future and wonder what those yet to be born historians will have say about the events of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. We, the people of today, are watching as world shaping issues unfold around us, and yet so few are able to see what is really transpiring, how can historians to be hope to understand?

Today a great struggle is taking place between those of us who cherish the freedom to which we were born, and those who would take away our liberties and rewrite our proud history, that it might better meet their progressive agenda. The outcome of that struggle hinges firmly on one issue, and one issue only,  and that is the courage, or the lack of courage, of those who are facing the loss of their freedoms today.


Since September of 2010 I have been warning of a disaster facing Israel. Since February on 2011 I have added the rest of the Western Nations into the disaster league, going so far as to write World War lll Has Already Begun,  The Coming Assault on Israeland Obama...Forcing a Nuclear War. During that time, three people whom I admire immensely, have been less vocal than I. Glenn Beck, Frank Gaffney, and Caroline Glick have all issued dire warnings but refrained from stepping as far out on a limb as I had, and that was just as well.


WW lll has already begun
One of my special Face Book friends left a remark to me that has become the title of this note. Her words gave me reason to pause and ponder what I write and why I am writing it. My conclusion...Yes, unfortunately I am scaring people! It is with great reluctance that I have published some of my thoughts, many of which I have written and then left unpublished until it became so obvious that I was right. Another of my special friends tells me that I am giving him nightmares and adds that I must continue with the work I  am doing.


The following photo album is my small tribute to the American warriors who fell in Europe in the noble endeavor of returning liberty to the enslaved people of the nations occupied by the Nazi regime. As with anything that I write, I must acknowledge my gratitude to the photographers who have taken these outstanding images. With their cameras and their vision they have forever ennobled these, the final resting places of our fallen warriors.


What is going though his mind?
Today's headlines makes it impossible to believe that Obama is not actively engaged in planning Israel's destruction. His speech of May 19, 2011 calls for Israel to withdraw to 1967 borders to which Netanyahu replied that those borders are indefensible. Newt Gengrich made the comment that it was the "most dangerous speech given by an American President in terms of Israel's survival."


Many years ago I had an idea that would quite literally turn the USA into an Eden, but I never mentioned it to anyone, being certain that the EPA would squash the idea for the sake of some grasshopper in Utah. Now this nation teeters on the edge of oblivion, and the only way America will ever regain her footing is to seriously curtail the authority of government agencies, such as the EPA, that have far exceeded their original purpose. Our bureaucrats are not important! Our nation is! 

Every year we feed the world and every year our ability to do so becomes more strained. Every year billions of dollars of flood damage occur along major rivers with lives lost.


creative commons

There is an elite club consisting only of billionaires, enjoying the power that such wealth brings. They have collectively become proponents of a form of Malthusian-ism that, in their minds, is going to drastically reduce the population of the Earth. Many are the arguments that the world is overpopulated. Considering the hunger and genocide that is taking place, I would be the last to disagree. What I do disagree with are the methods that will be employed, and the right by which by these members of of the Elite take on such a God-like role in the name of "Helping" mankind.

Easter Island or Rapa Nui as the inhabitants call it, may seem a strange place to begin a treatise about the dangers of such a self appointed group and their plans to decide mankind's future. Quite the contrary! It is the perfect place, as the fate of its one time inhabitants is what these elite Globalists of today threaten us with unless we allow them to convert the world into something closer to their liking than what we have today.


The George Soros sponsored Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect could be the key to the destruction of Israel and the beginning of nuclear war.

The whole concept of this Soros sponsored group is that the UN can attack any nation that is using force against those who are trying to take the reins of power. This option was not used in the genocide of Darfur. It was not used in the assault on revolutionary Iranians. It was unnecessary in Egypt and this Responsibility to Protect is first being used in Libya. It is my firm belief that the Libyan scenario is but a trial balloon to set a precedent. Later it will be used against Israel...the next time they are attacked and they dare fight back.

Long have we known that the left reverses the meaning of words and does the opposite of what they say they will do.


Benedict XVI

The following is a collection of quotes of well known people expressing their thoughts on Islam. These people, some good, some bad, had one thing in common. They all understood the nature of those who follow the teachings of the Qur'an.


A Fallen President
Richard Milhous Nixon...Now that is a name that will be long remembered. He inherited a disastrous state of affairs when he assumed office. He ended what President Johnson meant to be an unending war. He managed to make peaceful contact with China and faced disgrace and impeachment due to the actions of a lowly subordinate. Through all of his struggles he firmly maintained his "I am not a crook" theme and he is well remembered for that to this day.