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Danny Jeffrey


The George Soros sponsored Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect could be the key to the destruction of Israel and the beginning of nuclear war.

The whole concept of this Soros sponsored group is that the UN can attack any nation that is using force against those who are trying to take the reins of power. This option was not used in the genocide of Darfur. It was not used in the assault on revolutionary Iranians. It was unnecessary in Egypt and this Responsibility to Protect is first being used in Libya. It is my firm belief that the Libyan scenario is but a trial balloon to set a precedent. Later it will be used against Israel...the next time they are attacked and they dare fight back.

Long have we known that the left reverses the meaning of words and does the opposite of what they say they will do.

The Global Center For The Responsibility To Protect (GCRP) sounds like such a noble organization. It is such a shame that it is based on lies and hatred. When seeking truth, follow the money trail. The GCRP is funded by The International Crisis Group (ICG) and The Human Rights Watch.(HRW).

George Soros is a hard man to trace as he leaves twisted trails and smoke screens to camouflage his activities while referring to himself as the "Conscience of the world." Dealing with this man is like facing a double edged sword, for he cuts both ways. While, he admits that he is trying to destroy the United States, he is also advocating that our military rise to his beck and call...and under the sanction of Barrack Hussein Obama, it does.

The ICG is in turn funded by the Soros Group The Open Society Institute (OSI)

No description of the drama unfolding in the Middle East would be complete without considering the contributions of Samantha Power. With close affiliations as an advisor to Barrack Obama, and a disdain for Israel, she is a leader on the path to destroying the only democratic country in the Middle East. She paved the way to the concept of the Western nations bombing Libya to further the goals of George Soros. He naturally wants Islam to take control in Libya, but the Primary reason is to initiate, under sanction of the UN, the principles of GCRP. In spite of the fact that the word Protect is in the name of this group, there is nothing protective about it. The GCRP is a political weapon of conquest, created by, and wielded by, George Soros, and thanks to Barrack Obama, backed by the military might of the United States.

It was decided to use American military in support the rebels in their attempt to overthrow Gaddafi. The long range plan being to support Hamas and other Islamic groups that will join the final assault on Israel. Soon the UN will receive a request to recognize the state of Palestine, as the sovereign government over the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem. The UN will acknowledge the State of Palestine, and when Israel refuses to withdraw, the assault will begin. If Israel resists, which they most surely will, the GCRP concept will be enacted and Western allies will be ordered, by the UN, and Barrack Obama, to protect the Islamic groups as they attack Israel.

I cannot help but wonder how a person like Samantha Power can deal with all of the hatred that she feels for the free people of the world. Nor can I help but wonder how such a person has managed to become so powerful that she can alter the destiny of nations. She, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice over ruled the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Adviser, and head of our counter terrorism department and reportedly convinced Obama to intervene in Libya in spite of the fact that we had No national interests to protect. When we have No national interest in getting involved in a foreign nation's civil war there must be another agenda. That agenda is what led to this essay.

Today the call to destroy Israel is heard far and wide. Soon that call will grow louder and now they have a politically correct reason to allow it. Obama will have the excuse that it is not his fault. We will be told that precedents have been set and he has to comply with the UN ruling of Responsibility to Protect.

(1) Robert Malley, program director for the group's Middle East and North Africa division: In 2007 Malley was named as a foreign-policy advisor to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The following year, however, the Obama campaign severed its ties with Malley after the latter informed the Times of London that he had been in regular contact with Hamas as part of his work for ICG.

(2) The Human Rights Watch ...Interesting group to say the least... Aryeh Neier, the current President of the Open Society Institute, a former Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, and a co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society in 1959; Orville Schell, Dean of the University of California at Berkley.

Never again! A bold motto for the bold people of Israel, and one that I am sure many plan to live, and if necessary, die by. The Jews of today can look back 2000 years to the time of Herod the Great and the fortress he built at Masada. A defiant band of Jews held this fortress against all that Rome could throw at them until finally even they could not win against the might of Roman Empire. The entire band, knowing that all was lost, joined in a covenant of suicide and in a final act of defiance, deprived the Romans of their trophies of war.

Today the Jews are again besieged, and again they may, in act of final defiance, follow in the footsteps of those defenders of Masada, but there is a difference this time. If defeat be their lot they will not go alone, for they do possess what the Arab states do not ... Nuclear missiles. In their quest for peace they have never used them, but I am confident that if they know that the whole world has turned against them, they will not be defeated until the last bullet and the last missile have been fired. I am also confident about one more issue. Israel knows that when they fire one missile they will be hit by many, and so there will be one massive launch, targeting all those who have opposed them and all those who have betrayed them.

If pushed to that point then this will be their second Masada. Never underestimate Israel, for they will not walk passively into a Holocaust for the 21st. Century.

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I would be remiss if I failed to express gratitude to David Horowitz for all of the effort that he and his staff have put into Discover The Networks. Org. It is a truly great reference that I would recommend to any serious researcher.

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science map of of the maps is of an all important subject...Water

Save these maps, as the coming pressure applied to Israel will be better understood when you can visualize the terrain.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You, Sir...........I agree..we are in deep, deep trouble. It sickens and saddens me to my core.Please continue to post!! May God Bless Us, May God Bless America!

em said...

I am also sickened. The majority of the people have no idea of the events unfolding and how they are related- I have a limited knowledge at best. Most are unable or unwilling to see. When the press and media are complicit with the agenda, it leaves just a few to see the whole picture. A great article , I will repost.

SF-B said...

Danny, thank you again!! My prayers are always with Israel. And my prayers are with you for continued guidance and wisdom as you educate people with the truth. You're doing a wonderful job !!

Eleazar Kitchens said...

aThank You Sir! I was asked some time ago and again here recently about which way one should vote in the upcoming election....My response was right wing or left wing? Same bird, same destination...deep trouble for the United States and its people, and ultimately worldwide.

debrakcarey said...

Ezekiel 36 to 39.

Pretty clear picture of what's coming.
You can trace the ancient names of the nations of the world that come against Israel to their modern day counterparts and see that this prophecy matches todays headlines.

The coming war between the nations of the world, and God. Israel will remain to clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting take on world events, and as logical as any...
However, most of Obama's, and most other key US officials for that matter, are controlled (or heavily influenced) by Zionist groups. I'm afraid your theory falls apart at this point... Soros is no match for the (Jew and non Jew) Zionist cabal.
No agenda here... just an exchange of opinion.