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Danny Jeffrey


Recent years have exposed the politics and back room maneuvering that takes place with every Miss America pageant. Honestly, it has never really bothered me for two reasons: One, is that I never watch the pageant and Two, is that I have always believed that the real Miss America stood in New York Harbor holding aloft a torch, beckoning the worthy of foreign nations to our homeland. That, sorrowfully is no longer the case. No longer can she stand as the reigning Miss America for she is now Miss Citizen of the World.

Gone are the days when we could look upon Lady Liberty as the greatest of all American icons, for she has now been cast into bondage and is the property of the United Nations. Do you want to play a little guessing game? What do Carlsbad, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall, the volcanoes of Hawaii, Monticello, our Redwood forests, the Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone and Yosemite all have in common? The answer is that these sites and many others now fall under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.
All of the links in the following paragraph are sites of the great American heritage that have now been placed under the control of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural.(UNESCO). i have used alternating colors between the many links to make for easier reading. Look through the list and see if there are any location that you believe should remain exclusively American.

Yellowstone Grand Geyser 

Aztec Ruins National MonumentCahokiaCarlsbad Caverns National ParkChaco Culture National Historical ParkEverglades National ParkGlacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Glacier National Park (U.S.),  Grand Canyon National ParkGreat Smoky Mountains National ParkHawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, Independence HallKluane / Wrangell – St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-AlsekKluane National Park and Reserve, Mesa Verde National Park, MonticelloOld San Juan, Puerto Rico , Olympic National ParkPapahānaumokuākea Marine National MonumentRedwood National and State Parks, Statue of Liberty, Taos Pueblo, University of Virginia, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Yellowstone National ParkYosemite National Park.

Lately we have been hearing a great deal about Agenda 21 and how American towns and communities are ceding their water rights, land use, and their very freedoms to the watchdogs of the UN. I must confess to having been one of those people who once scoffed at the those "Conspiracy Theorists" who once warned of a plan for the elites of the civilization to form a New World Order. They, unfortunately, were correct and we, the unbelievers, allowed the Elitists time to implement their agenda unimpeded. They moved slowly, quietly, behind the scenes, bringing about the events that are now taking place. Having grown powerful, they no longer hide their activities, but move boldly and hurriedly  in their quest to enslave humanity. 

We now travel the Road To Serfdom that F. A. Hayak warned of. It seems that the harbingers of doom are consistently refuted, and that is nothing new. 

In the Iliad Homer spoke of Cassandra, a woman of Troy with the gift of foresight, and the curse is that none would believe her. She warned the Trojans about bringing that huge wooden horse within the city gates. She was ignored! Abraham Lincoln warned that if this nation were to ever fall it would be the results of internal corruption. Look at today's news! Eisenhower's farewell speech as President warned of a vast Military Industrial Complex. He warned not of the military but of the people who would grow rich keeping the military strong. Senator Joe McCarthy tried to expose the communist infiltration of our government and was scorned into silence. Ronald Reagan in one of the greatest speeches ever given, warned America of a Thousand Years of DarknessThat speech was entitled "A Time to Choose." The citizens of the United States did choose. They chose Lyndon Johnson and his "Great Society." Thanks to that and other bad choices, we are now standing on a threshold that will either lead to a rebirth of freedom or a new Dark Age.

But no one has ever predicted today's events with such detail as Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society. His accuracy is uncanny, predicting Everything that we see today coming out of the United Nations and our nation's Capitol. (If you follow only one link in this essay, make it this one.) He was well aware of the insiders involved in the planned destruction of America and the American way of life, and he spoke with the words of a prophet...Few listened. 

Most conservatives today blame Obama for all the damage to society that is taking place. Many issues should be blamed on him as he has done irreparable harm to America, but so much of what we are learning today precedes him by many administrations. In a sense we should be thankful for Obama in that he is so immature and foolish. Until his arrival the restructuring of society had been in the slow, steady stealth mode as was advocated by the Fabian Society. Thanks to his petulant nature he could not wait to Transform America, and that is where he tipped his hand and started the awakening of the American people.

Little by little our freedoms have been lost, conceded, or voted away, and while that is bad, there is an outcome that is far far worse. Our descendants, as a result of Americans buying into this progressive ideology will bear the brunt of the cowardice and appeasement that has allowed this to happen. We fear the approaching Dark Age of the 21st. century. They, our grandchildren and beyond, will be born into serfdom, never knowing or being able to even conceive of liberty ... Unless we stand boldly, willing to give all in this last ditch fight that will determine the future of all mankind. I used the phrase "last ditch" due to my thinking that this confrontation with the left should have happened in the sixties when we were certain to win. Today we are pushed to the wall with little on our side other than the courage and determination of those who must prevail in the name of liberty.

Events are coming at us. They are coming hard and fast with a determination to put an end to this "Freedom Nonsense" that we cherish so much. The Elitists who would have us bow before them are Rich, Powerful and Power Hungry, Organized, and totally devoid of any form of Morality. In their efforts to subjugate all of mankind they have enlisted the aid of a mindless horde who will gladly die in the effort to conquer and destroy all that we hold dear.

We were all born into a world of many choices. The world has changed. We have changed. Choices are now few. As we face tomorrow there are but two choices open to us and they are to either capitulate or fight. My choice is clear and it will echo the words that Thomas Paine spoke in the winter of 1776...

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace."

For any new visitor to this site or any regular reader who may have missed it. Please take the time to read ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IMMINENT? and share it with a friend. The title is self explanatory and it is not merely conjecture on my part. It is based on a dire warning from the English Government.

For any who would understand the true nature of those who are reshaping our world read THE ROAD TO A NEW HOLOCAUST. It admittedly is not an easy read, as the tentacles of this group dates back a hundred and twenty five years, and across continents, but I promise you this: If you follow the links and finish the essay, you will truly grasp the evil that we now face. 


R.A. Bullseye said...

I miss America.


I miss her too R.A.
Thanks for reading my essay.

Brian Wilson said...

Nice post. Great points.
The question remains: what are any of us, "the people", gonna DO about it?
"Fight"? Fight what? Fight how? Do you really think elections hold any realistic potential for the change necessary to save the Republlic? Other than Ron Paul, who will do the meaningful and necessry things?
Everyone talks about the "coming collapse", "financial armageddon", "Agenda 21", End the Fed but no one discusses the ways, means or options to cause change before the implosion.
Maybe that could be the subject of your next entry.

mrlynn said...

Danny...I'm so glad you contacted me with this essay...You have always known how passionately I love our country...and our Lady...
I read this with such great sadness; there are so many heartbreaking posts out there is hard to grasp the nature of it all....and when one finally stops the tears, and looks for hope...GOD IS THE ONLY ANSWER.
Yes, I miss our glorious America...each day brings dread of what freedom we will likely loose in a 24 hour period of time. The bottom line, is that this is a BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL come to fruition in a point so huge that we just don't know what to do....I do know that faith is the one key that can open the door to the PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING....and with that faith comes the command to SPEAK OUT AGAINST's all we can do....
"SILENCE IN THE FACE OF EVIL IS ITSELF, EVIL. GOD WILL NOT CONDONE US NOT TO SPEAK, NOT TO ACT.." Dietrich Bonhoeffer so beautifully sums the words of a myriad of is all we can do...
Brian Wilson, in his comment, asks 'WHAT ARE ANY OF US, "The People" gonna do abut it?" I'm not sure, either....I predict, IF there is an election, there will be a war; if there is no election, there will be a war.....
We are the MAJORITY of America...WE THE PEOPLE are out here seeing the horrors, crying the tears....but action must be taken.....
I believe GOD WILL ACT at some point in His PROVIDENTIAL way, to either save our country, or condemn it for it's great sin of greed (every sin begins with greed) and it's insistence to take GOD out of our lives...and totally out of our great land.
PRAY GOD, that all who love HIM, will cling to HIM....and we will walk together through that narrow gate to eternal freedom, joy, peace and love......THIS IS THE ONE THING WE CAN DEPEND ON...........mar