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Danny Jeffrey


Neville Chamberlain

World War II could probably have been prevented had the English people refused to swallow the nonsense put forth by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as he promised "Peace in our time." They fell into a trap of their own making because he told them what they wanted to believe, but it is easy to sympathize with them and their misguided faith. After all, they were so tired of Winston Churchill always delivering those dreadful speeches about the danger that was about to befall all of Europe and England. They just didn't want to hear any more bad news and it was so easy to believe Chamberlain. Like any good politician he was telling them what they wanted to hear.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and it is so easy to look back and condemn Chamberlain for being so gullible in his dealings with Hitler, but I must question the term "Gullible." Denial, to my way of thinking, would be perhaps more appropriate. After all, The War To End All Wars had just ended two decades past, and here was Winston Churchill warning England that another war to claim the youth of another generation was at hand. Then, in the midst of despair, jubilant PM Chamberlain returns with great news of a promise from Adolf Hitler. People closed their eyes and ears to reality presented by Churchill and chose instead to embrace the news of a peaceful tomorrow from their Prime Minister. So very often, good news and denial give birth to abject horror.

People never really change. Right now the internet is all abuzz with the latest nonsense, garnering millions of pageviews as they cater to those who have grown tired of worry and just have to hear some good news that will give them hope, and so...
"THIS DEMOCRAT MAY ACTUALLY BEAT OBAMA IN PRIMARY" This good news comes from World Net Daily and they present as a subtitle. "Poll Shows Tight Race. Could Be Politically Cataclysmic."
Now that sounds really good; if only there was some truth in it. Nice sensational headline, and even after reading the flimsy evidence the warm glow of that headline still gives conservatives hope, and so they post it that others may herald a better day. I have no use for flimsy evidence, I always dig for the truth. The evidence, for those who are inclined to read past the headlines, reveal that this was the result of a College Poll taken in the tiny little fourth district of Arkansas.

The article goes on with details of how a federal prison inmate pulled 42% of the Democratic Primary in West Virginia. These are flukes. These are protest votes telling Obama to shape up, but when it comes down to November it will still be Democrats voting for a Democrat, and there will only be one: Barrack Hussein Obama.

Bypassing some of WND's sensationalism here are some hard cold facts. As of the writing of this essay, out of 36 states Obama has carried 36 states. He has 2140 delegates, Keith Russel Judd has 12, and Randall Terry has 7. I really don't think that it is going to be a close race, but I am looking forward to WND's next exciting headline.

The American people, at least the ones who love this country, are tired, they are worried, frustrated, and frightened. They once believed that the election of 2010 was going to make things better. Well, in a way it did. Obama no longer enjoys the full support of the legislative branch. There is now minimal resistance from Congress which is quickly bypassed with executive orders. We hear good news of great legislation begun in the House, and everyone posts the glad tidings on Facebook. Those glad tidings are then promptly crushed by Harry Reid and his left wing supporters, both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. So the 2010 results are but a minor inconvenience for Hussein of the White House, in fact it has worked to his advantage. Now he has someone to blame for our problems.

Earlier in this essay I mentioned the fact that Americans are tired and frightened; so tired and frightened that they are ready to believe anything that promises a better day. I have long been a student of history and know full well the danger of clinging to false hope, and to this end I shall continue to write for all who will consider the possibilities I put forward. Churchill advocated preparing for a dismal future as the only way to survive it and his beliefs are just as relevant today as they were then. Any distraction from the truth is dangerous! It is impossible to say how many thousands of British lives were lost due to Chamberlain's good news and how many could have been saved had people listened to the reality in the dismal forecast of Winston Churchill.

Some advice for my fellow patriots: Do not fall for sensationalist headlines. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. Many, if not most, blog sites derive their income from attracting you to the advertisements they post. They know for certain that the best way to get you to their site is with sensationalism. They attract readers with extreme headlines, whether extremely good, or extremely bad. Go past the headline and open links and find the truth, half truths, or blatant lies; for as the saying goes, "The truth shall set you free."

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whteshark said...

Whenever I start to have hope that the things that have yet to come to pass might be some paranoid delusion I pull up the debt clock.

It's like somebody spraying you with ice cold water when you realize that almost 16 trillion dollars of debt spells our doom.

I talk to people from time to time about this kind of stuff. More people than you know are preparing for something terrible.

My belief is the country is held together by the economy--it's the glue if you will holding together a dubious fragile coexistence of the liberty minded right and the statist left. I have nothing in common with these people on the left; in fact I detest them as much as I detest these islamist terrorist who wage war against our country.

What happens when the world economy implodes? What glue will hold us together then? My money ses this country will fracture in such a way that hasn't been since The Civil War.

John Houk said...

I love the Chamberlain-Churchill analogy on citizens choosing to err on the side gleeful hope rather than stark reality.

As Churchill proved with Hitler, facing up to the stark reality will defeat tyranny. Becoming too attached to wishful thinking places one's actual well being into the very real possibility of personal danger.

Then switching to the WND story about the person running in a Dem Primary against Obama as another example of gleeful thinking rather facing stark reality was genius.

paul collings said...

Chamberlain waving THAT piece of paper declaring peace in our time is an iconic picture. Foe all the wrong reasons. Of course everyone wants piece, of course we wanted to believe Hitler would not continue his expansion across Europe.
What was beeing said and what was being done were very different.
When either an indervidual cannot or will not face up to the truth, then no good can come of it.
Hitler should have been stopped in his tracks years before his invasion of Poland.
He should have been stopped back in 1933 before he become chancellor. Before he transformed the Weimar into the third riech, and nazism. He should have been stopped before he decleared the unification of Austria, and his ploys in the sudetenland which lead to the millitry action in czechoslovakia.
Chamberlain was mearly the last person in a list of people who had failed to see what was happening in Germany.
I'm not sure Chamberlian could have stopped the war with Germany. The Germanwar mechine was in full flow, and Hitler would not have stopped. Dictators rarely do.
hitler had it all to gain, Chamberlain had it all to lose.
Chamberlain has been the fall guy all these years, when really the blame should be shared around to all those who could have, but chose to do nothing.

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