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Danny Jeffrey


I have a brilliant friend named Shiva who I rely on for verification about some Islamic issues as he has lived among them and knows their ways. Once again he has come to my aid and what he has revealed should be known by all.

My research has led me to believe that John McCain is a danger to this nation. He serves not the people of America but George Soros. Soros wanted to topple Libya and put it into the hands of Al Qaeda. McCain helped pave the way. Now an Al Qaeda flag flies over Libya. Nest on the list is Syria and again, John McCain is calling for American air cover to support the terrorists on the ground. There is little doubt that to one degree or another we are going to be instrumental in handing another Arab nation over to the terrorists. Syria is on the way to becoming an exact encore of Libya. Recall if you will that Obama seemed reluctant to get involved there. McCain and Joe Lieberman both criticized Obama for his lack of leadership, and Obama "reluctantly" entered the fray alongside other nations. This makes for a first class drama, especially when you consider that this was an action that Soros wanted and both Obama and McCain serve his interests.

Once again McCain and Lieberman are criticizing Obama for exactly the same thing.

Above I mentioned my friend and the assistance he has provided. Now I shall show you some results. I have a most annoying habit of looking past the obvious in a photo and seeing a different overall image than most. Please take a brief look at this and remember what you have seen or think you have seen.

Then click this link
Again you will see the same image in a Fox News article. Read the headline and the first paragraph of the article and then continue with this essay.

Shiva did not answer me directly. Feeling that my observations were worth posting for others to see he answered me on a site we share in London. He uses the word "Porkies" in his answer, meaning lies and untruths, and he states accurately that Fox News is publishing Porkies. In describing the photo he used the word "Shakey" as I would use "Questionable."
He writes:

Danny just put up a good question on my comment wall. I hopes he doesn't mind I answer here.
At 7:06 on June 28, 2012,
Danny Jeffrey said…
Several times you have offered your opinion should I have a question about a photo. Well, I do. The image in this article shows three men carrying what is supposed to be the bodies of three children.
From my time on the internet and my knowledge of Islam I have become a super skeptic and must question whether this is real or staged for shock value in the west.
There are several things in that photo that I must question. First off, are they en route to bury children or having a parade? Not knowing the burial rites of Syria I don't know if I am looking at burial shrouds or a temporary body bag. To my western mentality I would think that if they are burial shrouds then they would be of new clean cloth. If they are temporary body bags the blood would have darkened by the time a body reaches such a state of rigor, for they show no sign of sagging. They seem as rigid as a board
Sadly children are killed in time of war, and I resent Islam's great willingness to use them as pawns in the game of politics, but I look at this and it just doesn't seem quite right.
Here is the image
Firstly I am happy to see that you are skeptical.
So here is my opinion of the supposed bodies (quoting you)
So here are some answers
# 1  First off, are they en route to bury children or having a parade?
# 2  Not knowing the burial rites of Syria
 Look at the photo, you will see that one guy is wearing the Shahada (jihad) head band, so they are moslem, which means they will follow the islamic burial rites. This will answer your next questions.
# 3   I don't know if I am looking at burial shrouds or a temporary body bag. To my western mentality I would think that if they are burial shrouds then they would be of new clean cloth.
Yes they should be clean white. According to islamic rites the body must be buried within 24 hour. Prior to putting into shrouds, the body must be cleaned. So by the time the body is put into the shroud it will not bleed.
# 4 They seem as rigid as a board
Could be something else in the shroud, and the blood is not blood but some thing like red ink.
Another Indicator something is wrong, if this was a set up, where is the rage, and this is why you feel it just doesn't seem quite right. Too many smiling faces for a funeral.
No this was not a set up from the mohammedans in this case. This is something else,
What we have here is Fox News passing the porkies in favor of the islamist, now this is disgusting.
Some times, when you get shakey images, you only have to look at the URL. The URL to this one is Lebanoneseprotestersyria jpg. Now run lebanese-protesters-syria through google images, you get the following
Open and scroll down, Fox News exposed. We see the image and the caption 
Lebanese anti-Syrian regime protesters and supporters of the Islamic Groups, carry mock children dead bodies and chant slogans as they walk in front a Syrian revolutionary and Lebanese flag during a protest against the massacre of Houla, in the northern port city of Tripoli, Lebanon. Photograph: Hussein Malla/AP

Click the bloomberg link above that my friend provided and on the left of the article you will once again see the image but there is where the truth comes out. The image is very small and the words in the caption are difficult to read but Shiva has accurately copied them in the above paragraph. Should you have any doubt, just above the image is a click to enlarge option

I have always trusted Fox News but now I shall be skeptical of them as well. That whole article they produced is pure propaganda. They have always been very supportive of John McCain, not seeming to know that both he and Obama answer to the same higher authority, so they put together this article using a phony photograph they knew would tug at the heartstrings of Americans and gain more support for McCain's effort to begin yet another tragic involvement in the world of terrorism. 

The whole issue is built on the case that Syrian troops committed a massacre against their  own people in the city of Houla. It was indeed a terrible massacre with the death toll standing at 108 people but there is a problem that McCain, Lieberman, and Fox News are brushing over. It was not done by Assad's forces. It was done by those "innocent civilians" McCain speaks of. Those "innocent civilians" are the same "heroes" McCain praised in Libya. They are Al Qaeda and the American public is being induced to support them in their massacres. 

Thank you Mister McCain, for the Porkies!!!

Any of my regular readers know I never state what I cannot prove. This link leads to a collection of links with the evidence. 

For his wisdom, help, and encouragement, this effort is proudly dedicated to my friend Shiva.

Addendum: I published the above about sixteen hours ago and normally I leave a published work as is but so much keeps turning up about the issue.  The following is a link relating to Al Qaeda's involvement in the the attacks on Syria and this is an excerpt from it:

"However, all doubt ended last week when James Clapper, director of US national intelligence, informed the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Damascus bombings “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda attack”. Mr Clapper added that “we believe al-Qaeda in Iraq is extending its reach into Syria”. So, it’s official. Al-Qaeda is acknowledged as an ally of Britain and America in our desire to overturn the Syrian government"

I have but one question...How can I, sitting here alone at my keyboard find such as this and much more, while John McCain and Fox News are in the dark about such issues. I shall answer my own question. They are in the dark because they choose to close their eyes and pursue their own agenda, irregardless of the danger to America.

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Anonymous said...

You suppose that John McCain and Fox News have chosen to be in the dark. I would suggest to you that neither are in the dark at all. I am beginning to suspect more and more each day, that they indeed know exactly what is taking place. They just don't care to be open about it. But hey, that's just me.



VBrady, I agree with your point. My remark about their being in the dark was somewhat facetious. They know full well what is taking place but refuse to acknowledge it. Their are some brilliant people at Fox backed by staffs that can put most any info in the world before them. They just don't choose to look or comprehend.
The other MSM deliberately alter the truth. Fox is doing the same but are less obvious in their efforts.

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