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Danny Jeffrey


Most have probably seen this absurd photo of Obama trying to get an umbrella through a gate. Laughable, ridiculous, and quite an indication that this man is not the brightest bulb in the box. Such things have made it easy to laugh at some Obama "gaffes" that we hear in his speeches, but don't be taken in. He did not write those speeches, some writers, well versed in the Marxist ideology did, and they know full well what they are putting on the teleprompter for Hussein to say to the loyal. We must always peer through the smoke screen and look for hidden meaning and motives.

The latest "gaffe" to come to national attention was his comment to business owners "You didn't build that." We know better! Anyone who understands capitalism or who has ever built, owned, or managed a business knows that Obama's words are ludicrous. Any who fall into this category knows what it is like to continue work long after the employees have gone home. Part of owning a business means that you will take the problems of the day home with you and continue thinking about them until you return to work the following morning to once again confront the issues at hand, and do what must be done. That is the way of the business world, a domain into which Obama and other community organizers have never ventured.

Romney, the Progressive shill, who likes to tout his business background, could have used this as a great opportunity to explain and defend capitalism, but that would mean that he would have to attack Obama and that is not part of Mitt's job description. Romney only attacks Republicans.

Back to Obama and his writers: Their message was worded just the way they wanted it to be and well delivered by the Marxist in Chief, and while we post comments about the stupidity of those words they laugh at us because while we were laughing, he scored a touch down.

The message was clear. It was chosen for the ears of a certain target audience, and the speech writers knew they were lying, but then that is part and parcel of being Marxists. If this were the America of Teddy Roosevelt's day and Obama had stood on a soap box delivering his message to two hundred people they would have chased him out of town, but this is not the time of Roosevelt. Today we have mass media and the lies Obama uttered reached millions, and many believed.

In the ongoing struggle between unions and management there is always the underlying hostility on the part of the unions claiming the companies that employ them have no right to the profits they reap because those profits come from the efforts of the work force. They do, but those profits also come from one person, with one dream, an investment of a small or a large fortune, and untold hours of effort. Those hours and efforts are unseen by the employee as he goes home to his recliner, his TV and beer. 

This is how jobs are truly created, and the man creating them is still at work long after his employees begin watching their favorite sitcoms.

Unions are an existing entity and they are but part of Obama's targeted audience as he reaches to reinforce their thinking, but I dare say the audience he hopes most to reach is the young. 

Imagine an eighteen year old kid hearing that message and going to work tomorrow at McDonald's with a whole new view on the work ethic. No longer does he see the owner as a man who gave him a job. Now he sees an ogre who gamed the system, gained control of a business, and is exploiting the people who work for him. Now he knows the truth because the "President" has stated that it is the government infrastructure that has made business possible.

Many feel that Obama's words made him look like a fool. To some his words most assuredly did, but to the young that he hopes to reach those words are simply another page turned on the course Marxism 101.

Divide and conquer! That strategy is older than the hills and it is still effective and none know how to implement the policy better than do the Marxists. I will guarantee you this: Take a fifty year old man from the Chamber of Commerce and and eighteen year old boy making fries at McDonald's, set them down together and play the Obama speech video. They will each walk away after hearing a different message.

The Marxist message has long been the same, worded differently perhaps but always the underlying theme is that the masses are being exploited. The target audience varies from country to country but here it is racial minorities, the poor, the disenfranchised, and the gullible. The favorite target among these groups is the young. Pummel then with Utopian Marxism, convince them that they are the victims of exploitation, that they are better and smarter than those they work for.

Where there is a will there is a way, and that way is usually through the young and the gullible, so in the future laugh not at Obama's stupidity, look for the real message, and prepare.

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1 comment:

whteshark said...

People should be outraged by this comment; it smacks of Hugo Chavez socialism.

The idea that Obama and his ilk built my small business makes my blood boil. They have no idea what it takes to put "my" money on the line and the stress that goes into making that decision, especially when you have a very limited amount of capital. Until you have done it--and I have--you have no idea the anxiety that comes with such a decision.

And now somebody gets to come along, after I'm successful, and gets to tell me that I need to share my profits because I didn't really build my business? And Obama wonders why the economy isn't coming back with that kind of rhetoric.

Without capitalist the whole system comes crashing down and poverty reigns. They'll take their money and leave to Singapore. In fact they are already doing it.