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Danny Jeffrey


When the Michelle Bachman/Huma Abedin story broke I naturally took interest and began my research before most people were aware of a problem. Now, what began as an investigation of that affair has turned into a major reveal about the infiltration of the nations of the West by the forces of Islam. This index is a self updating linl to the associated articles. As a new one is published it will appear here.

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Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

There is so much flap and hype going on today about "You didn't build that" and Chick-fil-A, that many are missing out on issues that really matter, but then the very purpose of flap and hype is to distract us from the real dangers. 

There is a well known phrase about "Enemies at the Gate". I am here to tell you that they are not simply at the gate; they are the new gate keepers, and that they are not only within the gates, but are already well entrenched and holding the high ground. We are facing the end of this nation as it was, and most Americans are either distracted, disinterested, or in a state of denial.

Andy McCarthy

This admittedly is not an easy read. It is detailed, accurate, and a good indicator of the Islamic infiltration within the higher reaches of our government. The infiltration is not minor, in fact it is well advanced, thus the title about the new gate keepers. The gate keepers of our nation have now become the forces of Islam and it is in our best interest to learn all we can of them before it is too late.

One thing for certain ... If you finish this essay, and follow the links and some of the suggested reading, no one will ever be able to call you "Sheeple".



Something is terribly wrong when one letter of concern about national security is sent by a Congresswoman to the Inspector General and it draws so much ire from the MSM, the entire Democratic Party, numerous Republican Congressmen and Senators as well as from Barrack Hussein Obama.

I just could not leave it alone. I had to begin probing for the reason why so many people attacked one woman for doing her job and nothing that they say about the incident has any merit. It is a blatant attack that has but one purpose and that is to establish a smoke screen, and I always want to know what is beyond the smoke. One thing that I am beginning to suspect is that just beyond the smoke screen is the awakening of an American Margaret Thatcher.

He cries a lot
Recently a great panic arose in our nation's capitol and the onset of that panic is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to this nation since the end of World War II. History has proven that panic inevitably leads to failure. Let us hope that the trend continues, for those who have panicked are the enemies of this nation. Their panic and subsequent failure could prove to be the salvation of the United States.

One letter; one simple little letter from five members of our Congress was sent to the Inspector General requesting that the I.G.s office investigate the possibility that some of our federal agencies had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Nothing out of the ordinary there. The five Congressional members make up the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and it is their duty to inquires about anything that may endanger our national security. Up to this point everything is fine...

David Horowitz

The  major problem we face with Islam is our unwillingness to identify the true nature of the many multi-faceted groups they are forming. Our denial of their true purpose could be the cause of this nations demise, for what we refuse to acknowledge is that nearly all Muslims have a shared goal, which is the dissolution of America, and the establishment of Sharia. Whether they are actively involved in terrorism or, for the moment simply funding it, in whatever capacity they are serving, they are our common enemy.

David Horowitz had the misfortune of being born to communist parents. I cannot fault a man for being born, nor can I fault him overly much for briefly following in the ways of his parents, but I have nothing short of the deepest admiration for a man who has the courage to denounce the ways of those parents if they advocate an evil philosophy. Mister Horowitz did just that. He looked into his conscience and realized that he could no longer follow in their teachings, and on that day a great American patriot was born.


The war on terror is being lost. It is not being lost because we are being defeated. It is being lost because our traitorous leaders are choosing not to win.

Ronald Reagan was not a genius and yet he possessed a wisdom and foresight far beyond the realm of most mortal men. In his greatest speech, "A Time For Choosing" he spoke of dangers to liberty, of values that must not be sacrificed, and risks that must be taken if we are to remain a free people. He also told us that we could have peace tomorrow if we so choose; all that is required is for us to surrender. That it seems, is the path our leaders have chosen to travel.

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