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Danny Jeffrey


I know that you
 may be looking at the title above and thinking that I have lost it. I have not. It is part of the agenda, a cruel, twisted, devious agenda. Many would observe Obama's behavior and accept as obvious the assumption that he is protecting Iran. Not so! Iran is supposed to be attacked, solely by Israel, and the plan seems to be unstoppable. If carried out to its ultimate conclusion, we can expect nuclear war in the near future.I do not speak lightly or without just cause, therefore I shall show you exactly what is planned.

I have grown used to expecting those who read this site to be both intelligent and fairly well informed, and I have no doubt that as I apply Occam's Razor to today's events that most will grasp the concept with little difficulty. With the aid of this tool of logic I shall point out the undeniable, and peer through the smoke screen and rhetoric, and thus define the only logical conclusion of today's ongoing events. 

First off, I believe that everyone will agree with my conclusions that Obama is a "Manchurian Candidate" foolishly elected by the many useful idiots that crowd our voting booths. Unlike every other President, he has no traceable background, most everything he utters is a lie, and his loyalty to Islam supersedes any interest that he should have in the welfare of this nation.

Undeniable facts:
1. The US is directly responsible for the MB gaining power over Arab nations that were either our allies or at worse presented minimal dangers to our security.
2. We continue to fund the MB, supplying them with money, resources, and modern weaponry.
3. We are currently engaged in assisting Al Qaeda in Syria. The President of Syria is a very evil man with a vast stock of weapons of mass destruction. Evil or not, under him the inventory was secure. When Syria falls to Al Qaeda, those WMD will become available to terrorists, as has already happened with the much smaller amounts of the WMD of Libya.
4. Obama has shown a consistent contempt for Israel and a total disregard for her safety.
5. We can lose a war and withdraw as we did in Viet Nam and Iraq. We withdraw and remain intact, but Israel does not have that option. If they lose a war they lack the option to withdraw. They will be overrun and decimated, man, woman, and child.
6. Iran daily threatens to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, meanwhile processing Uranium to use in a bomb to do just that.
7. Two options with Iran: Allow them to proceed with their nuclear ambitions or stop them. Israel, quite naturally chooses the latter. The Obama agenda demands that Israel remain complacent and wait for Tel Aviv to become ground zero.
8. Iran has been allowed so much time to harden their nuclear sites that Israel cannot hope to put an end to Iran's nuclear plans. They can only try to delay them with a successful attack. The problem is time. Too much of it has past! Many were hoping that Bush the Younger in his final days in office would order an air assault on Iran's nuclear facilities and put an end to the problem. He left office, leaving Israel out on a limb, perhaps hoping that Obama would help. Obama will not help. He is involved in a plan that calls fot the end of Israel.
9. Negotiations! Islam's favorite weapon against us. Obama and Hillary Clinton know that no amount of talk will make any difference at all.
10. Sanctions! A pipe dream which is a weapon the left uses against the American public. Sanctions are of absolutely no use with Obama writing waivers that prevent any chance of those sanctions having any effect.
11. The combination of negotiations and overruled sanctions are allowing Iran to harden their nuclear facilities and make them stronger with each passing day.
12. Iran's leaders are now actually inviting Israel to assault them, ridiculing Netanyahu as bluffing and not actually planning to launch an air strike for fear of the consequences. 
13. The consequences:

13-A. Iran claims to have long range missiles that can now strike at the heart of Israel. That may or may not be the case. One thing for certain though is that Israel is surrounded by Islamic madmen who have in excess of sixty thousand rockets, many of which can strike with accuracy into any point in that tiny nation.
13-B. World opinion. Islam knows how to cater to this audience. They establish their rocket launchers in school, hospitals, and civilian neighborhoods. When the Israeli Air Force are forced to disable the launchers, innocent people will unavoidably die and the liberals of the world lack the intelligence to know that they are being played, and so they condemn Israel for acting in self defense.
13.C. Sixty thousand rockets do not get launched in one afternoon. This gives Islam weeks of damaging Israel's infrastructure while draining her defenses, which the US, under Obama, will not replenish. Meanwhile the UN will impose its sanctions against Israel while  the fighters of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and every blood thirsty terrorist in the Middle East will begin to converge on Israel's borders.
13-D. Ceasefires have always worked out to Islam's benefit. If Israel seems to be getting the upper hand, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in conjunction with Obama and the UN, will call for a ceasefire to give the militants time to regroup.
13-E. This will be a war of attrition. The Muslims of the world outnumber the Israelis almost 1000 to 1. They can afford the loss of Millions, The Jewish state cannot. In time of war Israel's dwindling resources will not be replaced. Her supply of natural gas and oil will be terminated. If Islam gains control of the West Bank then the water supply is turned off. Meanwhile, John McCain will make certain that his Islamic "heroes" are kept well supplied.
13-F. If you think that America won't stand for this, just wait until you see the news coverage of all of the Israeli atrocities committed on the poor "Palestinians", and FOX News will gladly join in the smear campaign supporting their hero, John McCain.

This now brings us to the point that Israel is on the verge of defeat. Earlier I stated that those who visit this site are well informed Americans. I cannot claim the credit for that. They are well informed because they choose to be and reading my essays is only part of that choice. I do not believe that anyone reading what I have written thus far would disagree with my premise that Obama is Pro-Islam and Anti-Israel. A furtherance of that premise is that Islam wants to destroy Israel, and that, I surmise, is part of Obama's agenda. Israel can indeed be destroyed, but not without the entire world paying a ghastly cost for aiding in her demise.

Now, as to Obama wanting Israel to attack Iran, but not until after the November elections. Iran also wants to be attacked as they daily taunt Israel's Prime Minister. Doubt that? Try this logic. If Iran was not trying to force Israel into a battle then they could speak softly, release daily reports of Iran's efforts to provide a better life for their people through the peaceful use of nuclear energy and present a pleasant face to the world as they played Saddam Hussein's shell game of allowing UN inspectors to come in and visit only the sites that Iran has allowed. This would buy them more time to develop the weapons they want.

Iran would love to have a nuke. For that matter they would love to have a thousand, but it matters not to them if their facilities are bombed and they are set back a few years. What does matter, and what they look forward to, is that the attack on their war industry will begin the war with Israel and they can claim, quite rightly, to the world that they were attacked. They are confident that this attack will start the war that will finally bring an end to the Jewish homeland.

Obama is in on the ruse, and Netanyahu, brilliant chess player that he is knows that he is being taunted and has no choice but to take the bait. He is a good man. He is a brave man, and he stands alone against a Jew hating world. His options are few, all of which are bad, and his choices will determine our future.

Many Americans think that Muslim are stupid. The masses are, as they can be stirred into a blood thirsty rage with but a few words from their leaders. Those leaders, on the other hand are not stupid. Devious is a more appropriate term. Their greatest weakness is tunnel vision. All that they can see is the destruction of Israel, and totally ignore the fact that when Israel falls, so too does Islam.

And that brings us to the Samson Option.

Israel's Nuclear Arsenal..."Estimates as to the size of the Israeli nuclear arsenal vary between 75 and 400 nuclear warheads. Most estimates are that they possess fewer than 200 warheads. It is also estimated that Israel has the ability to deliver them by intercontinental ballistic missile, aircraft, and submarine."

The Samson Option..."The Samson Option is a term used by various commentators to describe Israel's alleged deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a "last resort" against nations whose military attacks threaten its existence, and possibly against other targets as well."

The Samson option, by its very nature is a doomsday device. Israel does not want to launch 200 nuclear warheads for such a radiation cloud will do vast damage to all of humanity. The Catch 22 of the whole situation is that most of humanity scorn Israel, and in alliance with Islam, wish that Israel was no more. Israel will not do this until they are on the brink of destruction and if forced to. At that point the Prime Minister with one little word, "Launch", will seal the fate of his people and enact a much deserved holocaust on the rest of mankind. Count on every major city of Islam being nuked, especially Mecca and Medina.

This is not conjecture on my part so don't even consider fitting me for an aluminum foil dunce cap. This is a military PLAN!

Obama knows this, his puppet masters know this, Islam knows this, and none care about the consequences. The madmen of Islam are totally entrenched in their twelfth Imam vision of resurrecting their long dead warlord. Soros and his fellow lesser gods in the New World Order want to reduce the population of the Earth to five hundred million and they have radiation proof bunkers awaiting them. Obama and his allies of both parties figure they will survive in their bunkers we paid for. China is building twenty new cities every year to move their survivors to. That leaves the rest of mankind hung out to dry in clouds of radiation.

I have been warning of this for two years, others are just now beginning to catch up. You made it this far with me, take a minute or two and read this article from the Wall Street Journal

This is the R2P plan designed by none other than George Soros and his band of power wielding Anti-Semites:
The Responsibility To Protect...This is a George Soros founded principle that causes UN and NATO air power to intervene to protect "civilian" forces attacking a sovereign nation. It was employed in Libya on behalf of Al Qaeda and is what enabled them to defeat Qaddafi's forces and turn Libya into an Islamic state. I have long stated that Libya was nothing more than an event to establish a precedent that would later be enacted to protect those assaulting Israel. Israel without her Air Force cannot hope to contend with an Islamic horde of millions.

And this is the Soros group known as the International Crisis Group who put together R2P. Each member comes with a brief bio of the hatred they have spawned upon the world.

I would venture to say that most who read my essays are well aware that any sign of weakness toward Islam only adds to their confidence and blood lust. The recent assault on our embassies and the murder of an American ambassador and several of his assistants was followed by Obama apologizing to all of Islam. This only adds fuel to the fire. Our intel showed that Al Qaeda had scheduled an assault on our embassies. Nothing was done. Lives, it seems, were sacrificed to ever bolster the spirits of the terrorists. It would appear that they are getting worked up to a state of rage for an upcoming battle that will take place in Israel. 

I have a talent for connecting far flung dots and bringing them together into a coherent image. That does not necessarily mean that I like the image, but it does indicate my belief in the old adage of "Know Thine Enemy" and it shows that no matter what happens I do not want to be taken by surprise.

This, by the way, is not a prediction. It is their plan as I see it. If Obama is reelected then it becomes a prediction.

Suggested reading...
This is a collection of research and writing that I have done on this topic over the last two years, and the things I was predicting then are happening now.
The American Brotherhood Versus Israel


whteshark said...

Islam, the religion of peace, so they say.

I read somewhere that the Israeli's might be tempted to use nuclear weapons on those nuclear facilities that are buried deep and seem impenetrable.

Of course the worldwide condemnation and diplomatic backlash from such a decision would isolate Israel even more, perhaps even from us, Americans, if Obama is reelected.

You have to wonder how terrifying Islam really is when even a nuclear deterrent doesn't even scare them.

But, hey, what am I saying? I'm just a white American bigot, right, for thinking or uttering such a thought, right?


That was a hypothetical "What if" essay written by a journalist, and some sites picked up on it and spread it around that it was a plan Israel is considering

Fed up said...

Danny Jeffrey says this is hypothetical...maybe. We don't have Israels military plans like the world has ours (thanks to b.o.). But it doesn't mean it's wrong! It is well thought out and quite probable. If your nation were about to be wiped from the face of the earth and you were a true leader of your country, you would take every step possible to save your nation. In the end, when all possibility is gone, you launch even though you know all is lost. Why? Why not? Do you prefer to sit back and die quietly while your killers collect up your nukes? I prefer to go down fighting for what is right. If you prefer to sit back and die, please do it quietly and stay out of the way.

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