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Danny Jeffrey


Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Stevens

A question is not a stand alone concept. No question is complete until it matched with the appropriate answer. I am but one of many who have asked why Obama and the State Department refused to do anything to save the lives of Ambassador Stevens and his support group. Nothing about Benghazi makes any sense at all unless you consider that there were two separate agendas in play. One enacted by the CIA and still another by the Obama administration and the U.S. State Department.

It is now a well established that Ambassador Stevens was acting in a dual capacity in Benghazi and that, in my opinion, is what led to his death. His early involvement with the anti-Qaddafi Islamic radicals was in the form of entering that nation on April 5, 2011 with twelve associates as well as arms and equipment for the insurrectionists including Al Qaeda, while the Libyan revolution was still taking place. In short, he was a first rate CIA operative illegally involved in arming the enemies of the United States in their efforts to overthrow the leader of yet another sovereign nation.

Divided loyalties in that part of the world can be fatal, and taking on a dual role is exactly what Agent Stevens did when, after the fall if Qaddafi, the Obama administration saw fit to appoint him as our ambassador to the new Islamic nation of Libya. Now he owed allegiance not only to the Obama administration, but also a long standing loyalty to the questionable purposes of the Central Intelligence Agency, often at odds with the dictates of the State Department.

Many are the half hatched theories about what went wrong on the fateful day of September 11, 2012 and none connect the all of the dots. The most popular is pure incompetence on the part of team Obama. That they are incompetent, I have no doubt, but their ineptitude was not what led to the death of Ambassador Stevens. There is yet another that the whole scenario was part of a grand scheme to kidnap the ambassador and trade him for the Blind Sheikh, with Obama being in on the plan. Nonsense! Read the essay in Suggested Reading. Another, even farther toward the lunatic fringe is that Stevens, reported to have been a homosexual, had a previous affair with Obama and was allowed to be murdered to cover up that indiscretion. That one is pure lunacy.

The problem with all of the current theories is that there are simply too many loose ends and unanswered questions. Then there are those who admit to being confused and simply ask "Why was the ambassador and his subordinates allowed to die?" I shall endeavor to answer those questions.

One question is why was the Ambassador protective services reduced so drastically in such a dangerous part of the world? Some have laid this at the feet of the GOP and their proposed austerity plan. Rubbish! Multi-millions of dollars are being dumped into renovating mosques world wide and there is no danger of those funds being reduced, so why should the cost cutting endanger the life of an American diplomat?. My answer to that is that the Ambassador was not playing ball with Team Obama, which goes back to his divided loyalties. Stevens was still following the CIA agenda, which was not compatible with the goals of the Obama administration.

Another question: Why was the consulate at Benghazi not properly outfitted and protected? The answer is that the so called consulate was not a consulate. It was a CIA compound, consisting primarily of one large central building and two large warehouses ... Contents unspecified.

Why on the eleventh anniversary of 911, potentially most dangerous day of the year, did Ambassador Stevens, accompanied by only the barest protective force in an unarmored vehicle, go to what is perhaps the most dangerous city in the world? The unarmored vehicle is easy to answer: Stealth! It matters not how thick the shielding on an armored car, if it is detected by a superior force it can be overwhelmed. Stevens chose a nondescript vehicle hoping to avoid unwanted attention.

Why did he go to Benghazi on such a day when he could have scheduled his appointments at the far safer embassy in Tripoli? Privacy! Matters that he was to discuss with the Turkish Consul General had to be done in a location he was certain to be free of electronic bugs. Rest assured, our embassies are all monitored. Only his CIA compound offered him the kind of security he required for the business at hand.

What did they discuss? Arms shipments! The transfer of arms and equipment had always been his prime directive in Libya. His role as ambassador was mere window dressing, but first and foremost Steven was a CIA Spook. Bret Baier and Catherine Herridge of Fox News did an outstanding job of tracking a shipment of arms and ammunition from Libya to Turkey. From the docks in Turkey those weapons of war naturally found their way to the border of Syria.

Exactly what Stevens and the Turkish official did or did not agree to we will probably never know, but the assault on the compound began shortly after the Turkish Consul's departure. I am inclined to believe that the two had reached an amicable agreement and more weapons were soon to be shipped on the next outbound ship to Turkey. The forces of Al Qaeda, now setting up their perimeter outside, had a different plan in mind. The Turkish diplomat departed the compound without incident and the Ambassador settled in for the night.

Which now brings us to the two warehouses on the compound. While no absolute proof has yet surfaced as to their contents I think it safe to say that they were full of MANPAD shoulder fired surface to air missiles and RPGs. That location was rented for those warehouses, and being utilized by the CIA I can conceive of nothing short of weapons occupying them. At any rate, they were emptied after the battle concluded.

This is a very important link and will only take a few seconds to view. It is the results of a Google search with page after page of reports of Egypt intercepting shipments of missiles and other armament from Libya bound for Gaza, to be used against Israel. You need not follow each listed link. Just scan the headlines of the many interceptions to get the general picture of the flow of arms from Libya en route to Gaza, that are to be utilized in the upcoming assault on Israel. What percentage of these weapons are intercepted? I have no idea, but must conclude that more get through than are stopped else the practice would end.

Now we come to why Ambassador Stevens and his small team were sacrificed. There were two conflicting agendas at work. The CIA were involved in gunrunning to the Al Qaeda forces that overthrew Qaddafi. Once that goal had been met their next focus was taking on Assad and his loyalists in Syria. 

The Obama/Soros plan concentrates more on the destruction of Israel. Stevens' role as ambassador put him right in the middle of two different plans. He chose his loyalty to the CIA over his involvement to Obama, and it cost him his life. The motivating doctrine of George Soros is the ruin of Israel at all costs. Due to the efficiency of the Israeli Navy, weapons cannot be landed by ship in Gaza, thus requiring an overland route via the Sinai. With weapons aplenty in Libya it was simply a matter of setting up an uninterrupted supply line. Stevens proved to be such an interruption and therefore superfluous, and expendable.

The United States is active in providing arms to Syria, while choosing a role of plausible deniability by supporting Qatar and Saudi Arabia as they more openly support the overthrow of Assad. I cannot help but feel that Obama feels that he is doing his fair share in that regard, Turkey, however, wants those weapons that are currently in Libya, and bordering Syria they are the marshaling point for a vast supply line to the Islamists assailing the forces of Assad. Now Jordan, long an ally of the West, is unwillingly being forced into the fray, as daily the problem worsens.

As of the writing of this essay we have one hundred and fifty troops involved at this site, ostensibly making certain that the weapons we provide go to the good jihadists instead of the bad jihadist. A point for the wise: There are NO good jihadists. We are providing arms and ammunition to our enemies in one fashion or the other, and this is nothing short of treason to the United States and covert action against another sovereign nation.

In Summation:

Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Axelrod, General Petraeus all were aware of events in Benghazi and could have easily saved the four lives that were lost had they chosen to do so. That battle lasted a full seven hours, allowing for plenty of time for reinforcements to be dispatched to the compound. They were continually receiving emails regarding the progress of the firefight as well as watching live in real time the scene as televised from the drone flying overhead. And that brings us to the final "Why".

Why was that drone there? This is possibly the biggest mystery of all in the whole sordid scenario. Why was a drone in place over the CIA compound before a terrorist attack was even launched? The answer to that question is that it was watching a man who went against the game plan of the administration. 

Picture this: Stevens had been ordered not to send the weapons he commanded in Benghazi to an awaiting Turkish boat. Team Obama wanted those weapons to travel overland through Egypt and the Sinai to their destination in Gaza to be used against Israel. Stevens balked and continued with his CIA mission to arm the rebels in Syria. That choice to oppose Obama cost the Ambassador his life and the lives and three of his subordinates, while Team Obama got to watch the whole thing in glorious color, safely at home in the White House.

With the warehouses found empty it would seem that the Ambassador and his men died in vain. Many of those weapons have already been transferred to their new owners are now ready for use by the Religion of Peace in Gaza.

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sue h said...

At last it all comes together in one short story line. Thank you for putting it all together without all of the junk and rumors to make it seem like a fairy tale. He didn't get what he wanted so someone had to pay. He is sick enough to want to watch it and that he did! It's like he is playing a sociopaths game of supreme ruler.


Thank you Sue h. I like to think of myself and analytical and level headed, and like you, I despise junk and rumors. Thanks for reading my work.

Candace Berndt said...

Thank you for this outstanding article. Everyone has asked why the drone was in place - I specifically remember Liz Cheney being very perplexed over this - but you are the first to answer that question. I am thoroughly disgusted with Obama. Can you guide people like me as what we can do to keep pushing this story to the top and to get the mainstream media to cover this story. I speak to people about this story and they don't have a clue as to what I am talking about! I have contacted some members of the Senate and Congress demanding they find out the truth of this story. I have contacted some media outlets, but I just have the option to leave a message...I haven't been able to talk to a live person. What can I do help honor those four courageous men who died in Benghazi? It is so frustrating to think of the Navy Seal painting a target thinking help would be coming at the same time he would be sacrificing his own life.
Thank you.


Candace, I thank you for your kind words but much credit goes to Glenn Beck, Brett Baier, and Catherine Herridge. I simply possess a small talent for connecting dots and a long history of researching the Obama/Soros/Israel agenda. As for the main stream media, they wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole. They are in the tank for Obama and until election they will concentrate on the hurricane and ignore Benghazi. The whole thing is a cover up and so many are involved that in my last article I started referring to Obama as Stonewall Obama. He is well shielded.
As for getting the story out it is happening. This is only two days old and thus far has had 1827 hits. Post this to as many groups and sites as you can. Sooner or later it will make the right connection, and we do have a few patriots left in Congress. If it reaches one of them, the story will break.

Oblique said...

Another great post. I'm now about to read all the material from this site.

You have a fantastic way of drawing the terrible strings together. It is truly frightening when you look at the big picture.

Thank you once again for this article.


Thank you Oblique for your kind words. I just wish that there was no big picture to bring together. It would be so nice if this great were as it was in the fifties.

Dee Calvert said...

Thank you for this incredible information. It all makes sense now, seeing all the dots connected, as you say.
Somehow these people must be held accountable.
I have no doubt that Obama did not win the election! He stole it.

Keep up the great work. We must stay informed.

SOROS...ugh. Evil incarnate.