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Danny Jeffrey


I first entered the blogosphere intent on exploring and revealing the dangers posed by Barrack Hussein Obama. Oh, I had so much to learn. The first thing that I learned was that Obama is but one of many dangers this nation faces and that he is but the tip of the iceberg in a long and twisted narrative with but one goal: The ruin of America.

The political arena is sordid. It always has been and always will be, but never in the history of this great nation have those involved stooped to such levels as has been witnessed since Barrack Obama entered the Oval Office.

For many years even the traditionalists of this nation were cowed by the forces of political correctness. PC has long been an assault on our First Amendment rights, laying out a road map of what could and could not be discussed, and in order to achieve harmony and perhaps reach a working compromise that road map was pretty much followed by all. Now we are beginning to see where that map leads, and the more courageous are tossing PC to the winds. They are also being viciously attacked for being the Paul Reveres of the 21st century.

America, our freedom of speech has already died and few are even aware of its passing. Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have signed a U.N. treaty that totally nullifies the First Amendment. It is called U.N. Resolution 16/18 and it is the ultimate form of political correctness and the final nail in the coffin of liberty. It will absolutely ban any discourse on the dangers of Islam and if you do discuss Islam or write about it as I am doing now, you will be violating a treaty that our traitorous leaders signed with the Islamic dominated United Nations.

There are two basic types of political revolution, each with its own varying degrees of violence and stealth. Violent revolution has long been the calling card of communism while the Fabian socialist of England and Europe, and the Progressives of America, have long preferred the slower but less destructive stealth tactics, i.e.: Lawfare. It appears that Islam, still the mental throwbacks to the seventh century are very adept at both. 

There is still a third variety, economic revolution/control employed by the banksters of the New World Order but that is a different topic altogether, so I shall return to U.N. Resolution 16/18 and the the ruin of the First Amendment.

Statement for the record: We have the best politicians that money can buy, and most have long since been bought! Just how much has been paid to whom is unknown and actually irrelevant as their actions speak far louder than the funds in off shore bank accounts. One thing though is quite certain, the amounts must be staggering, as the American public pays them well, but apparently not enough to retain their loyalties as most are now involved in service to the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliate Al Qaeda.

The Cairo Declaration On Human Rights In Islam...Now that sounds like a noble endeavor. What American could possibly fault a group whose goal is to protect human rights? I am one American who can, because I understand the trap being set when Islam reverses the meaning of our words. Hillary Clinton understand them as well and knows the trap that they have set for the West, and she endorses their plan and our enslavement. 

For those who value their head and hope to keep it attached to their body and are willing to invest one hour and ten minutes of your time, there is a video at the end of this essay. It is presented by Ret. Major Stephen Coughlin of the Center For Security Policy, a think tank founded by Frank Gaffney, and I will guarantee you this: If you take the time to view this video you will come away from it shaken to the very core at how openly our leaders dismiss the welfare of this nation's people and put us at the mercy of barbarians. Those barbarians, by the way, are not known for their mercy.

I cannot possibly hope to put all of the information into this essay that Mister Coughlin provides. You simply MUST watch the video. 

A few things worthy of note. By now everyone has probably heard the term Caliphate and how Islam hopes to recreate a worldwide caliphate for the 21st with all mankind living under the dictates of Sharia. Another term that many are not familiar with is Ummah, which means community. The Muslim population of the world is estimated to be approximately 1.5 billion people and while member states of the Muslim community can be at war with each other, through the Ummah, they still present a united front against the world of infidels. A little oddity about the word Ummah is the Department of Homeland Security does not want the word used by Americans. They are doing their best to provide a smokescreen behind which Islam can operate undetected.

Moving right along: Everyone has heard of CAIR. most have heard of ISNA, the Islamic Students of North America, and they, along with many other Islamic groups are unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial, where a group of Islamists were found guilty of sending twelve millions dollars via Islamic charity organizations to HAMAS. (Personal thought about Islamic charity...That is when they quickly behead you instead of slowly sawing it off). 

Today our State Department is openly sending billions of our tax dollars to terrorist linked organizations throughout the Middle East. Oh yes, occasionally you hear a faint protest from the Republican Party that controls the House of Representatives and can defund any program they choose.

There is one Islamic group that I did not mention above and most have never heard of it. It is the OIC, discussed at great length in the recommended video. They have been operating in plain view and are almost invisible to Americans and that is the way it is meant to be. Our politicians and media choose to overlook their existence and goals, for their goals present a major danger to America. Although almost unheard of they are the second biggest organization in the world, second only to the U.N. They are the group who put together the The Cairo Declaration On Human Rights In Islam treaty that has led to Resolution 16/18 and the demise of our First Amendment.

I love the word "oddity" and I have another for you. The Cairo treaty mentioned above was first put forth in 1990. They would not have dared such nonsense with Reagan, but the cat and mouse game to have it implemented began under President Bush the Elder who, being a faithful believer in the United Nations, informed us that a New World Order was being rolled out to assure a peaceful world, and we have been going down hill ever since.

I began this essay with a photo of Hussein Obama delivering a speech at the U.N. and there is a reason. That speech validates everything that I have said above and everything that is in the video below. The two paragraphs below are an excerpt from this link

"The president told the UN that the "Future must not belong" to a series of people including "corrupt" leaders and those who "bully women'" But one line from that list stood out. "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."
That line appeared almost nowhere in the old media where Obama's supposed defense of free speech dominated. The broadcast networks ignored it and only Jake Tapper noted that Team Obama had also tried to get the video pulled from YouTube for violation of "terms of use." 

Those two highlighted lines also highlight the future that the Muslim in Chief has planned for us. The terms of Resolution 16/18 have already taken their intended toll on our intelligence gathering forces and our military. All wording that portrays Islam as it is has already been scrubbed from training manuals. This is imposing an information blackout on those whose job it is to gather information, and it is costing the lives of American service men in Afghanistan.

We are all to be sacrificed to the dictates of Sharia.

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Jennifer said...

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John Houk said...

Great thoughts Danny! I am so upset about UN Resolution 16/18 that I am willing to go to jail to engage in civil disobedience for limiting my 1st Amendment Rights.

Paul Collings said...

resolution 16/18 is a very dangerous steep backwards. If our elected dictators sign this into law, we are in effect signing up to the Cairo Declaration on human rights, which is itself just a confirmation by islamic states that they will obey islamic law. The shariah.

If 16/18 is adopted it will bring the demented reasoning of a 7th centry barbarian into the 21st centry.

To agree to bring in a blasphemy law that is guided by an unchanging set of principles, written 1600 yrs ago is so insane history will look back and shake its head.

To argee that insulting islam, Muhhamad or Allah should be illegal makes a mockery of human progress.

Look at what happens in countrys that punnish those that insult Islam. And lets not forget that just about anything a non muslim does will cause insult.
Gays insult islam, and are severly punnished in islamic countrys. Hanging being a regular way to deal with gay men.
Adultry by women insults islam. It is delt with by stonning.
Women who are raped insult islam. stonning cures them of there crimes.
Burning, destroying or in some way defacing a Koran insults islam. Even if done accidently you will receive some sort of punnishment. Being a mentally disable 12 yr old girl is no defence.
The list of autrocity's that are carried out because someone blasphemed against islam is long. The list will continue if we allow 16/18 into law.

What we will be saying is, its OK to shoot 14 yr school girls in the head! every insult will be seen as blasphemy.

A raging mob will take to the streets across the world, demanding every infidel who is said to have spoken or done something that is remotely critical of islam be thrashed publicly or murdered to satisfy the hurt feels of the islamic world.

the islamic world refuses to move forward into a modern world. It sits stranded in the 7th Centry, stagnating in its own feaces. We should not join them there.

Kevin Taylor said...

I believe much of the muslim population live in fear. They are not given the choice of choosing their religion— converts to other religions are either imprisoned or killed, and there is not one peep of protest from the general muslim population.

Scrap Iron in Texas said...

Has this "resolution" been voted on by the Senate?
Without a 2/3 approval from the Senate, it has no effect on the citizens of the USA.

Or am I wrong?

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