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Danny Jeffrey


I have long loved the internet. There is nothing in the world that will equal it if you are seeking information. How did we ever live without it? My widescreen had set idle for many months until I finally got rid of it earlier this year and began using the empty space for food storage. That, I feel, was a good trade off, but back to the internet and why it love it so. The image to the left was acquired with a Google search for "Voting Machine", and a click on "Image". Like magic hundred of images for my approval were displayed and that one best suits my purpose.

Since before the election we have all been hearing claims that voting machines were switching Romney votes to Obama votes and quite naturally that both disturbed and angered many. Before I clicked "Image" and found my photo of choice I looked over the results of the Google search and found, none too surprisingly the following article from Fox News:

Claims increase of machines switching votes in Ohio and other states ... Fox News

Now that, if deliberate, is criminal; a federal offense to be specific, and it comes as no surprise to anyone. We have all long expected Team Obama to utilize every method, legal or otherwise, at their disposal to steal the election of 2012, and while stealing that election they also prepared their defensive measures, certain that some of the electorate would challenge the results. Again, back to my love affair with the internet, another search leads me to the following, and there was page after page of it:

Vote fraud for Mitt Romney and rigging against Ron Paul 2012 ... MOX

Rigged election for Romney ... Daily Kos

Rigged election for Romney? Vote flipping ... Daily Kos

Voting machines rigged to select Mitt Romney ...

Part II - Rigged elections for Romney? ... Coto reports

The list is virtually endless but I need not display them all. There is one flaw to the defensive posturing of the left. Romney lost. Had the machines been rigged in his favor, that would not be the case, and I would not be writing this essay.

I write to please no one. Making you happy is not my goal in life. Informing you, should you choose to read my words, is. I have spent many thousands of hours doing research about the convoluted reality we find ourselves in today. It is not easy. I rely on the internet for facts and my own logic for conclusions. Try this for logic: Allen West was not defeated by his democratic challenger. He was defeated by the GOP who totally rejects the conservatives of the Tea Party.

Florida GOP tries to write our Allen West ... Rush Limbaugh

Romney spokesman behind plan to redistrict Allen West out of office ... PJ Media

That second link really fascinates me. I have to ask myself why the conservative Romney camp would want to eliminate a man like Allen West from Congress. The world is full of mysteries. 

Oddly enough, it seems that the best laid plans of the GOP elite failed. They redesigned his district to encompass a democratic stronghold. Oh they did underestimate the appeal of an honest man and a natural leader. Even many of the Democrats voted for him. He won, and Plan B was enacted. The vote was overturned, ignored, and locked away.

In this revealing video you see the results of a so called recount of three days of voting only, with the military vote eliminated, and immediately the building is shut down and all interested party forced outside. This is democracy in action. The kind of democracy that the Founding Fathers warned us not to embrace. This is what happens when everyone is allowed to vote. The Founders set up this Republic insisting that only those with a vested interest in the welfare of America be allowed to vote. Time and corruption overruled their wisdom

Congressman Allen West's recount denied ... Greta wire

Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture, and with our nation, when the elite of the GOP deliberately sacrifice a great congressman and try to guarantee that he is replaced by a Progressive Democrat. That something that is so dreadfully wrong is there is no longer a clear distinction between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. Both serve the same high command, and neither defend the rights of Americans.

I have a question, actually several questions. We all know that the 2012 election was rigged. We were sure before the election that cheating would occur. Now, across the nation, evidence comes forth that our suspicions were well founded, and millions of Americans are angry. They are ready to fight for what is right, to overturn the vote, or if need be have another election. They want their votes to be acknowledged and they are fighting for Mitt Romney. My question: Why is Mitt Romney not fighting for America?

He has access to the same information that we do. He knows as well as we that the election was stolen outright. Why does he remain silent? Where is the leader that Americans believed they found in him? Where is the man of justice he claimed to be. Why is he doing nothing when the greatest fraud in the history of the world has just taken place?

We have come to expect complicity from John Boehner and John McCain, the 2008 shill. People expected more from Romney. Where is it? Where is the strength and conviction that so many prayed for? Where is the man of honor we so desperately need? 

Now he is no longer a candidate. He is but a private citizen, but he has a voice, and millions would love to hear it. Glenn Beck, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and a thousand others would love to give him airtime if he would but speak up for us. Why the silence? Why the complicity? Why have we been abandoned? Why has this nation been so easily surrendered to an Islamic dictator?

In Florida we see a great leader, Colonel Allen West, victim of voter fraud, and a victim of the Republican Party, fighting like a true American and a leader of men. Why do we see less from Mitt Romney?

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John Houk said...

The Republican Party is no longer trustworthy for Conservatives. It is time to leave and form a new Political Party.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul for President!

Anonymous said...

Stop with the Ron Paul stuff! If anyone voted for Ron Paul instead of Mitt, then thats half the reason Romney lost all those wasted votes for someone that def would never win!! People wise up with wasting your vote how dumb can it get.