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Danny Jeffrey


"We Americans are not usually thought to be a submissive people, but of course we are. Why else would we allow our country to be destroyed? Why else would we be rewarding the destroyers? Why else would we all - by proxies we have given to greedy corporations and corrupt politicians - be participating in its destruction? Most of us are still to sane to piss in our own cistern, but we allow others to do so and we reward them for it. We reward them so well, in fact, that those who piss in our cistern are wealthier than the rest of us.

How do we submit? By not being radical enough. Or by not being thorough enough, which is the same thing."
-Wendell Berry

The man is right you know. Were his conclusions not correct then we would not be facing the state of despair that is rampant across America. We would not be facing economic collapse, the disarming of our citizenry, the brainwashing that takes place in our centers of learning, or the corruption in our nation's capitol that reeks of a fallen morality.

There once was a time when nearly everyone in our Senate and House of Representatives had served in the military. Those days are gone when our leaders could rightfully say that they have served America, now our young go into centers of higher education with the plan of becoming political leaders, an elite group, devoid of patriotism, hell bent only on gaining wealth and power over the submissive sheep who are gullible enough to believe their web of well rehearsed talking points, bare faced lies and groundless promises that will never be fulfilled.

America is dying. For all intents and purposes Constitutional America is dead. Now the scavengers gather at the fallen corpse and feast upon the remains of a once noble nation, and what do Americans do? They listen like the sheep that they are to the hollow words of those who lead a leaderless nation to its ruin.

It has been said that the human experience moves in cycles and I fear that to be the truth. The nation that stood before the Axis Powers of World War II were honored with the designation of the greatest generation. One day historians, if they are allowed to exist in a totalitarian world, will look back and say that we were the weakest generation, for we allowed our liberties to slip away as sand through an hour glass.

I keep seeing so many articles published about what we need to do to fix the problems, and they are all based on the premise of a political solution, all disavowing the rising of an angered America. I waste not my time on the thoughts of the passive hopefuls that a great leader will emerge to reinstate the promised land. The promised land has been transformed and no politician, no hopeful dreamer, and no passive people, are ever going to change that fact.

We are too damn polite. If you disagree with that statement allow me to prove that it is no fallacy.

I, along with millions, made a mistake. We were all proud of the behavior of the Tea Parties when they showed up in Washington by the hundreds of thousands. staging a peaceful protest, and leaving behind no mess. Not one coffee cup, not one soda can, not one discarded protest sign was left behind to show that so many had voiced their concern; concern not anger! That was a mistake. Ever hear the term "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"? That is a fact.

If, like the left, the Tea Parties had done some serious hell raising, things would have changed. They did no hell raising, and so they were ignored, swept into the dust bin of history as the protest that never really happened. True, there was enough inertia developed that we managed to regain control of the House and that was where it ended, for immediately thereafter the GOP abandoned our principles and followed the Democratic Party to the left, seeking a voting block from among the growing numbers of the worthless and the illegal immigrants to our homeland. We no longer matter. We are past tense, obsolete, and unworthy of concern.

Note in the above quote, Mister Berry points out that we are not radical enough. I could not agree more. I frown on the tactics of the left and yet harking to the adage about the squeaky wheel, I cannot help but wonder if they are right. What if the Tea Party instead of being so polite were to really make their presence known? In the adjoining photo Nancy Pelosi walked arrogantly among sheep, confident that none would harm her. She was correct. Those very sheep were so passive that none said or did anything that would cause her to feel any concern. In fact they were so polite that the elite had to generate lies for the media to hammer America with that someone in the crowd had used the infamous "N" word. Andrew Breitbart offered a large reward to anyone who could provide a video or sound byte proving their claim correct ... No takers.

Then we have the radical left that cannot be ignored for they make their presence felt. They strike fear in the hearts of the rational, but they do make changes ... changes I will grant you that we do not like, but a bitter fact remains: They have declared war on us and we are not fighting back, and that passivity leaves only one possible outcome: Defeat.

The Tea Party patriots had a great role model in Martin Luther King, but what worked for him has not worked for us, for he had an ace in the hole that we lack: Ever in the background in the sixties were black radicals with the battle cry of "Black Power" and "Burn Baby Burn". Had Dr. King not been successful with his peaceful protests, many of his followers would have undoubtedly abandoned his cause and joined the radical movement.

We, the conservatives of this nation have seen black anger, burning cities, violence, and looting. That we fear the return of this behavior, there is no doubt, and nowhere in traditional America is there a white power movement. Nowhere is there a threat of an uprising of an armed white America. While individuals are busy buying arms and ammunition it is for defensive purposes, to protect their own family and home. There are no leaders who say "follow me to Washington".

Our elite leadership rest well knowing that America and the weakest generation have accepted their coming role as subjects of the Royal elite of Washington.

America is arming, but laws and treaties are being advocated that will disarm the passive, law abiding citizens of this nation and it will happen, one step at a time. See "Of Mass Shootings And Gun Control" below in Suggested Reading.

I fully dread the day when violence upheaval becomes the norm in America but without a doubt that day is coming, and such an event cannot happen without two sides being involved and colliding in our streets. There remains the question of course about who the victor will be, the aggressive left, comprised largely of the younger generation and supported by the government, or the passive generation that yearns for a return to sanity. That generation, should it cling to sanity and the Golden Rule, will surely be defeated unless they are able to embrace the horrors that are part of civil strife.

The future lies before us. How we face it will determine the world of our offspring. We will either, through sacrifice and a willingness to endure, or as passive cowards, mold the future of America.

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