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Danny Jeffrey


In a world full of puny minds there occasionally emerges a great thinker. One such man was Sir Winston Churchill. From his book "The Gathering Storm" we are the beneficiaries of his wisdom for from that book we read:
"Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you have to fight with all of the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worst case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory for it is better to perish than to live as slaves."
-Winston Churchill

At the end of this essay in Suggested Reading there is a video entitled "England warns Americans 'Don't let them take your guns'" It is nine minutes and nine seconds long ... Time well spent.

The people of the UK know full well the grave error they committed in giving up their weapons to a "benevolent" government. The people of Australia along with every other nation who have willingly surrendered their guns have also learned the error of their foolish ways, and live in a constant state of fear, both from their government and the criminal elements of society.

We, the world's very last bastion of liberty, will soon be called upon to do the same, and so many will comply. Odd it is how those so called "benevolent" governments strike fear in the hearts of men, and the fear we feel now is but a trifle compared to the future with Americans deprived of a means to fight back against an ever encroaching tyranny.

Two of the great failings of all humanity is that they learn not from history, and few can see beyond their own comforts. This concept led another great thinker to coin the phrase "Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-Benjamin Franklin

Well Mister Franklin, that is justice, as people always have the government they deserve.

Had the people of England heeded these words, history would have taken a different course, and the world would be a safer place to live. If instead of surrendering their weapons, they had taken those very weapons, joined with a million fellow citizens, marched on Parliament, and told their traitorous leaders "Take them if you dare!", we would see a free and staunch people occupying the streets of London today. 

Instead we see a government cowing before the ever growing mass of Muslims that openly threaten to destroy a culture built by far better men than they. We see people who protest, in vain, their domination by the United Nations, the European Union, and Islam that guarantees chaos, and we see the women of that fair nation falling victim to roving rape gangs. Place semi automatic pistols in the hands of those English ladies and soon there would be no rape gangs left.

No, the English did not do what they should have, and now they warn us not to follow in their footsteps, and yet many of us will. There was a time when we were referred to as the Silent Majority. Times change. We are no longer the majority but we are still silent. Many would dispute my findings with the argument that they post patriotic pictures on Facebook, along with the latest news about a creeping government control, and join in discussions about how we must fight back. That fight entails posting picture, sharing bad news, and posting the call to fight back on Facebook, like a dog chasing his tail. The fight will not begin until Americans get truly mad as hell and take to the streets, and that is not about to happen. They are stay at home Moms, stay at home Dads, and stay at home "Patriots".

The liberals know how to fight, as do the Progressives, the unions, and the Marxists. They go boldly where timid conservatives fear to tread. They attack us daily and our response is to whine on Facebook and post more pictures. It is a good thing that the men as Valley Forge did not have an internet upon which to vent their rage. They were mad as hell, cold, and hungry. They crossed a frozen river, and with a battle plan of "Victory or Death" they did some serious ass kicking. Those men were real patriots and to their courage I pay homage.

In the opening of this essay I used the phrase "puny minds". A prime example is pictured to the right. Any human being with but a semblance of common sense and even the vaguest knowledge of historical events knows full well what happens in any country once the people are denied to right to bear arms. She is no more than a well meaning idiot. I can say nothing better about her and all who believe as she does, but I will give this idiot the credit due. She is a fighter. She is on the streets while stay at home patriots are busy in their discussion rooms.

In a recent discourse I wrote of how the disarming of America would take place.  I shall briefly summarize those views here and then get to the utter futility of the existing self defense plans of conservatives.

We are all aware of the UN's Small Arms Treaty they plan to shove down our throats. Meanwhile, in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, many pro-gun legislators are changing sides, and some cities are offering cash rewards for any gun voluntarily surrendered by residents. Later certain weapons and high capacity magazines will become illegal, and prison terms as well as stiff fines will be the punishment for those caught with them. The day will come when all guns will be outlawed and that is when the full force of operation gun grab will come into effect.

Americans, out of fear, are developing home armories and that is fine as far as protecting your family from intruders but you cannot defend yourself against a full on assault by the state or federal government intent upon disarming you.

The photo to the left is of what is officially called a Special Response Armored Vehicle. It is the property of the Pittsfield Police Department in the liberal state of Massachusetts. These people mean business. The price tag for this behemoth was $294,000. Brief description: Bullet proof glass, armor plated and it comes complete with an attachable battering ram for knocking down doors. The driver would then back off and the assault team emerges. Enough to mess up your whole day! I must ask what fort or castle they plan to attack in Massachusetts.

Now I know that you are sitting there looking at this sophisticated and expensive device designed to knock down doors and wondering how they could afford such an overgrown toy while, due to the financial crunch, they are having to reduce the size of police departments. The answer is quite simple. It was a gift to the loyal from none other than our friends at the Department of Homeland Security.

Western Massachusetts Police Chiefs Get First Look At Regional Special Response Armored Vehicle
Like that? Try this one:
Dept. of Homeland Security Using Armored Vehicles For Training

Now compare the two vehicles. Look at the height of the police and that makes the six foot mark somewhere near the top of the windshield. Check the DHS variety. The lower part of the hood is about six foot high. This is a massive weapon of war, designed for use in the USA.

OK, so that lays to rest any plans of a stay at home fight for liberty. Others, preppers by name, have opted for community farms or compounds where they will gather in time of strife. That will not be very wise. Recall if you will the fate of David Koresh and his band of followers in Waco. That episode began with a siege and ended in a manner we all know of. No group of isolated civilians can hope to withstand an assault by federal forces, and when those forces are intent on disarming all of America, there will be no time wasted on a siege. There will be one order to surrender, followed by an all out attack.

Today Americans face a serious problem: They still cling to the vision of Old America. Old America is dead, and this is the Obamanation. Laws, rights, votes, and the Constitution have been rendered irrelevant, just another bump in the road to transforming this land into a Marxist Utopia. Those who foolishly cling to old notions are a bump in the road for those who seriously plan to survive coming events. Those who are foolish enough to argue the legality or the Constitutionality of events will soon fall victim to those same events, for denial is the road to defeat.

I have now been writing for about three years on the internet and many of the doom and gloom predictions that I have made have come to pass. During that time I have received many comments on my work but one in particular comes to mind from the first reader who made the observation that I was an optimist, for no matter how gloomy the topic I would always end an essay on the high note that Americans would prevail. Now I am not so certain of that.

Obama being reelected for life changed much of the outlook and hope I had for this nation. While it is true that millions of Americans turned out to vote against Obama in a rigged election, I must say that appears to be about all that most are willing to do. We criticize the plantation mentality of the left, feeling obligated only to vote to get the Obama freebies. That is not all that they are willing to do. Had Obama been defeated they were fully prepared to set fire to our cities and turn this nation into a hell on earth. 

The right lost and their response is to post pictures and notes on Facebook. This is not the mentality of a people who have the strength and courage to rebuild our homeland. This is symptomatic of a passive flock of sheep; another term we apply to the left. We all know that the election was rigged well in advance of the final blow. How much anger did you see on the streets of America? A few days of shock and the new topic was the election of 2016 when we would unseat Obama for certain. Only an abject fool can believe that Obama will ever step down. Dictators cannot afford to resign. If they did they would become targets of the next regime. Notice that Gaddafi is dead and Mubarak is rotting in prison. 

Recently we had salt tossed into an open wound as Romney's son admitted before the nation that his father did not want to win the election on which we pinned so much hope. My God! Betrayed yet again, and still there are those who will praise the man who sold them out.That attitude reveals some first rate conditioning and denial. Mark Twain once observed that it is far easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled; words from another man of wisdom.

America waited for the election of 2010 and made but little headway, and then were scorned by the GOP. America waited for the election of 2012 when we all should have learned something and acted accordingly. We did not. Now many wait for the election of 2016 where once again the carrot dangles teasing the gullible. We have waited too long and now we find ourselves backed into a corner and facing a do or die situation. 

I shall close with the final thought in the Churchill quote above. "You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory for it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

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senior65gal said...

At 68 years of age, female, a paraplegic husband and a 48 year old son with a pace maker and's time for me to stop blogging and posting. As you pointed out with the title of this article, I, we, neither have the physical ability to fight we probably don't have the guts. Being a computer patriot is not going to help the situation.

Ron Coyle said...

apoDon't despair, God is in control, and he has a great sense of humor. The federal gov't and all the associated varmints will be crushed under their own weight. But it is all the international corporations and big shots that will need to be brought down too. It is time for good Americans to stop supporting what is really an evil economy. Qur biggest industries are the army and pornography. And these two are far ahead of all others. We don't need to fight, we need to just shut it down. If only a small percentage of us pull back on our spending it would devastate this paper economy.