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Danny Jeffrey


I have a sordid history of being correct and offending people in the process. I have an equally sordid history of never apologizing for being correct.

About two and a half years ago I was involved in a discussion group and stated that I had not voted for either Obama or McCain in the 2008 election. It was like throwing gasoline on fire. Everyone was up in arms against me because I had not done my "patriotic" duty and voted. First off, voting is not a duty, it is a right that should be cherished and defended. That sacred right also allows the citizen to vote for anyone he or she so chooses, or no one at all. Such is liberty!

As to my choice not to vote in that election I recall so well when a senior citizen was speaking at a town hall meeting and said that Obama was a Muslim and a socialist. McCain took the mic from her and made a long spiel about how Obama was not a socialist, that he was a good American, a good Christian, and a good family man. That was when I made my choice to vote for neither of them. To make a long story short, everyone else in the discussion admitted that McCain was a RINO but voted for him anyway.

Since that day he has proven himself to be not only a RINO but a traitor as well, spending most of his time giving aid, comfort, and weapons to his "heroes" in Al Qaeda. I cannot help but wonder, if given a second chance, would my friends still vote for McCain or simply set it out. Well, that is ancient history, on with the latest farce.

Five years ago I had very little interest in politics, getting my daily dose from the six O'clock news. That has changed. There has only been one event in my life that frightened me more than Obama getting elected in 2008, and that was his getting reelected for life in 2012. Now my very existence is built around the political arena that I find so very distasteful.

I watched the run-up to our latest election and observed how, from the very beginning, no one supported Mitt Romney. Everyone was fully aware that he was just another RINO. The best that anyone could say about him was that he was an excellent business man, and that he had family values. None wanted him to be President, and yet through the machinations of a well functioning political machine, all of his opponents in the primary, were eliminated one by one, leaving only him to oppose a ruthless dictator. A dictator, I might add, who is totally devoid of any type of core values, and backed by an equally ruthless political machine, as well as a corrupt media.

During that period I wrote a lot of essays warning of the dangers I foresaw. I wrote of my perceptions of Romney and his campaign that few agreed with, and lost a few fair weather friends in the process. In retrospect I would not change one single word that I wrote. I was correct.

One of my favorite Facebook friends who supported Romney after he had eliminated all of the possible conservative candidates, grudgingly conceded some few of the points that I had put forth and wrote "I need proof." Now that, I must confess, was something that I did not believe I would ever have, as political arrangements take place behind locked doors with no hot mics at hand. Totally untraceable! But proof has now appeared from a place that I never would have anticipated: Mitt Romney's son.

Tagg Romney: My father had 'No Desire' to be President ... The Blaze

Now that, I have a very serious problem with.

Mitt Romney is a very intelligent man. He is an excellent debater and what he did to his conservative opponents in the primary will attest to this statement. He virtually destroyed each and every Presidential hopeful that stood before him, and in doing so he also destroyed every hope that America had of ridding itself of a modern day Adolph Hitler. Now we find proof that he had no intentions at all of winning, just like all of my essays stated.

I shall dwell but briefly on a few undeniable events we all witnessed: 

Everyone was complaining "Why doesn't he engage? Why doesn't he come out swinging? Why doesn't he address Obama's background, Marxist, and Muslim affiliations?" And then he did engage. One beautiful, outstanding, ass kicking debate. Suddenly he was America's hero and made it look like we would actually have a real election after all. I almost hesitate to mention that I wrote that the debate was rigged and Obama behaved so sheepishly as part of the staged event.

Later, after the debacle that we call an election, we all knew that fraud was probably the deciding factor in the Obama victory, and America cried out for justice. During this period I wrote another essay asking "Where is Mitt Romney?". If he really wanted the Presidency he should have, in my mind, been willing to fight for it. That was when I knew for certain, beyond the proverbial shadow of a doubt, that I had been right all along.

We all know why Obama sought the the Oval Office and most Americans projected, due to their own wishful thinking, why Mitt Romney sought it. Patriotic Americans wanted a leader who loves this country enough to stand up for it and fight evil. Romney was not that man.

Why did he run for office? What were his motives and what were the motives of those who ran his campaign? As his son stated, Mitt had no desire to be the President of the United States. In campaigning for that office and not actually wanting it, he won a lot of debates and got a lot of attention, but in so doing he totally crushed the very last hope of America. Benedict Arnold did far less harm!

None of us can say for certain that Newt Gengrich, or Michelle Bachmann, or Paul Ryan could have defeated Obama and put America back on the road to recovery, but the fact remains that Romney made quite certain that they did not have the chance. I recall an essay I wrote entitled "Mitt Romney ... Progressive Shill". I wouldn't change a word in it.

If you have ever read the book "The Peter Principal" you will understand the point I am about to make. For the benefit of those who have not, I shall present a brief synopsis. Dr. Laurence Peter put forth the premise that both people and equipment will inevitably be put into ever more challenging application, rising through one challenge after another until they reach the point that they fail. Mitt Romney is the personification of the Peter Principal. In the business world he accomplished many wonders but his stint as Governor of Massachusetts convinced him that he does not belong in the world of politics. I wish, for the sake of this nation that he had chosen to stay out.

Mitt, as a brilliant businessman, could size up a corporate problem, view the agenda, look at the bottom line, and resist pressure from anyone who would advise him to chart an unwise course. Business and politics have little in common and he could not resist the pressure of those who sought to promote him as a possible President. Giving in to that pressure, Romney ran for an office he did not really want, and so we lost America. Now he is thankful to be able to get out of the limelight, but as he retreats into his own very prosperous life, this man is leaving us to look into a darkness we call the future.

There are two items I mentioned earlier that I shall bring up now. As I mentioned, I was never overly interested in politics. I knew just enough about issues that I always voted the Republican ticket. Never again! First off I doubt that we will ever see another election and if we do there is no doubt at all that it will be rigged as were the last two. The other issue, all part of the reason I shall never again vote, is the men behind the Romney campaign. They are all part and parcel of the powers that be that manipulate everything about our lives.

Everyone by now has probably seen the Grover Norquist video where he told us that Romney would do what he was told to do as President. They seek not a man like Reagan with a vision. As he put it they only wanted a man with enough digits on his hand to hold a pen and sign the bills they put before him.

The old Republican Party is dead, and America is dying. and I know that we have been betrayed by nearly all in whom we have placed our trust.

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1 comment:

Joanna said...

I must say honestly:
reading your post few times over on a span of days I am bothered by one simple question:
why Romney's son would make such a statement? for what purpose? what it suppose to do? how it matters?...
That being said, I am sorry to say but I am one of the many to say:
let it burn!!!
2008 election of obama took me by surprise and for days I could not grasp the reality that American people elected for their POTUS a person who's background was based on ....nothing aside of communistic upbringing.
You are right. McCain is a traitor as far as I am concerned.
I was one of the people voting for Romney, not because I believed in him, but I thought with Romney as a republican his win will promote a viral movement, install some republican values and promote conservative movement within American people, shine some hope and bring some much needed will to stand what UNITED STATES OF AMERICA represented for so long:
My first 'punch in the stomach' came after Romney made his conceding speech...
I am not a violent person, but I could schmack him so hard he would need lunch before landing!
How on earth you make a conceding speech after the dozen of thoudsands lined-up for your rallies, voting fraud reported right and left by hundreds...
never mind...
I grew up under communistic boot and for what I can observe in USA living there for the past 30 years
Americans need a serious ass kicking (pardon my language)...
there is just no other way around it!
I have said many times before and will repeat it once more:
nothing clears thinking any better and quicker than lack of pocket change and no bread on a table!!!!
...comforting thought we all shall hold is to watch obama base to feel the whip first (as hurrican Sandy provided evidence)....