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Danny Jeffrey


Senator Sessions
In April of 2011 I wrote an ominous essay entitled The Coming Assault On Israel. In it I projected Obama's involvement in the planned destruction of that little nation. The essay, admittedly, was not an easy read, as to fully comprehend the plan one had to follow many links in a twisted scenario sponsored by none other than George Soros. There were many dots to connect, but as with any puzzle, when you reach a certain point you can readily envision what the final image will be. I saw the final image then and recent events have added yet more dots that now confirm my original projection.

Israel's demise is planned for shortly after Obama's reelection. This is a link to the original essay. You may either choose to read it now and return to this point or continue this essay and read it at the end through another link listed under Suggested Reading.


Any who have ever read my essays before know well my love of liberty and the utter contempt that I hold for Progressives, Marxists, and Communists, (PMC) but I will give credit where it is due ... They march forth boldly, while some fellow Conservatives tip-toe timidly, hat in hand, seeking approval, and obeying the rules of political correctness. Those rules were established and are enforced by the PMC, and any who goes astray of their rules is branded a racist, an extremist, and sometimes even a terrorist.