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Danny Jeffrey


In two earlier essays, "Obama...Forcing A Nuclear War" and "The Coming Assault On Israel"  I wrote of the dangers facing Israel as Obama and his allies in the UN ratchet up the pressure on Israel to refrain from any self defense measures and sit patiently by while Iran perfects their first nuclear weapon.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a better, and smarter, man than Hussein Obama and he is not going to wait silently for the destruction of his nation. The latest Intel indicates that the leaders of Israel have now formed an alliance of sorts with Azerbaijan and will have access to their air bases for the inevitable assault on Iran. This naturally does not sit well with the Obama administration, but when a tiny nation like Israel, with a population of only seven million is assailed by all of the hatred born of Islam, boasting a population of 2.1 Billion, they must do any and all that is necessary for their survival. There is little doubt that without their willingness to meet danger head on, and their arsenal of nuclear weapons, they most certainly would not have lasted this long.