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Danny Jeffrey


The Phoenix Firebird of Mythology
I would like to give special thanks to a person who, for his or her own reasons, chooses to remain anonymous, but I sincerely hope that he or she is a citizen journalist, laying fair warning on the doorsteps of the people of this nation who have the wisdom to heed those words of impending danger. 

This morning my email informed me that I had a comment on my essay The Second Civil War. I had to go out for a few hours but certain words from the comment have been haunting me...Those words, which I wish I had coined, have become the title of this article. I can only hope that my words can do justice to the profound thought that inspired this endeavor.

To grasp the full significance of this persons comment read it in italics below, read The Second Civil War, and then come back and reread the comment. This person is wide awake!