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Danny Jeffrey


The entire world waits on pins and needles, or perhaps a more appropriate description would be a ticking time bomb, for the anticipated strike to disable Iran's nuclear capabilities. How many nations will be involved remains to be seen. Israel most assuredly will take the lead and if necessary will act alone, but one way or the other it must be done, and done before our 2012 Presidential election. Perhaps the most important question in everyone's mind is what will be Obama's role in the whole scenario?


Neville Chamberlain

World War II could probably have been prevented had the English people refused to swallow the nonsense put forth by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as he promised "Peace in our time." They fell into a trap of their own making because he told them what they wanted to believe, but it is easy to sympathize with them and their misguided faith. After all, they were so tired of Winston Churchill always delivering those dreadful speeches about the danger that was about to befall all of Europe and England. They just didn't want to hear any more bad news and it was so easy to believe Chamberlain. Like any good politician he was telling them what they wanted to hear.


There is something fundamentally wrong with the thought processes of the people of Islam.

I have viewed literally thousands of videos about the Islamic problem and I do not believe that any demonstrate the truth in that statement more than this video. It begins on a beach in southern Spain showing the floating bodies of Moroccans who tried in vain to escape their homeland and embark on a ride on anything that floats to cross some of the most treacherous currents in the world. The commentator explaining the plight of the Muslims states "With no electricity, jobs, education, running water, there is nothing to do but wait for someone, somehow, to help get them out." When none help, they venture across dangerous water in a leaky boat or upon a flimsy raft and many pay the ultimate price for that desperate gamble.