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Danny Jeffrey


Janet Napolitano
This would probably be best described as a continuation of my last essay "What They Want To Hear ... Or The Truth". The reason for it is a video I have just watched that perfectly illustrates what I put forth in that earlier essay, which is the utter futility of the platitudes and escapism that Americans have embraced. We are totally infiltrated, overpowered, and betrayed. The question that remains is what are we going to do about it and when?

If your answer to that is "Vote em Out" in November waste not your time reading this thesis. It is not for you.


One of the greatest compliments I have received since I began blogging was from one gentleman who, after reading an essay wherein I had decried the lack of integrity among our political leaders of both parties, asked me if I would consider running for office. I answered him with a simple "No" and added that I would not have the stomach for the job. I believe in honesty in all dealings, and if I cannot be honest then I don't want to deal.


Most have probably seen this absurd photo of Obama trying to get an umbrella through a gate. Laughable, ridiculous, and quite an indication that this man is not the brightest bulb in the box. Such things have made it easy to laugh at some Obama "gaffes" that we hear in his speeches, but don't be taken in. He did not write those speeches, some writers, well versed in the Marxist ideology did, and they know full well what they are putting on the teleprompter for Hussein to say to the loyal. We must always peer through the smoke screen and look for hidden meaning and motives.


Anyone who writes must find a source of inspiration for each and every thought. It would seem only right to acknowledge the man who planted the seeds that led to this effort on my part.

Judson Phillips, founder and CEO of Tea Party Nation, has lately stirred up many rousing discussions on his site about Mitt Romney. He, along with millions of other conservatives, stand firm in the belief that Romney is not the man we need in office.