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Danny Jeffrey


Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton
August 10, 2012
There is so much flap and hype going on today about "You didn't build that" and Chick-fil-A, that many are missing out on issues that really matter, but then the very purpose of flap and hype is to distract us from the real dangers. 

There is a well known phrase about "Enemies at the Gate". I am here to tell you that they are not simply at the gate; they are the new gate keepers, and that they are not only within the gates, but are already well entrenched and holding the high ground. We are facing the end of this nation as it was, and most Americans are either distracted, disinterested, or in a state of denial.


The first time I saw Congressman Allen West was in an internet video, and he was in uniform, speaking with a love of this country that cannot be faked. I was alone but said out loud "That is a man I would follow into combat without any doubts of victory." 


Most Americans are in a state of panic. All are frightened, many are terrified, some have already given up, and those who are still hopeful have been misled, and in doing so have misplaced their trust. One thought: Without exception, panic always leads to failure.

I have the most annoying habit of seeking, finding, and writing about truths that many people really don't want to know.


I have always thought that The Bridge On The River Kwai was one of the finest films ever made and that the best line in the whole movie was at the very end when Jack Hawkins looked at the horrors taking place about him and said "Madness! Sheer Madness!" He should be here today for the madness taking place in America far exceeds the events of warfare he was describing in that great movie.

In a short time this nation will be facing an election that we will lose. When the choice lies between a Marxist and a Progressive it is about like having to choose between falling off of a ten story building or a twelve story building. The results will be the same.