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Danny Jeffrey


Something is terribly wrong when one letter of concern about national security is sent by a Congresswoman to the Inspector General and it draws so much ire from the MSM, the entire Democratic Party, numerous Republican Congressmen and Senators as well as from Barrack Hussein Obama.

I just could not leave it alone. I had to begin probing for the reason why so many people attacked one woman for doing her job and nothing that they say about the incident has any merit. It is a blatant attack that has but one purpose and that is to establish a smoke screen, and I always want to know what is beyond the smoke. One thing that I am beginning to suspect is that just beyond the smoke screen is the awakening of an American Margaret Thatcher.


Andy McCarthy

This admittedly is not an easy read. It is detailed, accurate, and a good indicator of the Islamic infiltration within the higher reaches of our government. The infiltration is not minor, in fact it is well advanced, thus the title about the new gate keepers. The gate keepers of our nation have now become the forces of Islam and it is in our best interest to learn all we can of them before it is too late.

One thing for certain ... If you finish this essay, and follow the links and some of the suggested reading, no one will ever be able to call you "Sheeple".


Many are the glowing reports from our fellow conservatives, and disparaging remarks from the left about the new Republican contender for Vice President, Paul Ryan. My thoughts on the man are simple? He is the first breath of fresh air that patriots have taken in a long long time.

I started watching the early Republican primary debates, felt somewhat sickened from the spectacle and refrained from any further exposure to the blatant attacks on conservatism. The outcome was inevitable. We were notified in advance that Romney was the chosen one. Many were disappointed but none were surprised.