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Danny Jeffrey


American Tax Dollars Paid For This Flag
In the opening of my previous essay "On The Verge..." I made the comment that "We are on the verge of almost everything bad that could possibly happen to all of mankind." It turned out to be one of the longest essays that I have written, and people are famous for not reading long essays. To those hearty souls who do not fit into that group I shall continue here for I have only scratched the surface.

We have all watched video of aircraft used as missiles, complete with human cargo, crashing into the twin towers. Most have also seen other videos of human beings leaping from those towers choosing to die on the glass and concrete below, rather than face a hideous death in an inferno of burning jet fuel, and surely everyone has seen Bush the Younger as he boldly proclaimed "We shall not forget!"


America In Disarray

The title of the essay may sound incomplete, leading a reader to ask "On the verge of what?" The answer is very simple. We are on the verge of almost everything bad that could possibly happen to all of mankind.

Let's begin the list with the most important election in the history of this nation. The results of that election will be decided by an electorate that is largely misinformed, disinterested, and corrupted by an attitude of "What's in it for me." It matters not which candidate wins, America is in deep trouble, already being on a slippery slope to hell, but if Obama wins then the total ruin of this nation is not only guaranteed, it is imminent.


I resent what liberals, Progressives, politicians, and Islamists, have done to me! Many would regard me to be a humanitarian. I am no longer certain if that term would apply.

Many years ago a young relative brought me a partially feathered fledgling sparrow that had fallen from her nest. He said he didn't know what to do with the little thing. I didn't either, but I learned fast and I was soon squirting a nutritional paste down an open gullet. This was but the first of many winged orphans that I cared for and released, as people started learning of what I had done. Those little birds all kept coming back for a while, supplementing their diets until they found their own way in a harsh world. Add orphan cats to the list. I have three, Squeaky, Cyrano, and Baby. Each had been abandoned by their mothers and I bottle fed them every two hours around the clock to grant them a life that nature would have stolen.