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Danny Jeffrey


I am about to ask you to donate twenty nine minute and thirteen seconds to America. Most people like videos or essays that are short, to the point, and then move on to the next find. This video I put before you is not short, but it is to the point and very hard hitting. I know not how many of those who are reading these words are familiar with Trevor Louden, but in my opinion he is one of the greatest political investigative journalists in the world. He is also one of America's greatest patriots, even though he is a citizen of New Zealand, not America. Add to that the fact that he is the inspiration behind so much of what Glenn Beck has done on Fox News, and now on The Blaze.

He was the man who revealed the Obama/Frank Marshall Davis connection as well as bringing to light the fact that Van Jones is a communist. Watching the following video you will also learn that Leon Panetta, our current Secretary of Defense also has a deep rooted communist background.


The Benghazi consulate in flames 

In reply to one of my recent essay, "World War III...Nowhere To Run", an astute reader left the following reply:
"This is nowhere to run. The United States was the last bastion of liberty...a place where others came to escape the tyranny of their own lands, and this tyranny has spread here, casting a shadow so great over this land it consumes the few rays of hope left.
We're surrounded, cut off, our enemies are both inside and outside our lines. While we wait for the final assault we hunker down and prepare, partly wishing they would just get it over with while hoping they will come to their sense and see their folly. They won't. An international vacuum will be left as we retreat back to our own shores that will be led with international gangster. We won't be able to save the world this time ... we'll be fighting for our lives to save liberty here.


I have never had anything short of a high regard for The Western Center For Journalism.  I am a subscriber and have often used the site as a reference link to my own efforts. In general I would rate the journalism there as good to excellent, but this time they have really dropped the ball, and some misinformation is now being spread about the internet. 

Far be it from me to defend Obama The Destroyer, but now I cannot help but feel that he is getting a bum rap with this bit of expose journalism, and since misinformation is always dangerous, it is time to instill a little bit of common sense into a very shabby narrative.


I am fortunate enough to have a very special friend in London.  I shall not reveal his name as things are growing far worse in England than they are here and anonymity is a cherished commodity among those who delve into political matters there.
Slightly over two years ago this gentleman and a few of his colleagues noticed my small talent with words and set out to turn me into a watchman delivering a warning of the dangers of Islam to all who would listen here in America. If any of my readers feel that they have in any way benefited from my efforts you owe this man and his fellow patriots a word of thanks.


Since the Arab Spring began Obama has been under constant criticism for "Leading from behind". I seriously doubt that the Muslim in Chief plays a very good game of chess on his own, but at least one of those who pull his strings would be a first rate challenge, because there is some diabolical genius involved in today's happenings.

Hussein Obama always manages to appear reluctant to engage in intervening militarily in the affairs of another nation that is about to be handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda. Instead of leading the charge he always holds back, waiting for his allies John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman to accuse him of being too timid. France enters the arena with a willingness to participate in the next overthrow of a secular Middle East state, and then with plausible deniability on his side, Obama, with America's political or military muscle declares "Check Mate".


Egyptian Embassy 911, 2012

Take a good look at the photo to the left and recall what you see as I relate what that picture tells me.

Naturally the dishonored American flag is by far the center of attention. Then to the left there is a man approaching with a flaming torch to finalize their victory protest against "The Great Satan" A happy, joyous crowd indeed, celebrating their moment of triumph ... or is it defeat? There is far more told here than first meets the eye. To the far right is a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Note the graffiti on the wall. English letters. We have had a great influence on the people of Islam.  Look above that at the man in the red hat and to his left another in a blue tee shirt. They apparently like red hats and blue tee shirts. Sadly, they are too stupid to realize that soon they will not be allowed to wear red hats and blue tee shirts. Why, you might ask, do I say this? Look farther into the background at the black flag of Islam. That flag is the symbol of oppression that is overtaking all of the nations of the world. It is the symbol of an Islamofacist ideology that command all to yield. Those mindless puppets above will soon adopt a dress code that befits the crushed, else they will lose their heads for non compliance.