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Danny Jeffrey


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton referred to the SNAFU of Benghazi as being the result of the "Fog of War". It was not. It is the result of the fog and smoke generated by Team Obama in an effort to distract from the real agenda that they were promoting in Libya.

Unless you have been living on a mountain top far from electricity and the internet, or totally asleep these last four years, you are well aware of the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama has a bad attitude with all the nations of the west, with the United States and Israel vying for the number one position on his hate list. The United States must be brought to her knees and Israel destroyed. Until then, Obama is a man with a mission.


Four years ago the American public made a drastic error and elected a whiny, self centered, self aggrandizing, and unworthy little community organizer to the highest office in the land, who then proceeded to elevate the corrupt workings of Chicago politics to the national level. Now we are paying for that mistake. 


President Eisenhower, in his farewell address to America saw fit to leave us with a somewhat cryptic warning when he spoke of the growing power of a military industrial complex. The group he warned of feels no national loyalty. It has but one goal and that is to derive enormous profits from producing and selling military equipment to both the United States and foreign nations. 

Much to the chagrin of the American public, we pay for many of their representatives, in the form of the CIA, with our taxes. The roles of many of the agents of the CIA takes on two basic forums i.e.: The gathering of intel and gunrunning. Today they have tapped into a virtual goldmine since Barrack Obama took office and began fomenting civil unrest and the rise of a new Caliphate in the Middle East.

In 1785 the poet Robert Burns wrote a poem and in it was a line that we have all heard: "The best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry". Most have not heard, however the rest of that line. It continues "and leave us nothing but grief and pain for promised joy." And, so it was in Benghazi.


Al Qaeda with the humanitarian aid we send them

There is so much information emerging now about the Benghazi debacle and so many are publishing their own explanation of events. I am no exception, but like to think that while others see only the trees immediately before them, I can see the forest, and it is a forest dark and gloomy where deceit and treachery grows like weeds upon the ground.

The basis for most essays on the topic is the great hue and cry that Obama was involved in gunrunning. Of course he was. We knew about that a year and a half ago.  In this article from Fox on April 22, 2011 Traitor McCain,(always in search of a news team with a video camera) was in Libya touting what heroes the terrorists of Al Qaeda were and calling for still more military hardware in their assault on Libya. The Headline:

"McCain Calls for More Military Support to Anti-Qaddafi Force During Libya Visit"


Joseph Stalin 

One of the shortcomings of many American voters, whether dead or alive, is that they have not studied history. Were this not so, Stonewall Obama would never have been elected, and even if he had, at least today's treasonous events would be better understood.

Right now the bulk of the American public are immersed in the pursuit of making a living for their families and have little time to understand the crisis at hand. Meanwhile another group, the Obama voters, are living off the dole and indulging in their favorite sitcoms, game shows, and whatever form of recreation suits their little minds. The more astute exist in a more or less controlled state of fear and are looking desperately for answers. I feel honored to have so many such people gather at this site.