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Danny Jeffrey


Politics, especially international politics, is always a game of high stakes poker, and no gambler is ever going to fold when he is holding a straight flush, unless there is a gun pointed at his head or someone has offered him a deal he can't turn down. So I believe it was with Netanyahu and this recent "understanding" with Israel, Hamas, and Egypt, and the invisible player ... Obama.

Nothing seems right about it. The whole deal is a win-win for Hamas and Egypt and a lose-lose for Israel, and yet the deal was cut. There must be a reason. Bibi did not give away the store for nothing. Israel had disrupted its own economy by pulling so many reservists off of their jobs and placing them at the Gaza border. It was a done deal. Hamas was going going to be crushed and even most of Netanyahu's detractors were behind him on this. Rockets landing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem cannot be tolerated. Then at the last moment, the whole plan was scrapped, giving Hamas bragging rights of victory. Something simply does not make sense, until you add the Obama factor ... The Joker in the deck.