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Danny Jeffrey


George Soros is a man obsessed. He is a diabolical genius with a gift for making vast sums of money. Oddly enough, I do not perceive of him as being greedy, as that unlimited wealth to him is not the ultimate goal. That wealth is but a tool; a tool that leads to unchecked power. Power, on the other hand, is but a tool that allows him to reshape the world and its occupants into what he believes they should be: Destroyed. He hates Jews first and foremost, but he hates mankind in general.

Soros is a difficult man to understand. I must admit that it took me a great deal of time to comprehend his true nature, my first handicap being the near impossible task of grasping the concept of pure evil. Let there be no doubt; George Soros is a manifestation of all that is evil.


"The Economy Is Going To Implode And You Deserve To Understand Why.
A partial explanation in layman's terms of the causes of the end of the world as you know it and a few suggestions for those of you who will be tasked with the rebuilding."

The above message introduces a video by Ann Barnhardt that I truly hope you will choose to view. The full length version is two and one half hours long, and for the sake of convenience, for those pressed for time, it is also available in eight segments less than twenty minutes each.