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Danny Jeffrey


Sullivan Ballou
Sometime it is so very frustrating to read some of the comments in various discussion groups on the internet. There are so very many people who believe that they are "awake" and put forth a great deal of effort in trying to awaken their liberal friends, which I cannot help but feel is a total waste of time. Many of these people are well intentioned but so far off base, unable to truly grasp the situation in which we find ourselves today.

There was a time that I tiptoed on eggs trying not to offend anyone's sensibilities or beliefs. I have put an end to such behavior, as it does them no good. Perhaps some think of me as being overly brusque as I disagree with their wishful thinking and denial, but either or both traits can be fatal in time of grave danger, and we are in grave danger.


I can recall a time when the official U.S. policy was that we did not negotiate with terrorists. Now while fighting the so called War on Terror, times have changed. Today we provide those terrorists with billions of our American dollars, arms, ammunition, and aircraft, and provide no fly zones to cover their terrorist assaults and help them to topple other sovereign nations. The new federal policies are nothing short of treasonous, both to America and the civilized nations, and, for that matter, some of the not so civilized nations, of the world.

It would be so nice to be able to claim plausible deniability and say that our actions make no sense, but that is not the case. Today's events do make sense, but only if you grasp the true agenda. The simple fact of the matter is that we, the citizens of America, no longer are in control of our own nation, and that statement applies equally to England, France, Germany and the other countries of Europe. We are ruled by the edicts of the United Nations and none can rightfully deny it.


I read an observation from someone in England a few months ago and wish that I could recall the remark verbatim. Alas I cannot and am unable to find it either with a Google or Bing search and so I am forced to adlib. 

The author of the statement in question observed that the nice thing about being a liberal university professor or another of the elite class is that they are in a cozy position where they can say the politically correct thing about Muslims while making enough money that they do not have to live near them and put up with their barbarous ways. That is the famed dry British wit at its best and most sardonic.