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Danny Jeffrey


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November 2, 2013
How many times have you seen the phrase "Freedom Is Not Free" posted on the internet. I would venture to say that the number isn't small. That leads me to two conclusions, one being the many Americans who post and read this are well aware of the truth contained in those four words. The second conclusion is that they, themselves, are, so far, unwilling to pay the price required to be free; and so we continue down the yellow brick road to a Progressive utopia, posting and texting all the way.


October 27, 2013
How many times have I seen it stated that Obama is incompetent? It must be thousands, and all who have said this are sadly mistaken. Have you ever watched Peter Falk in 'Columbo'? If so you have seen how a perceived incompetence gives him an edge over his adversary. 

What worked for Columbo works equally as well for Obama as he fleeces the American people. Due to their not understanding the political agenda taking place before them, many have walked into the baited trap of actually believing Hussein to be an incompetent blundering fool. 

Recalling Columbo's famous line "Just one more thing..." I would like to add 'just one more thing': Those people are Obama's prey.


October 26, 2013
I'm sure that most of my readers recall near the end of the movie 'Patton'when the General was ranting to Beetle Smith, asking him for thirty days to start a war with Russia promising to make it look like the Russians had started it. Had General Smith consented I have no doubt that Patton could have delivered what he promised. That would have been Kabuki at it finest, but Kabuki nonetheless. That was in 1945 and nothing has changed. Misleading the public is still a fine art and today we witness an artist of the highest degree at work; none other than George Soros.

By now most have heard the latest that Soros has accepted the position of co-chair of the Ready For Hillary political action committee. This PAC is nothing new, having officially been formed in January 2013 and already it boasts over a million Hillary supporters and 20,000 'grassroots' donors. Now with Soros officially signing on as one of those donors they should drop all pretense and play "Hail To The Chief" every time he enters the room.

I remain unimpressed.


October 23, 2013
Many, including myself, are convinced that we are on the verge of both a civil war and World War III, and what I learned yesterday struck an icy fear into my very being. I wrote about this in an essay just published, but the writing is not over, for the story has not yet begun. When it does begin, may God have mercy on America for I feel that the blood will run so deep that he will have no time to mark the sparrow's fall.

If you have read my latest essay 'Obama's Plan To Destroy The Military" feel free to skip the following as it is excerpted from that essay. I simply believe that what is revealed here is of utmost importance. For those who have not yet read my latest, please do. Do not allow yourself to be caught off guard.


General Odierno
October 23, 2013
Many are they who see my views as one vast conspiracy theory. They are mistaken. It is one vast conspiracy fact, and daily more pieces fall into place validating my fears, my conclusions, and my projections.

Listed below in Suggested Reading is my most recent essay, 'Anarchy...Its Pursuits And Its Goals'. I posted it in one of the groups to which I belong and was delighted to see a well thought out reply by one of my readers. Hat Tip to S.M.P.. My essay put forth the idea that Martial Law, that so many fear could happen any day now. will not occur until within a year of the 2016 Presidential election. That it is coming I have no doubt but feel that Obama is delaying this action until his administration and supporters are stronger, and we are weaker.


October 21, 2013
Left and Right: What a confusing scenario. According to the views of most, the far left is Marxism, Communism, and Maoism, and on the far right we find Nazis, Fascists, and groups such as the KKK. No sane, moral, and decent person wants to be identified as being part of either the far left or the far right, leaving only a most awkward position of compromise between two evils; center of the road they call it.

I have long thought that Glenn Beck's blackboard should have received at least one award for journalism, or perhaps an Oscar for best supporting role. There simply is no justice in this world! 


October 19, 2013
Utopia is a dream, a lure, a baited trap, lying in wait for the gullible. Sadly, the gullible also vote, and they are voting away our future. Progressives promise Utopia, and liberals believe in it, while we know it to be a meaningless pipe dream.

Lately my writing has taken an unusual slant. I once felt like a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, but recently my efforts have been more interactive with my readers as I endeavor to bring some of their thoughts into reality. My most recent essay as well as this one fall into that category. That last article was entitled ''Witches' And 'Racists'. The Odd Connection.' It was based on a reader's premise that there exists a connection between the Middle Age practice of calling a woman a witch, thus leading to her demise, bearing much in common with the Progressive agenda of calling a conservative a 'racist' when that Progressive cannot refute the evidence put before him.


Saul Alinsky
October 18, 2013
More and more I find my writing influenced by a group of associates in the UK, often by an article that one has posted, a simple observation made, or perhaps a forlorn cry in the wilderness. The following effort I shall dedicate to a gentleman known simply as Joe, due to a revelation he authored. When I first read his comment, quite honestly giving it no more than a cursory nod of my head, as I agreed with his viewpoint, and then moved on to other things. In retrospect my cursory nod did the man an injustice as what he suggested was really quite profound and worthy of further research, and dissemination. 

I have no doubt that all of my readers are well aware of Saul Alinsky's role in what has happened to our nation and I shall lean heavily on his eleventh rule for radicals as I explore my friend's thoughts. Rule eleven reads: "If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside."


October 13, 2013
Depending on your perspective, multiculturalism is either a dismal failure or an outstanding success.

It matters not what country you live in, if you are in the middle class and possess reasonable intelligence, you are well aware that multiculturalism endangers your future and the future of your entire nation. 

From The Daily Mail U.K.
Nicolas Sarkozy joins David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed

There you have it. Three of the world's ranking leaders have stated that the experiment in multiculturalism is a failure. One would then assume that the experiment would be terminated and the rampant immigration brought to an end. Not so, for in truth it is not an experiment, but a devious plan that will lead to world wide civil wars, a New World Order, and the enslavement of the human race by a small group of elites.


October 11, 2013
I have mentioned many other bloggers in past writings but have never singled out one for praise. Today I make an exception to that rule as lately I have become a regular reader of Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, and have just discovered an essay she wrote in 2011. Her thoughts at that time were an exact mirror image of mine, leading me to believe that she applies the same logic to a given situation that I do.

I have long been an admirer of Trevor Louden and have only recently taken a serious interest in Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, whose articles also appear in Trevor's website. I mentioned her in my most recent essay and lately I am finding that my Google searches and research just keep leading me back to her, and the most recent find is a real winner, and I shall get to that in a moment. First off, let me encourage you to visit her site, Noisy Room, appropriately subtitled 'Progressive Hunter', and Trevor's New Zeal Blog.


October 9, 2013
A few days ago Glenn Beck discussed the morphing program of nudge, shove, shoot. Now Terresa Monroe Hamilton has a further essay on the same topic in New Zeal Blog, and I am reminded of a Psychological experiment I witnessed years ago. I recall watching a program, perhaps on '60 Minutes' or some similar format. The entire program was devoted to a psychological test conducted on paid volunteers in a study to ostensibly understand why otherwise decent people could have been induced to take part in the torture tactics utilized by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.


October 6. 2013
Several days ago, a friend of mine in the U.K. informed me that he would soon be leaving a comment to some of my recent efforts regarding the existing alliance between the Progressives of the West and Islam. Yesterday that comment was posted, and I was not disappointed, as it was well thought out and expressed. Several years ago I told Paul that he should be a blogger. I maintain that view. This man thinks, and we need more like him.

As a rule I never post a reader's name, respecting the right to privacy, but since he posted his comment in one of my essays using his full name instead of 'Anonymous' as do many, the die is cast and so "Paul" it is, and the essay he chose to comment on was: 
The Left/Islamic Agenda, And A Coming Genocide (Also listed below in Suggested Reading)


October 3, 2013
Many would put forth the idea that America's involvement and support of Middle Eastern terrorism is due to the fact that Obama is a Muslim supporting his fellow Muslims. I disagree! He was raised in the Muslim community and therefore knows their ways and weaknesses. He may or may not be a Muslim but lately I have begun to doubt it as I find it hard to believe that anyone with his Narcissistic delusions of grandeur could actually recognize the existence of any deity above himself.

It is my view that Obama, along with most of the other Western leaders and the militant left, are in the tank with those who promote the New World Order i.e.: Progressivism, and are using Muslims as a means to further their own agenda. When and if this goal is accomplished, Islam will be of no further use and accordingly discarded, by whatever means necessary.


Mali terrorist...Note he carries American weapons
October 2. 2013
Lately, I have been writing extensively about the Progressive/Islamic alliance and how, in time, it will go bad for Islam as they are to be used and then martyred and/or discarded by the far left agenda that is sweeping the West. This belief of mine in no way diminishes the danger we face from the militant Islamists who live among us. They are the second greatest danger we face, and for those who fall before the wrath of Islam, there will be little consolation in the fact that others will live to see the ultimate ruin of the followers of Mohammed.


September 30, 2013
The reason for the use of Churchill's photo will become apparent later in this essay, for he is my star witness.

Some people grow angry and/or frustrated, even vindictive, when others do not agree with them. Not I. This writer regards those who disagree or even partly disagree as the result of my failing to adequately express my point, and therefore a challenge to continue my quest.

I firmly believe that an Islamic Caliphate, which so many fear, will never rise again. What is truly happening is that the radical left, Progressives, communists, New World Order, or whatever you choose to call them are using Islam to further their own goal of absolute power over humanity. The flip side of that coin is that the leaders of Islam are using the Progressives(I shall stick to the one term) to further their agenda of establishing such a Caliphate, but Islam is going to come up short, for they are going to be no more than cannon fodder for those who are wiser, and more deceptive, than they.


September 26, 2013
My friends, my most recent essay(The Soros Agenda-Moving Right Along) was one of my more unusual in that it began as a letter to an associate in London requesting further information on my views concerning the Soros/Obama/Islamic agenda that is taking place in the Middle East. I hope that you read that essay, but not before reading this, as knowing the communist/Progressive agenda lends further understanding to my concerns about what is currently taking place. That letter to my friend morphed into an essay, and that essay was in turn commented on by a reader, to whom I am indebted. This person left a collection of parts of the communist agenda for America. Always the skeptic, I went digging to validate those statements and found still more.


September 24, 2013
Since first logging onto the internet some years ago I have encountered many fine people whom I have never actually met, and yet regard them as dear friends. The internet has given me the power to connect with like minded people around the world, and thankfully there are many out there. Yes, without a doubt, I have encountered a few abject fools as well, but fortunately they are few and far between as I waste no time debating liberals.


September 20, 2013
America is beginning to wake up, perhaps to late, but waking they are. H/T to Joe for putting me onto this.

The recent one million bikers ride to D.C. was but a trial run and now the heavy hitters are rolling out. Everything that we find on our store shelves have been delivered by American truckers. They are just as American as Mom and apple pie. Now they plan to shut this nation down for three days as a protest against the Progressive policies that have led us to ruin. Will this put an end to those policies? No! Nothing short of millions of armed Americans taking to the street can stop this evil juggernaut that is steamrolling our liberties, but it is just the next step in our battle for freedom.


A traitor not only to the U.S. but to
all of the human race
September 17, 2013
One of these days, when it is far too late to do anything about it, people are going to realize that what is happening in the Middle East has nothing to do with spreading democracy, nation building, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, or creating a new Caliphate. What is occurring is quite simply the creation of terror and chaos with several conjoined purposes in mind. The ruin of what stability once existed there, the annihilation of Israel, and the fall of the United States. After that occurs, the other nations of the world will in turn fall like a line of dominoes. 


September 6, 2013
Back in 1940, with war spreading in Europe, a poll was taken among Americans asking if we should get involved in another European struggle. Ninety five percent of those polled answered with a resounding "No!" Case closed as the people had spoken. Then in 1941 the rules changed as Japan launched its attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on the United States. From that point onward, polls were irrelevant and what people wanted mattered not. We were at war, and totally unprepared for it. Americans were, by and large, a pacifist people and in a short time frame those pacifists had to be turned into steely eyed killers.


Dresden After The Bombing
September 4, 2013
In several of my previous essays I have used the term 'Firestorm'. If you are not aware of the absolute horror of such an event you are about to learn, and along the way you will learn of why we, the victors of World War II, came away with such a feeling of guilt due to our killing those who had declared war on us. That guilt and a cultural conscience set the stage for our downfall via the control masters of the New World Order, forever promising an impossible peace, succeeding only in delaying an inevitable clash that will bring civilization to its knees and grant those masters a degree of control such as no king has ever known before.


September 4, 2013
If you have not yet read 'From Dresden To Syria And The New World Order, Part One,' this is the link.

Many are they who criticize Hussein Obama for his unwillingness to aid Israel in the destruction of Iran's nuclear ambitions. Far be it from me to defend Obama but the fact of the matter is that Iran was working on the bomb when George Bush the Younger was in Office, and it was Bush the Elder who promised a New World Order where problems would be resolved through diplomacy instead of war. 

The United Nations was created with the best of intentions, but such intentions are what the road to hell is paved with. It was designed as a Utopian pipe dream that would somehow bypass the human race's inner suspicions and aggression. Bush Sr. was a great believer in the U.N. and the video of him giving that starry eyed speech about the coming new world order was a turning point when many should have woke up but did not.


August 31, 2013
I was born in West Virginia and recall that as a kid of maybe five, six, or seven, we would make our monthly trip to Charleston. It is quite natural to forget much after sixty years but there is one man that I shall never forget. I never knew his name or anything about him other than the fact that he had a little four wheeled platform built low to the ground and that was his means of transportation as both of his legs had been blown off up to the hips. From that platform he sold pencils for a nickle each and promoted a love for this nation in the little American flag that waved from his pencil canister. You see, that was about 1950, and sometime in the six to ten years prior to me taking my nickle over and buying a pencil from him he had lost both legs in service to this nation, and that little cart had become his legs, and his pencil canister a message board. On that can was a purple heart, a thank you note of sorts from an appreciative nation, and the rest of the message was the little flag that told the world he would do it all again. Thinking back, legs or not, I believe that he was the tallest man I ever met.


August 30, 2013
The following is a quote. It is the first paragraph of an essay entitled 'Wake Up America' that I wrote on August 11: 
Being a writer I quite naturally am thrilled when others show an interest in my work. Last month I wrote an essay entitled 'Egypt ... Soros ... The Real Plan Is Worse Than The Brotherhood'. Now that was a thrill, for within a matter of a few days it had become the most read item that I had ever written and broke all of my previous records. This month is another surprise as someone, digging through the archives, unearthed an older essay that I had written in April of 2012 and it has now become my most reposted essay for this month. Its title and its surprising reemergence is very revealing of what is on the mind of Americans. The title 'We Are Not Doomed', and its new found popularity tells me one thing. Americans are just plain scared.
Well, it is still number one for the month and as mentioned, people digging into my archives indicates much about the mindset of Americans. The same can be said for the people of the Middle East for their most read item is Adolph Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' and the horrors of Mein Kampf are being brought to you by none other than Barrack Hussein Obama, for it was he who unleashed those horrors on the 4th of June, 2009 in his infamous Cairo speech.


August 27, 2013
Back when the civil war in Libya was just beginning I was writing of Responsibility To Protect, a Soros sponsored doctrine now commonly known and referred to as R2P. At that time I was warning all who would listen that George Soros, with Obama's assistance had created the 'Arab Spring', which lately I have been referring to that as the 'Islamic Firestorm'. That firestorm is gaining in force and growing more dangerous with each passing day. Along with R2P I brought up the dangers presented by three women in the Obama regime. Samantha Power, now known to many, Susan Rice who has progressed from UN Ambassador to National Security Adviser, and Hillary Clinton, ostensibly being groomed for a Presidential run in 2016.


Senator Tom Coburn
Republican, Oklahoma
August 26, 2013
Were I hard pressed to define the greatest weakness of conservative Americans in one word, I could not do it, as the issues are so diverse. However, if the search pattern were broadened to allow for five terms I believe I could present a good summation of the problem. That list would include the following: Fearful, gullible, lacking reason, confused, passive. Allow me to discuss these issues in reverse order.

Passive: I am confident that most who read this have seen the statement "Our ancestors would already be up in arms." It goes without saying that those who built this country were builders. They did not sit idly by waiting for others to do for them. Today we are waiting for someone else to cure the problem.
Confused: Most people are totally in the dark on how we have reached the point of near collapse and dictatorial rule. Seeking answers most look to the junk sites on the internet, thus adding to their confusion.
Gullible: To prove this point I simply direct you to Washington. Look at those who have lied to us year after year and keep getting reelected.
Lacking Reason: Were our people using reason then they would not be Passive, Confused, or Gullible.
Fearful: This state of mind is rampant and is the result of all of the above.


August 25, 2013
Martin Luther King was not only a brave man, he was also a noble man, and like many brave and noble men before him, he paid for his beliefs with his life. Sadly, Doctor King is still paying as the very people he fought to liberate dishonor his memory and are giving birth to a new round of racism that is on the verge of engulfing this nation in a hatred that has not been known since the days of Reconstruction that followed the Civil War.

I believe in the message of Martin Luther King, and I believe in justice. In one of his most famous quotes he spoke of his children, but in doing so his message encompassed all black people of this nation. Those beautiful words read "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

I would love to see that dream realized and see people judged by the content of their character, and sentenced accordingly.


This was a church before the Muslim
Brotherhood torched it
August 22, 2013
I could care less about the color of a man's skin, his station in life, his bank account, or the car he drives. Tell me of a man's philosophy and I shall tell you of that man's worth to himself and humanity.

We all know what is meant by the term 'formative years'; oddly mine began at age twenty four when I first read one of Ayn Rand's books. Since then I have read and reread all of them and in doing so rejected most everything I was taught in what was my earlier 'formative years'. She wrote of what most parents teach their children and compared that process to a mother bird plucking all of the feathers from her offspring and then shoving them out of the nest to meet the world, totally unprepared for the reality before them. They are sent into the world lacking the most important treasure of all ... a coherent moral philosophy.


For those unfamiliar with Anne Patterson
she is the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt
August 19, 2013
Here in the Age of Obama, I have learned to take Nothing at face value and always attempt to peer beyond the veil, for we are dealing with the masters of deceit.

Yesterday I published an essay entitled 'Christians-Scapegoats of the Muslim Brotherhood, The Muslim Brotherhood-Scapegoats of the Elite'. Perhaps an unusual title, but then I was putting forth a most unusual premise. All evidence that we see today tells us that Team Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's bid to return Morsi to power. The mere fact that the evidence is so overwhelming is the very reason that I reject it, for I detect one helluva smokescreen. Now, to convince you, the reader, of my belief I must gather some facts we all know to be true.


Coptic Christian priest Mina Cheroubim, shot
 dead outside his church in response to the
Brotherhood’s ousting
August 18, 2013
Oh, how far this nation has traveled, and lately it has all been downhill. 

Everyone recalls when George W. Bush declared that this nation would never forget the horrors that occurred on 911. They also recall him declaring war on terror. Twelve years and we seem to have forgotten. Terrorism is on the rise and we find Islam planning a Million Muslim March on our Capitol, on 911 nonetheless. Perhaps most revealing of the direction we have taken is that after a mere twelve years, Egypt has put our nation on its list of terrorist sponsoring states.


August 11, 2013
Being a writer I quite naturally am thrilled when others show an interest in my work. Last month I wrote an essay entitled 'Egypt ... Soros ... The Real Plan Is Worse Than The Brotherhood'. Now that was a thrill, for within a matter of a few days it had become the most read item that I had ever written and broke all of my previous records. This month is another surprise as someone, digging through the archives, unearthed an older essay that I had written in April of 2012 and it has now become my most reposted essay for this month. Its title and its surprising reemergence is very revealing of what is on the mind of Americans. The title 'We Are Not Doomed', and its new found popularity tells me one thing. Americans are just plain scared.


Last month I wrote an essay entitled Egypt ... Soros ... The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood. It went ballistic and within days became the most read item that I had ever written. A week later Glenn Beck did a full one hour program based on exactly what I had described of the Soros agenda empowering Mohamed ElBaradei and taking control of Egypt, the most strategically important nation in the Middle East. Now the repercussions begin to set in. The people of Islam are born with a problem; namely that their ideology is anti-life, and as long as they continue to believe as they do they are a danger to both themselves and the rest of humanity.


Once again I enter treacherous waters as I broach a subject that many will flatly denounce while others will simply refuse to consider the evidence that I put before them. Fortunately, I do not enter those waters alone, for Glenn Beck has also sounded the warning. My efforts in this cause was to collect a mountain of irrefutable evidence that many in the religious left have embraced the concept of social justice, government control, and international laws in their quest for peace and prosperity on earth and salvation in an afterlife. Before I begin my narrative please take a few minutes to read the thoughts of Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck: Liberation Theology and Social Justice.


In my early days on the internet I became the victim of two different hoaxes and learned my lesson well. Consequently, I have concluded that the vast majority of our digital media is pure junk. It is a collection of hoaxes, wishful thinking, agendas, half truths, and blatant lies, and thankfully it is sprinkled with an occasional truth. That realization, coupled with an unrelenting search for the truth has led me to become a serious researcher, accepting nothing at face value and rejecting all that cannot be substantiated.


The word 'Agenda' usually comes with an unpleasant connotation but the fact of the matter is that we all have an agenda, some good, some bad. What we are willing or unwilling to do to enact that agenda says volumes about our character.

I have spent the last month building multiple websites and stocking them with data gleaned from exploring the inroads that the Progressives have made into enacting their agenda for the ruin of this nation.

'Progressives'...That is quite a word, and many who are regarded as such are not even aware of the role that they are playing in the inevitable demise of this great nation. It would be so nice if everything could be easily categorized as black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, but then that would be asking too much, as it would make my work much easier.


Thanks to readers like yourself, this site has broken all of its previous records for pageviews in the month of July and two days yet remain, and the fact of the matter is that I have hardly written anything in the last week and a half. Those broken records reveal far more about the interests of my readers than my writing skills, and I am grateful. Furthermore, in the foreseeable future my essays will not be as plentiful as they were due to a major project in which I am involved and it is my plan to keep loyal readers with me and so at least for the moment, writing diminished but efforts increased, I shall show you what I am doing, and I give fair warning: In a few months, you may be looking for a hole in which to hide your head.


I recall a time when Glenn Beck was talking about the multitude of groups that George Soros either started or was involved in their funding. To Illustrate his point he had a huge scroll with those groups listed on it and he began unrolling it as he walked from one side of his studio to the other and when he reached the far wall there were still more groups on the list. Now I begin to grasp the enormity of what we face as I have begun exploring those groups, the people, the governments, and the foundations that fund them, as well the diabolical purposes they were created for, and I am tired and frightened.


I have received several Emails from regular readers inquiring about my well being as I have not published an essay in over a week. My apologies and the explanation: 

A friend in London concerned about our mutual cultures' over abundance of low information citizens suggested a different approach than simply writing about problems as they occur. A Timeline was his idea, showing how we have gotten to where we are today by linking events as they changed the societies we live in. That sounded like a challenge and far be it from me to pass up a good challenge, and so I have spent all of my recent efforts on building a Timeline data base.


In a recent essay I predicted that Mohamed ElBaradei was about to gain control of Egypt following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood Hosni Morsi. Like clockwork, a few days later it was announced that the military regime now controlling Egypt was about to declare ElBaradei to be the new Prime Minister of Egypt. Then the unexpected happened. A lesser 'political' party started calling the shots, and it would seem that even the Egyptian military fears the Al Nour Salafists. I naturally had heard of them but must confess that I was unaware of the fact that they had such political clout as to take on Egypt's military leaders and prevail. 


If you look up and see a man running toward you, screaming at the top of his voice, bearing a fixed bayonet, I will guarantee you two things. You have but two options; kill or be killed, and that man has ALL of your attention

I have been puzzled about one issue for the last few years and feel that I have finally solved the mystery. The above illustration got your attention and allows me to best express my revelation. Please bear with me while I elaborate. 


This most recent part of the ongoing Egyptian revolution has been relatively bloodless so far with only forty or so deaths being attributed to the uprising. An accurate death toll in such an event is virtually impossible in a Muslim nation, for while some deaths are indeed attributable to the struggle there is the ever present murder of Christians based purely on Islam's love of killing. But rest assured that the killing is not over.


Two thousand years ago a man of wisdom named Marcus Tullius Cicero looked to the pages of history and wrote of what may well be defined as a law of human behavior as he warned of  the actions of traitors and their effect on a nation's downfall. He was a remarkable man of letters and learning and it was perhaps the rediscovery of those letters that precipitated Europe's emergence from Medieval times and led to the Renaissance. The following quote is from one of those letters as Cicero describes what treason will do any culture it permeates.


All hell is breaking loose in Egypt right now and the article that I just read is talking about how the Muslim Brotherhood is blowing up in Obama's face as he backed Morsi after successfully driving Mubarak out of office. Little do they know!

People are notoriously fickle and easily deceived, and you are about to witness one of the most cleverly contrived coups in the history of the world, and that coup is not just taking shape now, it began with the so called Arab Spring. The man you see in the photo above is Mohamed ElBaradei and he has a long line of credentials everyone should see.


Prior to the last election many conservatives were in denial over Rasmussen's projecting an Obama win. They were announcing that Rasmussen's numbers were skewed and so they set about to unskew those skewed numbers thus guaranteeing us a Romney win. Well, the people at Rasmussen just continued doing their job the way they had always done and proved that their methods are still viable, and so it was not the numbers that were skewed. It was the American public; skewed, screwed, barbecued and led into servitude in the ObamaNation.


An associate in London recently put together a brief but comprehensive list of the dangers we face from the onslaught of the Muslim horde and closed with the following observation:
"There we have it then, an absolutely ruthless, brutal, self-righteous and utterly uncompromising opponent. That can only be opposed with an equally ruthless brutality that none are willing to employ." Hat tip to P.S.

He is correct. None want to engage.

Glenn Beck is one of this nation's greatest and most inspiring conservative leaders. He has an outstanding team devoted to researching and revealing dangers to the American public, but he suffers a weakness born of his religious zeal. Glenn advocates the principles of the Second Amendment but limits its effectiveness by supporting its use only to self defense and protection of your immediate household, flatly eliminating the possibility of an armed uprising of our people against the dictates of this Progressive regime, as advocated by the founders. 


I have long believed that anything we write is in essence an autobiography, as the words we use and the views expressed reveal so much about the author. Last month I wrote of a troubled me and a distressed piece of symbolic fabric in an essay entitled "Every Flag Tells A Story". Never in my life had I ever seen such a neglected flag of my nation and to make matters worse, it adorned a Home Depot, a bedrock of the U.S.A. and free enterprise.


Perhaps I watched the original Superman series of the fifties too much and got brainwashed by the term "Truth, justice, and the American way." but I did adopt that as a personal principle and have long lived with it, and shall undoubtedly die believing in it. Later in the ninth grade I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful civics teacher who added to that love of country. A few years later I donned the uniform of an American warrior and the deed was done. Now if is not the truth I reject it. If it is not just, I oppose it. If it is not the American way then it is not my way, and it is wrong. Unfortunately not all Americans are so inclined and they are not above the use of propaganda on fellow Americans.


Ted Cruz
The past five years have given rise to those who briefly inspired the hopes of so many conservatives that this is 'The One' that will lead America back to the Promised Land. All too soon we found that our latest idol has feet of clay and walks with comfort among those of the enemy camp. John McCain most assuredly heads up that group as millions rallied behind him as the latest Moses. Add Christie to the list, along with Rubio, Paul Ryan, and even the walking personification of Progressivism, Mitt Romney. All have given hope. None have led.


Edward Snowden
They say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but when the enemy of my enemy is also a friend to another enemy, I cannot help but feel that I am surrounded by enemies, believing in none.

What led to the writing of this essay was an excellent bit of research on the part of Trevor Louden. When it comes to research I expect nothing short of excellence from Trevor as he is one of the best, if not the very best political researcher in the world. In every speech that I have ever seen him make I have held that man in awe, as he is either devoid of emotion, or keeps those emotions tightly in check. There was one time that he almost smiled ... almost. Personal observation: Emotions are superfluous for anyone seeking the truth as hatred, anger, fear, and wishful thinking always clouds one's judgement.