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Danny Jeffrey


Fifty six signatures! Fifty six signatures from fifty six men changed the course of history and brought forth on the Earth the greatest nation the world has ever seen. They wrote "Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor". Such words! Words of courage, of conviction, and of defiance, and those words rang loudly in a day when words still had meaning.

Today politicians deliver their high sounding utterances that are no more than propaganda or a ringing cry for votes, for what we hear often mean exactly the opposite of that which is said. Well, there was no doubt about the clarity and purpose of what was meant on July 4, 1776, for had the revolution failed fifty six men would have indeed lost their lives at the end of a rope, their fortunes would have been seized by the Crown, and they would have been stripped of their sacred honor and denounced as traitors. Where are such men, such courage, and such words today?

Look unto our nation's capitol and behold the cowards and traitors who reside there. They enjoy a life of luxury, inherited from and paid for by better men than they who paved the road to freedom with their life's blood. As this nation descends into chaos those leaders stand before the naive who see not the harm they do by empowering the corrupt and deceitful.

There is a word, an ugly and evil word that reeks of deception and betrayal. It is RINO and it means Republican In Name Only. Politics is a dirty game and vast fortunes have been spent on the subversion of conservative values, replacing them with a Progressive agenda that is grinding America down to the status of a third world nation and it is unstoppable.

Since Obama assumed power another word has gained popularity in our political lexicon and it is "cave". In prehistory a cave was a place of power where a small group could withstand the assault of a much larger force. It was a home and a provider of security. Today it has become a description of treachery, weakness, and misdirection. We hear how the GOP caves on the budget, on the debt crisis, on the fiscal cliff, on sequestering the military, and the dictator providing military and financial backing to the enemies of America, and they always have an excuse ... they lack the votes to change things.

Rubbish! They lack the courage, the devotion to America, and the backbone to oppose this totalitarian regime. They are cowards, they are criminals, and they are traitors to our nation, and we provide them with the finer things in life. Their oath of office was not a way of swearing their dedication to a cause, but a ticket that transports them into the world of the elite where they enjoy the blessing of wealth and power. Then from their lofty towers they look down upon those who provide for America, and raise their glasses offering a salute ... to their own glory.

The Democratic Party's controlling numbers and Obama's haughty "I won" gives them the illusion of invincibility and indeed they are invincible, but only in the face of non resistance, and they get no resistance, at least none that is real.

We watch the daily charade of political posturing. Obama demands, the RINOs timidly propose a counter offer. Obama laughs at them and takes his case to the ever helpful media. The RINOs again step forward suggesting compromise. Again Obama laughs and threatens to bypass Congress altogether with yet another executive order. The circus continues as John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and John McCain pose before the Fox video cameras putting forth their ideas for the conservative hopefuls. Then, as if on cue, they cave, but boldly proclaim that in three months they will force Obama back to the bargaining table. The fact of the matter is that Obama owns that table, and he does not bargain; he dictates.

I have never been to a circus in my life. No need to go. There is one we can all watch everyday on television and the internet. Why leave the comforts of home?

Obama, George Soros, and the entire Progressive movement can be stopped dead in their tracks, but there are only two ways. One, unfortunately, is a long and bloody civil war that will devastate this nation long after the shooting ends.

The other is for a few good men, let's say fifty six good men, to step forward, putting their political careers, and perhaps their lives on the line. How was it put; "Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor"? Every two years Americans once again go through the same tired old ritual of returning the worthless to power, based on the same lies they have been telling for decades, and every year America sinks ever deeper into the abyss of despair.

We, the electorate, know what Obama is, what he plans to do to this nation, and how he is helping foreign enemies to subvert and destroy this land so dear. We have also labored tirelessly to show others what is happening. The elite ones we send to Washington know everything that we do and more, but there is a great difference in their agenda. They labor tirelessly providing a smoke screen for the man we are trying to expose. I have absolutely no qualms about calling such people traitors, with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan heading the list, for they, like none before them, have betrayed this nation.

They stood before us, but stood not for America. They spoke of issues urgent, but spoke not of the issues that subvert our very freedoms. They smiled and waved to the Americans hopeful, but when the votes had been counted and crime had been done they smiled, waved, and faded away into their world elite. And so it is with nearly all whom we have trusted. 

Most people who read this have never seen combat and for that they should be thankful, but all have seen movies of war. Everyone has seen images of men who died because they made a mistake, others simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The saddest loss, however, are those who fell because they trusted the wrong person. We are on the verge of a terrible civil war in which millions are going to die simply because they trusted the wrong political leader.

That war could still be averted and I shall show you how it could be done. It won't be averted, but it could be. The following is not an exercise in futility as every day I rail against those who waste time on wishful thinking. The scenario I put before you is a teaching aid, the benefit of which I shall explain at the end of this essay.

Picture if you will, fifty six statesmen and women, all elected officials from the House, the Senate, the courts, and Governors of various states, bonding together and assembling a list of the high treasons committed by Barrack Hussein Obama, each affixing their name to that second Declaration of Independence and each posting it on their websites and Congressional page. Within an hour it would go viral world wide.

Now imagine them announcing a five day press conference on C span. The format would be that each of those signers, in their own turn, would assume the the podium and say "I (Name Here) accuse Barrack Hussein Obama of high treason against the United States of America on the grounds that he (Details of treason best known to the speaker)."

Day one: The press would try to ignore the event, in vain. Day two: Scores of liberal pundits would be on talk radio and TV in full damage control mode denouncing the fifty six as unpatriotic radicals. Day three: All of America would be tuned in and asking questions. Telephone lines and the internet would go wild. Congressional telephones, fax machines, and Email would be overloaded. By Friday all hell would be breaking loose. Even liberals in their quest for free birth control would finally realize that birth control and free abortions are just a hook to drag them to ruin.

A few brave souls like Michelle Bachman and Louis Gohmert did the politically correct thing and politely asked the Inspector General to review the qualifications of Huma Abedin to act as Hillary Clinton's adviser in the State Department. Saul Alinsky's tactics were unveiled and they were viciously attacked, ridiculed by the left, by the right, and by the media.

Ridicule and ignoring the situation would fail if but fifty six statesmen stood before American and boldly proclaimed what we all know to be true; that Barrack Hussein Obama is guilty of high treason against the United States of America. The fifty six could not be silenced. America would finally wake up, and Obama would be dragged from the White House, kicking and screaming, "But I won!"

Of course this will not happen, for the simple reason that we do not have fifty six statesmen in the United States. That is a sad but true reality. The people that we have voted for are unworthy of the trust we have bestowed upon them.

After the war is over and millions have died, and still more millions will have been maimed and wounded, you will have gained quite an education in politics, warfare, survival, and human nature. I truly hope that in the learning process some wisdom finds its way among our people, for so many turned their backs on that concept long ago. 

The Founding Fathers warned future generations about the dangers of trusting their government. Those warnings went unheeded and as a result we now have the government that we deserve. It is a beast of our own making because Americans wanted the things that our leaders were going to "give" us. Possessing more wisdom than their constituents, those doing the giving never bothered to reveal just how dearly we would pay for those gifts.

I will tell you this: Those people in Washington are completely aware of what lies ahead. We will either be enslaved or fight a long and bloody war to avoid it. Want to know something? They don't care! They would trade the life of an American for a vote any and every day of the week. To quote a little urban slang, They are covering their own ass, and leaving you to fend for yourself. 

You, and those who are too frightened to even think about it, know that we are on the verge of war. Are the politicians you voted for telling you this, or are they complicit in concealing the danger from the public? It matters not which party they are in. With the exception of a few true patriots I can count on my fingers, they are all in it, both Republicans and Democrats, up to their miserable necks. 

For all of you die hard Republican loyalists I offer a thought. The Democratic Party joined the far left and are leading us to our ruin. Defend the GOP all you like, but they are complicit. The left could not do what it is doing were its actions brought into the light of day. As long as those you trust expose them not, then they too are culpable, thus allowing me to be generous in the use of the term "Traitor".

I mentioned above that the scenario I outlined will never happen, that it is no more than a teaching aid. Learn from it and from future events as they unfold, for when the shooting subsides and the dead are buried, the rebuilding of America will begin. At that time many among us will be living in abject poverty and those who put us there will be wealthy men. Though the war will be over, justice will yet have to be served. Let the trials and punishment begin after whatever fashion you deem fitting. The charge will be treason, and so many who have died will call out from the grave demanding justice. You may choose to recall the old phrase, "Hang the bastards."

There is no doubt that society needs leaders, therefore new politicians with new promises will emerge seeking power. By then you will have learned that your weapon is your best friend so when you go to those new political rallies take your friend with you. Make certain that the man on that stage waving, smiling, and seeking votes knows that we have learned a tragic lesson and that we the people, the armed people, of America are in charge, watching closely and judging, knowing that the best politician is one who fears being lynched if caught lying to a new and wiser generation of Americans.

I have oft been described as a progenitor of doom and gloom, of fear mongering, and of having a runaway imagination. Those expressing such views have every right to do so, however I fear they lack vision. Give me another few moments to explain the staggering death toll that I project. 

In the first ninety days of civil war we will lose in excess of one million of our people, many of whom will be the liberals that are advocating the nanny state.

As society descends into chaos, the loss of electricity, a dependable source of food and water, and life giving drugs will send a shock wave across this land. People whose very lives are dependent upon the ready availability of oxygen, heart medications, insulin, and antibiotics will be among the first casualties. These people will die without anyone firing a shot, but they will be casualties of war nonetheless.

It is said that civilization is but a thin veneer, and that is a fact. Subtract the blessing of civilization. Take away electricity, water, and natural gas, and behold the spectre. If you live in the colder parts of this nation how long can you survive when  the thermometer reads zero degrees. If you live in warmer states I ask the same about when it hits one hundred and ten degrees.

Mother nature can be very harsh and unforgiving, and the first to fall before her wrath are the weak. To all I offer three words of advice:
Prepare ... Prepare ... Prepare!

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Joanna said...

...Few people can deal with the truth...Danny....
I appreciate every article posted by you and hope you never stop! matter the response or circumstances....
I weep for the REPUBLIC....
and 100% agree with your vision...
I have seen the destruction for years..
but none of my warnings hit a note of understanding...
much redicule and funny faces greated my horns...
very well...
I am just little younger than you but make no mistake....
I am prepared and ready!!!!!

I cry reading your postings...
Right you are:
we do not have STATESMEN
we as We The People
run our lives...
...down to the ground....

and you predictions are as true as Sun getting up in the East!!!

Thank you!
Blessings to You and Your Family!!!!


Thank you Joanna, and I apologize for any tears I have caused but I myself have shed so very many in my research and writing. You say that you are only a little younger than I so surely you recall that old nonsense about "A man ain't supposed to cry". I have and it belittles me not at all to admit it.
I recall another warrior who did. Ulysses S. Grant. When a dispatch rider came to his tent and informed him that General Lee was prepared to surrender, Grant broke into tears and history tells us that he had quite a crying jag.
The war was ending and finally he could let down the facade of invincibility and weep bitterly for those many thousands of men he had sent to their deaths.
War is such a tragedy, a supreme waste of blood and treasure, and always the final answer when sanity fails. Then when it is all said and done, we bury the dead, start rebuilding, and preparing for the next war.
Perhaps one day we will learn.

Joanna said...

Last Couple of months have been very hard ...
hard on surviving, hard on memories..hard on grasping on...
I am from Poland, living in Poland for a period of time taking care of my after stroke Mother...
December hit hard on me for varieties of reasons , small or big...
but December of 1970 and 1981 will always bring for me the darkest moments in Poland's history...
or the most gloriest one..
pending point of view
going back to your "gloom and doom" article....
I almost can feel the fear and cold sweat I felt so many years ago.
As a young kid I was involved in the 'Underground Free Poland" movement...and as a child being only involved in a newsletter distribution...yes...
among countless times escaping UB forces (FBI communist edition) one evening having my friends brain matter spread on my winter boots was a shocker...
a friend disapearing after my leaving Poland are the kind of memories that very well could be a reality to many...
I can not count the times I had asked myself the most important question:
Am I at the gate of what I have left behind over 30 years ago?

Are Americans so blind and ignorant to lead all the wild foxes into their hen houses?
it is not blidness!!!
It is plain stupidity!!!!!

It is very sad to say that within 300 millions we can not find 56

Your idea of such 'revolt' and truth statements by few is welcoming heart warming but also heartbreaking wishful thinking...
that will never be...
not in our life time...

Just few days ago a conversation with my 7 year old Grandson took a us into a Karl May's "Winnetou" book discussion...
as my Grandson was viewing a movie made of it in french and I was listening to the oryginal german version...
so we were disputing particular wording and its meaning...
(comparing to english)...
well, before we knew it it all turned into a soul searching, establishing the grandour of:

I must tell you...
after an hour on Skype with my Grandson I was not able to sleep for the whole night...
not because it was something knocking my socks of (I have a load of good conversations with my Grandson being very close to him since his birth) but
I do not remember a single time in recent years I could read anything, enywhere that would touch such subjects and dwell upon its values....
I am sorry for this rant,
but I do have a point ...