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Danny Jeffrey


This essay is longer than many that I have written. Admittedly it is not an easy read, as it covers so much ground, but then I have never advocated the easy route for those who read my words. Those who seek the easy way abandoned this site long ago, and I miss them not.

Several years ago I predicted that were Israel about to be defeated, they would in the last possible minute launch an all out doomsday attack with all of their nuclear weapons being launched at once. That prediction was based perhaps on a selfish attitude because in Netanyahu's shoes that is exactly what I would do. Later I discovered that was indeed Israel's last ditch plan and it is called The Samson Option.(See Suggested Reading at the end of this essay)

My regular readers are already acquainted with many of the details of The Samson Option; for the sake of any new comers, a very brief scenario: Unlike America, Israel can keep secrets, leaving us at a loss as to their exact nuclear capabilities. Best estimates places their warheads somewhere between eighty five and two hundred. Israel seeks peace and threatens none, but with The Samson Option they have drawn a line in the sand. Cross it at your own peril.

And that leads us to quite a conundrum. Israel intentionally leaked information about her plan to utilize the Samson Option if they were on the verge of being defeated. Logic 101 would dictate that if you do not want to live in a radioactive world, don't pressure the nation that has announced that its going away gift to a hateful mankind would be just that. Logic 102 would therefore indicate that humanity's hatred of Israel overpowers all other forms of logic.

Do you recall the hype and hysteria that occurred when the nuclear reactor in Japan went critical and started spilling radiation into the atmosphere? Wal Mart sold out of tin foil hats when that happened as all the fruits and nuts started plotting the course of the radiation cloud across the Pacific and the naive went in search of Barium anti radiation tablets. This was the reaction to one little reactor and one little leak. Think of the radiation we'll have to deal with if all of the major cities of Islam and the capitols of the nations who betrayed Israel are destroyed in one afternoon.

We have all seen Hussein Obama batter Israel for the last four years, and in those four years he had to soft pedal his hatred as he knew that in order to fulfill his mission he would require a second term. Now he has that second term and nothing will hold him back. Recall if you will how he snubbed Prime Minister Netanyahu in the White House and left him sitting alone while he went to dinner.  Bibi's staff were afraid to even use their cell phones fearing that eavesdropping was in the works. Recall also how Obama tried to pressure Israel into withdrawing to indefensible borders. 

Aid to Israel has been reduced while we send billions of dollars to her enemies as well as F16s and Abrams tanks to Morsi of Egypt who calls Jews apes and pigs. You know of all of this and more, but now it is going to get really rough. The gloves are off. Obama has been reelected dictator for life. No more Mister Nice Guy.

In securing a second term Obama need worry no more about the Jewish voting block or an outcry from the conservative right. He has the "flexibility" he told Putin he sought, plus he has learned how to intimidate and manipulate the entire GOP, or bypass them if needed. In short, he is now totally in control, virtually unstoppable, and extremely dangerous to all of mankind.

Doomsday Device ... not a pleasant topic and I have avoided it for quite some time now, but once again it comes to the forefront, and the more who are aware of the danger, the better, for knowledge gives one an edge when it comes to bare survival. The thing that lead to this essay is a blog expressing what the left expects of Obama in the near future.

It is entitled "Time For U.S. To Stop Shielding Israel". Interesting title, especially in light of the fact that I thought that Israel had already been thrown to the wolves. There is a link to the entire blog in Suggested Reading, but I would like to draw attention to and discuss a few of the points put forth in the blog that CNN featured. 

Bear in mind as you read what you already know to be true. Obama is an enemy of the nation of Israel. Bear in mind also that the thoughts you see below will be the advice forwarded to Obama by his hand picked Islamic advisers. Also bear in mind that the diabolical puller of strings, George Soros, is first and foremost a walking evil contradiction, a Jew hating Jew.

First off, CNN in order to establish credibility for their star blogger, tells us that Ibrahim Sharqieh is Deputy Director of the Brookings Institution's Doha Center,(Sounds really impressive) followed naturally by the disclaimer that his views are his own. I would like to add one little thought about that disclaimer. Were CNN not at least sympathetic to Mister Sharqieh's views they would not have published them in the first place. Above I produced a list of issues to bear in mind. And now, if you will, add the main stream media, owned and controlled by the far left, for they are the single most effective force in the shaping of public opinion. It is they who will guide the thought processes of America as a blind hatred for Israel builds.

One further thing that sounded the alarm bells: When you open the link below note which CNN bigwig chose to publish this anti-Semitic blog ... Fareed Zakaria. If you are not familiar with him he is a close personal friend and adviser to Hussein Obama. He claims that they are in contact almost every day, whether he is visiting the White House or simply by phone. He is also the author of "The Post American World". Note the adjoining photos and when you finish this essay ... Read the blog below. He is only setting the stage, but the attack begins now.
 Mister Sharqieh waits until his second paragraph before launching his assault where he tells us that the United States must push another right wing administration(Israel) to behave in accordance with the principles of the international security system ~ "and its own national interests"(Italics mine). Sound familiar? This anti-Semite will get no resistance to his demands from the administration ... This from Politico, one of the far left's favorite outlets: "The White House is not denying a report that President Obama repeatedly said that 'Israel doesn't know what its own best interests are'"

I must grudgingly acknowledge an admiration for the organizational skills of the Soros backed Shadow Government that has taken control of our nation. There are some truly brilliant, albeit evil, minds plotting the course of our ruin, as well as the total destruction of Israel. It would be so nice if I could but say that they know not what they do, but that is the easy way out, and in the world of tomorrow we shall find no easy ways. Their actions, if not stopped, will result in a horrendous death toll across the face of this planet, and they know this full well, for this is part of their goal.

The stage is set. Obama has the flexibility long sought. Having been just inaugurated to his second term he fears not public disapproval, and the lap dogs of both parties grovel at his feet seeking the master's approval. Tomorrow is here, and it reeks of death, for all of the pieces are in their appointed positions, each knows their role though many lack a knowledge of the overall agenda, and in truth many choose not to know.

The words of Mister Sharqieh foretell the future as Obama always telegraphs his punches. His blog lays out in detail what the media will now be promoting and what Obama will be enacting. His blog is but another piece of the puzzle, another voice announcing the shape of things to come, as he heralds the victory of the Obamanation, and the ruin of so many sovereign states. Behind people such as he lies a century of slow and unrelenting assaults on all that is moral. Before them is a disorganized but mighty band of armed American patriots. A great battle looms and its outcome will determine the future of all mankind.

I find that the double-think, the smokes screen, and the diversions born of political correctness, to be absolutely fascinating, for they are so very effective when applied to the unthinking masses. This man in his blog writes of the "Quartet" i.e.: The United States, the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations. He tells us, therefore the media will tell its viewers, that the Quartet has accommodated Israel and shielded them from the censures that they deserve. I fear that either my memory is failing or this anti-Semitic blogger is a blatant liar.

The fact of the matter is that the UN Human Rights Council has adopted more resolutions against the state of Israel than all other nations combined. The problem is that when Obama gives the order, the MSM will begin hammering the public with gross unfounded violations by Israel that the uninformed people will not contest. The people of America, by and large, have long stood behind Israel and defended its right to exist, for that is what our leaders have done. How long will they persist in such a belief when a concerted effort by the talking heads of the media launches a vicious assault, and those same leaders rail against Israel?

As to the European Union shielding Israel: Norwegian socialists voted in favor of bombing Israel, and recently Caroline Glick got her fill of anti-Semitism in Jolly Old London, and plans to never again return. The following quote is an excerpt from her essay. These are the words of Martin Amis, British novelist. Note that he speaks not only of Britain but Europe as well.

I live in a mildly anti-Semitic country, and Europe is mildly anti-Semitic, and they hold Israel to a higher moral standard than its neighbors. If you bring up Israel in a public meeting in England, the whole atmosphere changes. The standard left-wing person never feels more comfortable than when attacking Israel. Because they are the only foreigners you can attack. Everyone else is protected by having dark skin, or colonial history, or something. But you can attack Israel. And the atmosphere becomes very unpleasant. It is traditional, snobbish, British anti-Semitism combined with present-day circumstances.

Lacking the time to write an entire book I shall not even broach the topic of Russia "Shielding" Israel but the blog author did bring up an issue well worth repeating. He continually mentions the new settlements in the West Bank asserting that they are a threat to peace and part of an "expansionist" policy. 


Peace is a not so funny joke in a nation that all Islam stands against. Islam will not even acknowledge Israel's right to exist, let alone live in peace. The author goes on to mention Chuck Hagel and the widespread opposition that Obama encountered and successfully bypassed in his plan to enlist the aid of this anti-war, anti-Israel, pro-Iranian piece of garbage. This link leads to the comments of a former Iraqi Parliamentarian, and an ally of Israel, who will enlighten you to the extreme dangers posed by the Obama/Hagel alliance. It is but a short but Very worthwhile read. This link will be repeated below in Suggested reading as "Parliamentarian" if you choose not to follow it now.

Add John Kerry to the list of dangers we and Israel face for he is a totally amoral individual who will promote the Obama agenda at all costs. Kerry is just along for a very profitable ride. If we are irradiated in the process it will bother him not at all. We are expendable while he aspires to be counted among the elite.

Hussein Obama is gathering the loyal unto his circle and preparing for what is to come. And, what is to come? Expect the political pressures directed at Israel to greatly increase, from almost all nations in the world. Expect a further reduction, or perhaps a total cessation, in our economic as well as military aid to Israel as we increase our support to their Muslim neighbors. 

Does anyone see an ominous number in the fact that Israel has just reached a population of six million Jews? Her overall population is nearly eight million but that includes Muslims, Christians, and Druze. Her basic Jewish population is now commensurate with the number who died in Nazi death camps. and her enemies abound with Islam alone claiming a following that exceeds a billion people. Add to that the entire left, liberal, Progressive, and communist nations and people of the world. Israel's plight begins more and more to resemble the Alamo. The main difference is that the men of the Alamo didn't have nukes.

I have pondered long and hard about the issue of Israel and have written many essays on the topic, including discussions of Responsibility To Protect(R2P). That is a Soros sponsored doctrine that calls for the nations of the west to create a no fly zone over any nation that is under attack by "civilians" such as we saw in Libya as the "civilians" of Al Qaeda overran a sovereign nations thanks to the air cover and weapons we provided. Libya was but a UN legal precedent as R2P was founded solely for the purpose of eventually supporting the upcoming Islamic attack on Israel.

Part of what I have pondered is the fact that the actions of the mighty just don't make any sense. The Samson Option is a formidable foe to the Progressive agenda. I have no doubt that the elite ones have many underground bunkers around the world into which they will retreat in the event two hundred nuclear weapons are launched. Those bunkers in all likelihood contain food and provisions for a two to five year stay by its inhabitants, but they lack a two to five year air supply and even nestled within their bunkers they still have to breathe the same air that we do.

Are they so blinded by their hatred of Israel that they will endure such a situation? I have no doubt that the New World Order calls for a massive reduction in the population of humanity but there are better ways to cull the human race than nuclear weapons. They have gas chambers, firing squads, Sarin gas and a host of other methods to exterminate unarmed people such as unleashing the Islamic jihad world wide, but to push Israel into a situation where they have no choice but to launch is suicidal. Therefore I sought another answer that would accomplish their goals and leave their world reasonably free of radiation.

Walking a mile in your enemy's shoes is often the best way to understand his intentions and so I have done just that. I stepped into a mental exercise assuming the role of a Progressive leader hell bent on the utter destruction of Israel in a scenario that would both bring an end to the state of Israel and still prevent The Samson Option from being enacted. More on that later.

Everyone by now is well aware of Obama's false claim that Al Qaeda is in decline. This is an absolute lie. They grow more powerful every day thanks to this nation's financial and military aid. In the near future Syria will undoubtedly fall before their Jihad, leaving only two targets before they begin their northward expansion into Europe: Jordan, a small weak nation, and Israel, the ultimate prize. When Syria does collapse that will mean that there are a lot of unemployed Al Qaeda "civilians" on hand, with no where to go but the next war.

Jordan will almost certainly be the next target for two reasons. One it will be a quick way of adding yet another wayward country to the growing Caliphate. Two: An engagement there, although brief will allow Egypt and Libya, as well as Hamas, more time to develop some semblance of stability. Iran and their proxy army in Syria have opposed the forces of Al Qaeda but when Syria falls I do believe that Iran will take on the attitude of "Let bygones be bygones" and Hezbollah will join forces with Al Qaeda in the battle for Israel.

In regards to that war, Israel has two distinct advantages. They are smarter by far than Muslims, and they are organized and well trained. Other than these points everything else is stacked against the Jewish state. Israel cannot fight and hope to win a war of attrition and in an all out war their stockpile of weaponry will be diminished or totally consumed within a few months. In the past they were able to rely on replenished supplies from the U.S. Under the Obama regime this is out of the question.

Factor in the terms of R2P that the UN/Soros will demand. American, British, French, and German pilots will be called upon to ground the Israeli Air Force. Believe me, Israeli pilots will not remain on the ground! At the same time incoming missiles from Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Turkey will be launched and the Iron Dome defenses can only stop so many. Obama has now established Patriot missile bases in Turkey to defend that nation from missile or aerial assaults from Israel.

The Jewish people will basically be attacked from all directions and her greatest non nuclear deterrent is her Air Force and R2P will be called upon to neuter it. Now comes Catch 22. Will our pilots fly sorties against Israel? I do not know. I would like to believe that they will refuse, but we already see Obama thinning out the Flag Officer Corps, retaining only those who will do his bidding. If a U.S. Navy pilot is told to fly the mission or be shot, what would he do? This is not the America of my youth. Everyday we look more like Nazi Germany.

Another part of R2P that is a Catch 22 is that it forbids a sovereign nation from using its aircraft against "civilians". Al Qaeda and Hamas will not be fighting in uniform. Israeli soldiers will be, thus allowing F16s we have given to Egypt to fire on Israelis while denying Jews the right to defend their nation against non uniformed terrorists. As I mentioned above I have to admire, in a perverse sort of way, the organizational talents of Soros' people. They have thought of everything, including how to avoid the doomsday scenario presented by The Samson Option.

Throughout the war CNN and its Muslim allies in the rest of the MSM will be showing videos and photos of dead children, inflaming America against the evil Jews and when the resentment has reached a fever pitch they will make their move. 

Following the death of Julius Caesar his assassins boldly took to the streets of Rome announcing their participation in his demise and claiming that they had saved Rome. If any one of them had done the deed it would have been regarded as murder. Done as a group it was defined as political expediency. So too it may be with Israel. None who assail that tiny nation wants her to utilize the Samson Option and launch a massive nuclear strike, nor do any want to be the sole assailant and be accused of unwarranted aggression, but if they act in concert they will proclaim themselves to be saviors of the world.

If hit by three nuclear weapons, Israel is no more. If five of the world's powers each launch one missile toward that tiny state before the Samson Option is enacted their goal is finally accomplished and their leaders can stand before the UN, heroes in the eyes of the gullible, and tell all mankind quite truthfully that the Jewish people were on the verge of a preemptive nuclear strike. The question would never be asked what had pushed Israel to such a point.

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