FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


Many have described me as a modern day Cassandra, but I am not alone in this role of one who warns of calamity only to find that my words fall on deaf ears. David Horowitz, Trevor Loudon, Jamie Glasov, Bill Whittle, Ann Barnhardt, and a host of others have voiced those same words of warning and a dread of events to come. Many have heeded those words and are prepared to march forth in the battle to reclaim the Promised Land, and their courage gives hope to men and women everywhere who seek to live as free beings upon this beautiful planet. Were that there only more of them, for men of steel are sadly outnumbered by those with feet of clay. 

In this once great land that has fallen victim to the ways of the wicked, I see a people who follow in the footsteps of the craven and the weak, and for the first time I fear that this nation is falling and may never again rise to the pinnacle that once gave voice to the aspirations of good men everywhere.

I see not myself as a Moses, but now believe that I grasp the despair that man felt as he descended the mountain and saw a people lost, a people who were weak, a people who were unwilling to stand on their own, worshiping a golden calf and bowing before a promise of an easier life, a life of slaves, in the Egypt that they had left behind. I must wonder what was his strongest emotion as he smashed the first copy of the Ten Commandments. Was it the anger of being betrayed, or an infinite sadness as he looked upon those unworthy of the Promised Land he offered?

I have spent most of the last three years as a voice crying in the wilderness, foretelling days of strife. Many thousands have read my words and some have responded as patriots true. For them I am thankful, for they have given me both hope and strength, and if a brighter day is ever to be seen, it will be won at the cost of the sacrifices that they are prepared to shoulder. For those unwilling to endure such sacrifice I feel only an incredible sadness, a weariness that assails my very soul, and an unavoidable measure of contempt, for they are unworthy of freedom, nor are they worth the blood that will be shed in the efforts to restore their undeserved liberties by courageous men, far far better than they.

To those who supported John McCain as he sold America south when he praised Obama as a true American, and to those who still support Mitt Romney who told us repeatedly that Obama is a "Nice Guy", this would be an excellent time to quit reading and unfriend me if you so desire, for I am about to break some eggs. I do not plan to climb that mountain again, nor do I expect to live long enough to once again behold the Promised Land. Before we reach it we must endure a long and devastating war. At my age I have no hope of seeing the other side of that struggle. Were I to know that I would be granted one last wish it would be that I fall with honor in the quest to restore this land that I love so much. No old soldier could ask more.

The Promised Land does still exist. It is there waiting for those who are bold enough to seize the moment and the courage to lay their lives on the line in its pursuit. 

For those who shun my council, to those who seek the easy way, to those who find comfort in denial, and those more inclined toward compromise and appeasement, I bid you adieu. You really don't want to read the rest of this.

Somewhere out there in that nether world between reality we know and shadows we fear there lies a road, and on it are numerous signs; one says "Next Exit, Communist Utopia", another tells us "Next Exit Islamic Paradise", and the final one is "Last Exit To Hell". Our leaders of both parties have taken us to that road, and it is time for those of wisdom and courage to get off the bus. As for the rest, enjoy the ride.

A few brave souls in Washington remain staunch in their support of the principles that made America exceptional, but they are too few to change the course of history and the downward spiral that we travel. We are locked into a vortex of ruin, and beneath us there are only jagged pinnacles of stone upon which will fall those who lack the strength and courage to exit before the great crash. Those who seek the escape of a third political party will soon find themselves impaled upon those jagged points, as will those who still cling to a Republican Party that has long since gone missing, and most assuredly the entire following of the left will find their well deserved end there. 

There is no political solution to our dilemma. No peaceful way out. No petition, no cries for impeachment, no letter to your Congressman, no prayer for justice, and most certainly no political party, irregardless of promises they make, will halt the demise of America. Her fate, as well ours, is sealed. 

We have all seen photos bearing the inscription "Our forefathers would have been fighting before now". That is so true. 

They were called upon to pay a paltry one to two percent of their income to offset what England had spent fighting the French in our colonies, and unlike the leaders of this totalitarian state, the Crown never considered disarming the colonists until after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Our own government, of both parties, are far less interested in our welfare than was King George whom we have long vilified.

The colonies rose with anger at the concept of "Taxation without Representation" We are represented, but when those in whom we have entrusted with our faith turn to the other side, the overwhelming taxation they impose upon us is nothing less than a form of treason. When they tell us what we can and cannot do with our homes and our lands then we have been reduced to serfdom. When their reelections depend on allowing people from other countries to vote them another term when we would vote them out, we have been usurped, and when the welfare of foreign entities supersedes our own then treason has become part and parcel to a lifestyle of the rich, the ruthless, and the powerful, we have become serfs, mere property of the state.

Our rights as citizens have diminished into non existence, and as Thomas Paine so nicely put it "These are the times that try men's souls." Democrats sold their souls long ago for thirty pieces of silver and a cell phone. Republicans held out and voted for their own version of hope and change. That was a cause lost long before it ever began. I warned. So many warned. The outcome of the 2012 election was laid out for all to see. Few chose to do so, preferring denial and wishful thinking over reality.

One of my favorite readers once commented about a phrase that I had written. It is worth repeating here for it fits the situation so well...
"Some see, few know, most choose to wander about in a dense fog seeking sunlight."

Any hearty souls who have made it this far may choose to go no further, but Mitt Romney was no more than a shill for the powers that be. Mark Twain once put forth the idea that it is far easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled. I come to convince no one for this will probably be the last essay I shall ever write. This is no more than my cry in the wilderness to ears that will not hear, to a people who will not think, and a fond farewell to those who do.

When I heard John McCain singing Obama's praises just a few days prior to the 2008 elections I was sickened. When those praises were echoed by Mitt Romney's "Obama is a nice guy." I knew that America had fallen. The people of this nation were desperate for a leader, any leader, to depose the dictator and they fell into lockstep behind a man who had taken on the assignment of eliminating any conservative leader who might do just that. Benedict Arnold was a fine and noble man compared to Mitt Romney, and history will bear out my words, but only if we are victorious in days to come, for history is written by the victors.

Many of my fellow Cassandras and I warned of our involvement in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, and of our financial and military support for Al Qaeda that had killed so many Americans. Romney stood before America and told us that, if elected, he would support the Jihadists who stood for American values. Hello America! No Jihadist supports American values, but then again, neither does Mitt. He is a traitor; first class; supporting those who will enslave us.

When Michelle Bachman broke the Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, State Department infiltration story, Romney was asked for his views. He replied that he would make no comment as it was not part of his campaign. Hello again America! Since when is the security of this nation not part of a campaign of a man seeking to lead it? The mere fact that the media, John McCain, John Boehner, and Lindsey Graham attacked Michelle Bachman should have sent a message to any thinking human being that something was amiss. Romney refused to stand up for America then. So many of his supporters have failed to get the message, and yet they dare call Democrats sheep.

We all recall the early days of the campaign when everyone begged Romney to engage the enemy. He would not. We knew that there was a traitor living in the White House but Mitt wouldn't say it, but he did tell us that Obama is a nice guy. We all knew that Obama had locked us into Socialism Overdrive, and Romney wouldn't discuss it. After all, his friend was following Romneycare to the letter. Birds of a feather, they say. We all knew that Obama was not qualified to be the President of this nation. That was an off limits topic of debate for Mitt.

Recall that glorious first debate? Even Obama predicted that Romney would win it. Easy to predict. It was staged. Romney in all of his glory, economics, and Obama just stood there looking down at his podium, very smug in the knowledge that he was playing his role to perfection. That debate had but one purpose, and that purpose was to convince America that we were going to have a real election. Americans are so gullible!

And what of that election, other than the fact that we were kicked in the teeth. We know for certain that the election was rigged, and how many of our citizens were out protesting the next day? Law abiding American citizens are well trained and like a dog kicked, tail between their legs, run under the porch for shelter. The difference between law abiding Americans and a dog is that while the dog cowers beneath the porch we run to the internet to voice our displeasure ... to no avail I might add.

Ah those were the days of disappointment and heartbreak. Those were days when all of the talking heads told how the Republican Party had to look farther to the left for votes in 2014 and 2016. Yes Sir! Keep following that yellow brick road to the left. Renounce conservatives because they won't burn down cities or do anything that is considered rebellious. They only complain, write letters, send Emails and vote in rigged elections. They are a harmless lot. Ignore them.

I noticed something else during those days. Not one person, whether on the internet complaining, or in the media looking toward future elections, or writing for any publication asked "Where is Mitt Romney?" with the exception of me. Glenn Beck and his staff and friends had prayed and fasted for forty days and assured us that God was on our side and we would be liberated. Others were busy unskewing what they said were skewed polls, and after their number crunching they too assured us that our future was bright. The conservative pundits gave the word to all that our day of liberation had come. But when it came and went, none asked "Where is Mitt Romney?" To do so would mean that I had been right all along, that he was no more than a shill, used for an evil purpose, and then allowed to graze in green pastures evermore.

We were betrayed by a Progressive shill and none could come to terms with that reality, and most still can't. Millions believed that the election had been stolen through voter fraud. Thousands were busy posting their evidence on the internet. Hearts were broken and depression became a way of life for many. Quite naturally those who were in the greatest state of denial started looking forward to future elections when we would really show them. Yeppers! We'll show them the next time. 

I alone stood and asked "Where is Mitt Romney?" Where was the man who told us he wanted to lead America to a new prosperity? Where was the man who would have defended us from the evils of the world? Where was the man who should have been fighting tooth and nail for a nation laid low by voter fraud? Where was the man that brought such anger to me when I warned that he was a shill? Oh yes. I almost forgot. He was on vacation, soon followed by a visit to his friend in the White House.

Still such trifles do not lead to Americans finally grasping the truth. They are loyal to the end, just like that poor dog hiding under the porch. Even Mitt Romney's own son, standing before all of our people and revealing that the greatest traitor this nation has ever known, did not want to be President. Even this final insult could not awaken many Americans to the fact that once again we have been taken in by one of the oldest tricks in the book, the classic shill, and most are doing exactly what the powers that be expect of us, complaining and no more. After all, most Americans are no more than string puppets, just like the man they criticize.

I no longer ask where is Mitt Romney. I know where he is and where he has always been. Now I ask another question: Now I am asking "Where are the patriots?" Where are those who post such beautiful pictures of eagles and flags. Where are those brave men and women who share all of those noble themes of liberty? The time to cross the Delaware and march on Trenton is nigh, but where are the patriots? Are those that have for so long tried to awaken the sleeping still standing by America, or have they gone back to bed and covered their heads seeking solace? Are they still seeking freedom, but expecting someone else to provide it for them? If so then bed is the place for them.

I know not how many began reading this last discourse, and of that number how many are still with me, but I am telling you this: It is over! America, as it was, is no more, and now it is on with the end game. The only question is who will say "Check Mate", Obama or some bold American, clinging to his Bible, his guns, and the Constitution? 

Obama is not an overly intelligent man but those who pull his strings are. They know that an Executive Order barring firearms would lead to an instant upheaval. Not a desirable outcome. They will do it gradually. Hussein of the White House always telegraphs his punches, "nudges" if you will. Many expect one sweeping Executive Order to disarm America. It won't happen. In all of his statements about gun violence he emphasizes the danger of the mentally unstable. That will be the nudge. None will dispute the fact that there are mentally unstable people in this nation. Exactly what constitutes "mentally disabled" is open to debate, a debate that will be resolved by the powers that be.

I have no doubt that a list of the mentally unstable already exists in government computers and some who are reading this are on it. Much of that list is compiled from comments posted on the internet, still others to make the grade will be home coming veterans of foreign wars. 

Who will complain when the thought police show up at the door of a man down the street that is declared to be mentally unstable. The answer is none. They will gather around to watch him handcuffed and taken way, or wheeled out on a gurney if he is mentally unstable enough to refuse being disarmed, but they will do nothing. After all, they did nothing when their nation was stolen, why should they do anything about just one more neighbor being hauled away? String puppets, sock puppets, battered dogs, and deceived Americans share so many traits.

Three Percent! I can only hope that three percent of those who began reading this have made it this far and know that what I have written is fact. Three percent of the colonists wrested control from the king of England and bestowed liberty on the others who had scurried for safety in time of danger. I call upon that three percent to be prepared to do the same in days to come.

Obama is in no hurry. Time is on his side. Everyday he grows politically stronger as we age and lose sources of employment. He weakens our military as he grows the military might of our enemies. No, he is in no hurry, and those who should be are hoping that the problem will just go away, or that they can hold on long enough to vote him out. To quote John Wayne, "It is a tough world ... especially when you're stupid."

One final thought I would like to put forth:
The image I chose for this essay, and post again here, can have two meanings. If facing east then the sun is rising on a troubled nation and a new day has come. If facing west, the sun is setting for the entire world, and a darkness such as man has not known in nearly a millennia is about to descend on all of mankind. Look east my friends and prepare to engage the enemy for that is where they reside.

Danny Jeffrey


Redneck Dixie Warrior said...


I agree that many are waiting for someone to start...folks don't want to be seen as radicals, especially now!
I know it's hard being patient during these dark days....but like all things, there is a time or a will come though.
Please keep writing your essays! You write so very well and even though you may think that many are not listening cuz they aren't commenting....they are reading what you write and seeds are being planted. I read all that you write and I share with others.
Keep hope in your's the only thing we can do during the dark and troubling days ahead my friend. If we don't...then we have lost before we have begun. Moses and clan walked for forty years in the desert before coming to the Promised Land....If he had given up hope....they never would have made it.

Anonymous said...

There are more of us out here than you think there are. I stand with you. Many will call us crazy, some will just call us the first.

whteshark said...


I do hope you continue writing. Your subject matter is just starting to go mainstream. The Balkanization of this country is nearly complete and we on the right who know the truth need a candle--such as your blog--to guide us through this absolute curtain of darkness that fallen on us since November 4th.

Our stomachs are tight with revulsion; our muscles tense for a fight; this pulsating anger is palpable; the injustice of this man and his henchmen is a foul and putrid smell we must endure for a bit longer; and his hypocrisy--this man thinks he's Lincoln--is absolutely galling.

You and I both know it's over in the short term and only bloodshed can bring this country salvation.

Don't stop with the blogs, though, the night is darker than ever and it will be a while before the sun rises. Our ancestors found solace in huddling around a fire during cold frigid nights as do we when we huddle around the fire of your intellect.

denver broncos jerseys cheap said...

I read all that you write and I share with others. Keep hope in your heart!

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Anonymous said...

I read your last couple essays, Danny. I would like to share them with a blog I am associated with - Nox & Friends.
Never Give Up - Never Surrender~!
There's only ONE thing a person has to do in Life, and that is Live It until its end. What we do in the interim is optional. And we ALWAYS have a choice. We can lay down and quit, or we can continue to work to awaken the rest of the sheeple. And we chose a damnably hard road, Danny. But we also chose a road that future generations will look to and be proud of, as we are of the founders of this Nation.
My Duty, and the duty of all of us who love Liberty, Freedom and Life, is to support those values in the best way we individually are empowered to do so.
So many choose to lie down and die, when Life is so much Sweeter and fulfilling!! But too, we must remember, that God never promised that Life would be a bed of Roses without thorns !!
Groucy Fogie


Groucy, feel free to repost anything that I write, anytime or anywhere, for I write for the people to see my thoughts. One thing though, I have washed my hands of the "sheeple". Although divided, we are still unconquered. Many have foolishly chosen the road to the left. Many more, the "sheeple" have consciously chosen to remain in a fog of denial and they are but debris that litter the road to the refounding of this nation. I stand with and address the needs of the remainder who are prepared to do what must be done.
I stated above that I will never again climb that mountain seeking the lost, for they are hopelessly lost and of that I can do nothing. The book Ecclesiastical tells us that there is a time for war and a time for peace. Events tell me that the time for war is upon us and the time for gathering the weak is past. It is time to rally those of courage and recall the thought: "The strong shall stand and the weak shall fall by the wayside."
Many of us are prepared to enter that valley of death, and without a doubt meany of us will find just that, but if this nation is to saved it is we who will do it. The timid will remain in their fields of barley and sweet illusion and if they fall there then I shall regard that as an act of justice. If they survive they shall once again enjoy the fruits born of the efforts of better men than they. Either way I owe them nothing, grant them nothing, and seek them not.

Carlita Ashworth said...

I do recall it and I "looked" right thru the "veil of deception" that these two men may be seem too "perfect", "rehearsed", and as you say that wicked servant having a "smug smile". It was a chilling and wicked historical moment."Recall that glorious first debate? Even Obama predicted that Romney would win it. Easy to predict. It was staged. Romney in all of his glory, economics, and Obama just stood there looking down at his podium, very smug in the knowledge that he was playing his role to perfection. That debate had but one purpose, and that purpose was to convince America that we were going to have a real election. Americans are so gullible!" I for one am not gullible!!! May one more patriot make a difference...God_HIM_Willing!(H.I.M. His Imperial Majesty)

Juanita H. W. said...

I am ever hopeful. My writings hold the dire predictions; however, I am ever aware that with God anything is possible. My hopes are not naive, and do understand that is probably not going to happen, since we have actually been in a long term plan of a One World government. In prophecy, we know that will happen at some point in time. Sadly, most are too ignorant to understand the long scheduled evil destruction of even our last illusion of liberty.
I am ever hopeful, because prophecy seems to be playing out before my eyes, and the Lord will take me home soon. No, we don't know the time, but we were told to be watchful, and we are. We are ever mindful of the age old question - where is America in Revelation? Once the rapture is history, what is left is the evil government / slave master wanna-be's, and those who were so easily manipulated. They will be angry at the loss of the most prized harvest, those whom the Lord called home. I can see the massive government destroying each other in anger, and quickly run over by the world.
Justice is the Lord's. I love the enemy within, but will not consort with them. I will endeavor to be an example, will pray for them, will help anyone in need if I am able. I will leave the fate of the enemy within to the Lord. That does not mean I will not protect myself, for my liberty is in my heart and mind, but have no illusions that many of my countrymen will ever come to my aid. They are already being brainwashed that I am some kind of extremist to fear - so laughable in reality. The One who needs to know the truth, has known my heart from the beginning.

Karl said...

The election of Romney (really Republicrite wolf) would have removed the rabid Demoncrat wolf from the sheepfold, but allowed a ravenous wolf in sheep’s cloths to enter. The wolf we have is an obvious danger and we know how he will attack the sheep. Romney is sly and would have fooled a lot of sheep. The fold (America) would have still been destroyed—only slower.

Read the rest at

Anonymous said...

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