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Danny Jeffrey


Bill Whittle

Last night I watched a Glasov Gang video and heard in the first few minutes, Bill Whittle, a man whom I greatly admire, state without any reservation "I just don't care." It was such a relief to hear him utter those words, for lately I have been thinking exactly the same thing. The specific topic under discussion was the fictitious Fiscal Cliff, but my "I just don't care" attitude is far reaching. It goes well beyond the Fiscal Cliff, free cell phones, and food stamps.

Those not living in a state of denial, know that no matter what is advocated, said, or done, Obama will have his way, for there are none in those hallowed halls of Congress with the courage to stand before America and tell the truth about this man. In one election after another they smile and wave to all who will listen, while revealing their great plans and making false promises, and then in one issue after another they sell us out.

Lately many of us have been referring to the chain of events as Bread and Circus. Mister Whittle described it somewhat differently using a term of his own choosing: He chose to refer to it as a Japanese Kabuki Play. However we identify it the meaning is the same, for it is all very well choreographed. The dictator and his lieutenants act haughty while the members of the Republican leadership, for the benefit of the viewing public, put on a show of resistance and then cave before overwhelming force, never once confronting the true issues. Were but half of the Republicans in the Senate and the House to stand before America and state that Obama is a traitor to all we hold dear, all hell would break loose and he would be dragged forcefully from the golf course.

I cannot help but recall a group of dedicated men who put their Lives, their Liberty, and their Sacred Honor on the line. Where are such men now? I would follow any of them into hell. As for their slimy successors, I shall never again vote for one.

In the past I have had some readers defend their Republican heroes that I find offensive. The prime defense of those cowards is that they don't want to be called racists. Allow me to put forth two scenarios of those who serve America. First, the aforementioned political leaders who ignores the plight of America out of fear of being called racist. Then there is the man who is sent to hostile nations, eats food prepared two years ago, sleeps on the ground, and faces a hail of lead while eating a cold breakfast. One man is a hero, the other is a coward, and I shall never write with less than contempt for the coward, for he serves not this nation. Everyday he sucks the very blood of life and freedom from us. I offer no apology to the craven, nor their defenders.

History has long since proven that you cannot overcome a problem if you refuse to identify it, and yet this is exactly what our invertebrate leaders in Congress will not do. Not being an invertebrate, I will identify the problem as I see it. Obama is first and foremost a traitor to this nation and his oath to protect it. He is a Marxist, a Muslim, a radical, a supporter of terrorism, anti American, warmonger, arrogant, self centered and incompetent, riding to fame on the coattails of puppet masters. Not once have I held the fact that he is a mulatto, (not black), against him, and yet for the above description of this worm I would be called a racist. Call me what you will. The man is still a traitor, and I have the courage to state that fact.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, that occurs in our nation's capitol is going to benefit us. We all know that taxes are going to increase, jobs will be lost, efforts to disarm free citizens will continue, and the stranglehold that the United Nations has upon us will grow ever tighter. Our every right is being crushed and the slower the process is enacted the more accepting are the masses in their downward slide to serfdom.

World War II would never have happened had the leaders of Europe confronted Hitler as he moved to claim control of the Rhineland. They lacked the courage to do so, and as a result many millions died to quench the power lust of an evil dictator. Once again a dictator is on the rise and those in whom we have entrusted our futures will not even step forward to confront and put a label on the problem.

We all know his motives, he has really made little effort to conceal them, and we are all aware that we have been betrayed by the GOP. The House, the Senate, the courts, for that matter the Supreme Court, have all sold us south, and time is not on our side. A day of reckoning lies before us and the sooner it begins the less lives will be lost.

At the moment there are many millions of us who are prepared to engage when the shooting starts. If that date is delayed a year there will be less of us. If it is delayed two or three years, our preparedness will be much much diminished. The reason is that everyday Obama grows even stronger while we grow still weaker. Many would dispute that point but it is a fact. 

This year countless businesses will close, due to Obamacare, other taxes, and regulations. How many of those jobs will be lost by those who understand the crisis we face and have prepared? They will have no choice but to begin eating the food that has been set aside for hard times, and selling guns and ammo to pay the electric bill. We are under siege and Americans, short of a few southern cities during the Civil War, have never understood the true meaning of Siege.

We are all well aware that the dictator plans to disarm America as much as possible before the final collapse occurs. As I stated above, time is not on our side, and Obama is in no real hurry. After all, he feels that he has a lifetime job before him of turning America into a Marxist Utopia. With public outrage over mass murders, that are certain to continue, it will be an easy thing to enact stricter gun laws, eroding a little at a time America's most basic freedoms. 

When finally the last law that the public will welcome has done its worst, another executive order will finally turn every gun owning American into a criminal and the door to door assaults will begin. Obama has the time to spare. We do not.

One other topic discussed by the Glasov Gang that was of prime importance: Tribes. I detest having to say anything good about those in Washington who would enslave us, but I must concede that they do know what they are doing. They are leading us unto the thought processes of a banana republic, and such a state of mind requires that we be lowered to a tribal mentality, and so it is happening. Liberals to the left, conservatives to the right. Initiate hostility. Blacks against whites, both against Latinos, believers against the secular, and young against the old. Organized labor stands against free men and those who provide jobs.

Still one more brief issue they brought up: Hillary Clinton is the only political leader to engage to issue of Obama, his background, his radical affiliations, and his right to hold the office of President. McCain would not engage and other Republicans have followed suit.

Anywhere that any two points of view occur dissent is being sown. These people know well the lessons taught by men such as Marx and Alinsky and they prey upon the passive American spirit. Those who go along to get along will soon be crushed and left behind, for passivity and freedom are not synonymous.

I once took the liberty of rewriting the Golden Rule. My 21st Century version goes like this:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Then ... Do unto others as they are doing unto you.
But ... If they do not all all unto you then do unto them never more.
However ... It they do evil unto you, Crush Them."

And so I do not care what laws they pass; the more laws they pass, the harsher are those laws, the sooner they pass them, the better. Everyone short of the village idiot knows that it has reached the point where the leaders of both parties have turned against us and are finding their own little niche in the world of the benevolent dictator. We are to be sacrificed in the grand scheme of things and they are to grow ever richer, but they, with their elitist view of the world, have overlooked one issue ... The Wall of Destiny.

They, like so many American fools, still cling blindly to the old adage of "It can't happen here." So many in Nazi Germany thought that, as did the loyal followers of Saddam Hussein. Most of my readers have probably seen the video of Saddam thoroughly enjoying his cigar while calling off a long list of names from the assembly that were to be shot. Then to add insult to injury he forced their friends to shoot them to prove their loyalty to the state.

Our Republican leaders have sold us out, but have no doubt they shall one day find their just reward. ALL dictatorships commit purges, first politically, as we have been seeing among our military high command, and later by mass execution. Such tactics are part and parcel for nations such as ours is becoming. I find it easy, almost pleasing, to envision John Boehner crying all the way to the wall.

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whteshark said...

Pretty much don't have only two choices at this point--care and be miserable or don't care and wait for the inevitable.

Pat Buchanan had a great article:

Pretty much called the fiscal cliff the Republican's Dunkirk (I think it's worse than that but whatever)and said we should play defense and let Obama run the country into the ground. He'll be blamed for the eventual bankruptcy.

Politically speaking it's not a bad idea. However, I don't think there will be a country left by that point.

At this point in time I don't care either.


I cannot help but wonder how many Americans under forty even know what Dunkirk was/is.