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Danny Jeffrey


It has been estimated that only three percent of the colonists were actually involved in the struggle for liberty. I have no reason to dispute that small number. Subtracting women of the colonies, reduced the potential fighting force by one half. Taking away those too young, or too old, or physically impaired, further reduces the possible participants. Slaves must be eliminated as potential military as no culture will arm slaves. A further factor is that approximately fifteen to twenty percent of the colonists preferred rule by a king over freedom of choice. We cannot ignore the craven element for there are cowards in all generations. That narrows the field to probably around three percent of our forefathers that had the courage to stand before oppression and fight, perhaps die, for the right to call themselves free men.

The demographics of America, as well as its social norm has changed dramatically. The fifteen to twenty percent who preferred the rule by a king during the Revolution has risen to fifty percent in 2013. Slavery no longer exists but most their descendants favor a King's gifts over liberty as well as millions of Latinos who have flooded this nation illegally. One issue that will work against the left will be an endeavor that backfired; women's rights. Many of today's women, in days to come, will demand their right to stand shoulder to shoulder with their man and fight for the restoration of freedom in this land.

Lately I have been very frustrated with the unwillingness of the conservative elements of society to engage. They tried every way possible to restore America through political means. The election of 2010 was a small victory but it proved to be nearly fruitless but the election of 2012 finally brought forth the message to all who would heed it: We are manipulated and living under a dictatorship.

Politics is no longer a weapon we can wield. The political arena has become a sword of Damocles; a weapon that hangs above our heads. It has become obvious that there is no political solution to the morass in which we find ourselves, leaving only civil strife as an option.

Recently a lady commented on an essay that I had written, observing that at least the liberals will be the first to feel the lash, and so they shall, and it will be their own doing. This video link is less than two minutes long and in it one man speaks for all of us ... "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

Lately, our would be rulers, have been making much political capitol over a few mentally deranged individuals, hell bent on committing suicide and taking innocent people with them. What is going to happen when people, not mentally deranged, stand up and say "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"? On that day liberals, both of the common and the elite varieties will face a day of reckoning.

In the early days of World War II, Admiral Yamamoto advised against any attempt to invade America, with the thought that there would be a rifle waiting behind every blade of grass. Now I am fully aware that most liberals are none too bright. They have their agenda but it flies in the face of absurdity as we recall these words of a very wise man, for he know full well that an army cannot overcome a well armed and determined populace.

Recall the D.C. Sniper? He was an amateur and a poor marksman but he terrified a community for twenty three days. One man, one wannabe Muslim, intent on bringing death to the infidels, and he brought fear to a million people, and death to a few. 

There once was a time when the prime mover in this nation was the American Dream. Making a living, getting ahead, raising a family, and owning a house with a white picket fence. 

Today the prime mover is fear, and it grows stronger with each passing day, and each new piece of legislation. You can only hope to cap a pressure cooker for so long before it blows up in your face. The explosion is imminent. Government policies continually erode the rights of free men everywhere, creating intolerable conditions for those who base their lives on the rights set forth in the U.S. Constitution. In spite of the fact that our problems have been created by our various branches of government, many, when the blow up occurs will look to that government for the fix. The only fix they will offer will be more legislation which will accelerate this nation's race toward destruction.

George Soros is a diabolical genius, well equipt with the knowledge on how to destroy a nation's economy. Six or seven months ago he commented that he didn't want to crash America's economy. His plan is to bring us down slowly, making billions as we descend into ruin. While a genius with economics he is a poor judge of the American psyche. We all know what he and our so called leaders are doing to us, and I cannot help but feel that soon the day will come when one American, then two, then twenty quietly say to themselves "I am not going to take this anymore." They, as individuals or small groups, will take it upon themselves to rid this land of its traitors, and their numbers will grow exponentially once the first blow for liberty is struck.

Civil war is always ugly. Guerrilla tactics make it even more so. In all likelihood those who first enter the fray will be the battle hardened young men and women  returning from the wars, and forced out of the military as we downsize our forces and strengthen those of the Muslim Brotherhood nations.

Many Americans today grow weary of the tyranny and want to engage it, but there remains a serious obstacle to their wishes. No major effort has ever been successful without great leaders, and thus far none are on the horizon, however, they will emerge as the crisis deepens. They will come from the ranks of those who have already proven their worth in distant lands. This new band of leaders have placed their lives on the line in service to America and will be undaunted by the prospect of doing so again.

In my previous essay, Freedom Is For Those Who Have The Guts To Fight For It,  I pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that our people cannot hope to regain their freedom staying at home and defending only their own household. The war machines and tactics of the government make such a dream a hopeless fantasy. It is only in the streets, largely with guerrilla tactics, that a recovery will begin.

Ironically, the gun hating liberals will be the first to learn that there are a lot of people in our country who are not going to take this anymore. War is a terrible thing, especially if you are not fighting back, and I am convinced that those who declared the war will soon discover that it is no longer a one sided event.

American warriors have long fought for the freedoms of oppressed people in foreign lands, but lately the tide has turned. After fighting for others, these men and women are now coming home to find that our country is going the way of a Banana Republic under the rule of Hussein Obama. The elite of our nation's capitol should have the good sense to realize men jumping out of the proverbial frying pan and into the fire of Marxism are going to be changing their attitudes about what is worth fighting for.

On a day soon to come, I think it safe to say, that one of these people will fire the second shot heard round the world.

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