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Danny Jeffrey


I cannot help but feel that the greatest "rant" ever to be portrayed on the silver screen was delivered by Peter O'Toole in the movie "Man of La Mancha". The musical was released in 1972 and I am certain that its message is far more important today than it was those forty years ago. For those who have never seen the film, it is the origin of the song "The Impossible Dream". 

Yes, I am an idealistic fool, first to admit it, and guilty as charged. I would not change that for the whole world, for to live without idealism is to not live at all, and in today's world, a world of "Life as it is", our idealism is being stripped away, ridiculed, and stolen from us. We stand on the brink of an awful civil war and the loss of millions of lives, and only our idealism will grant us the courage to endure the horrors that lie ahead.

An odd dichotomy exists in the world of "Life as it is" as opposed to "Life as it should be", for in the face of war one has no choice but to embrace "Life as it is". Denial is certain death, and as blood fills our gutters, the loftiest form of idealism, The Golden Rule, must be shelved for the duration of the strife. Do unto others is the greatest precept ever developed by mankind, but it is applicable only in time of peace. To believe that it applies when someone seeks to kill you, only grants victory to those who believe not. So when the time arrives leave The Golden Rule in a place of safekeeping, cherish it, honor it, fight for it, and protect it until the world is once again a place where it can thrive among men of honor.

I look not forward to living in a world of "Life as it is" but that choice has been taken from me, and you. Adapt or die! Spend two minutes with me and watch this rant of an idealist and listen at the very end for the phrase
"but maddest of all is to see life as it is, and not as it should be." As said before, that choice has been taken away and if we are to survive we must see "life as it is". In days to come you may find yourself, perhaps hungry, outnumbered by your enemies, and low on ammunition, but never forget the concept of "Life as it should be" for that is what we will be fighting for.

That a terrible and bloody civil war lies before us, there is no doubt. It is being engineered at this very moment by the forces of evil that have taken control of our nation. At my age, and with my inclination to ride to the sound of the guns, I have no false illusions of seeing the day that our nation shall once again enjoy peace, but that day must come, for if this is not so then slavery will be the heritage we leave to our grandchildren.

I first began warning of civil war over two years ago and at the time the concept was alien to many. That is no longer the case. A future of pandemonium is now discussed openly on the internet, videos available there and Fox News. Today there are forces that would take from us all our freedoms, our liberty, our very right to live, and we face a choice. We bow before them, becoming spineless slaves to the mighty, or we oppose them, accepting the fact that death and possible dismemberment is the price that the brave must be willing to pay for the right to claim the title of Free Men.

There is a fearsome cycle that guides the footsteps of history. Courage and vision, coupled with determination, builds great civilizations, and never has the world known one such as ours. Idealism, or the lack thereof, molds the parameters setting limits on what will and will not be done. But it seems that without fail, as civilizations rise, complacency finds a home and the erosion of ideals begin. All of the moral issues that lead to greatness then become negotiable and as ideals crumble, so too does freedom and the willingness to fight for it. We have reached that stage.

The last fifty years has seen a disintegration of the moral fiber of America and passivity rules the day ... At least for the patriots. Another group has risen among us and there is nothing at all passive about them, or the demands they place upon us. They advance while we retreat. They demand as we seek a common ground, that does not exist. They grow in numbers while ours dwindle. They, in short, are winning and will continue to win, unless the passive finally say "No More! It stops here. A line has been drawn, cross at your own peril."

For years we have lived in a state of dread that deepened with every new piece of liberal legislation. With the arrival of Obama that dread mutated into fear. There was a time when some of the laws passed by our legislators made little if any sense. Today they do make sense for the true agenda is now becoming known, and the man in the White House does little to conceal his devious intentions. 

We are being groomed for serfdom and we must not allow this to occur. Riots, chaos, and bloody insurrection is upon us and the only good thing about it is that the liberals who have brought us down are about to learn the true meaning of fear. They have long sought a life controlled by the state. Soon they shall witness the horrors of a state out of control.

Every man and woman must look deep into his or her soul seeking both understanding and courage. A path now lies before us and we have no choice but to tread it, or cringe as cowards before the would be masters. The shy, the feint of heart, and the craven may retreat from the obligations born of Americans. Those with spirit shall press on, resolute in their duty, following a dream. This nation has fallen, but it can and will rise again. How high it rises and the shape it will assume will be determined by those who call themselves patriots. History, and history alone, will judge whether or not they were patriots true.

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Anonymous said...

this is a powerful place. i come often
and i leave wondering what to do.
that does not matter. soon we will all
know what to do...


I recall in that famous speech that headlined the movie "Patton" he spoke of men who wondered how they would behave in combat and said something to the effect of "Don't worry, when you stick your hand in a pile of mush that a minute ago was your friend's face...You'll know what to do."

Ron Coyle said...

I know what to do! Just stop supporting this economy, stop with with all the consumer spending and that includes a lot of things. By getting rid of these all powerful international corporations, who are at the heart of this immoral and bankrupt country, we would effectively cut the head off the proverbial snake. If just 15% of us who work cut back,it would be enough to topple our sick country. It would take care of the many problems we face: Big Government, Illegal immigration, the destruction of our environment, the trade deficit, and even immorality. We need to stop supporting Hollywood, gas companies, big agriculture, the major tv networks and their sponsors. There is just too much to list! We know which ones, and remember when u buy booze and cigs, that u r heavily supporting our evil governments who profit from your demise. After we take them down ( the Federals, and the big bad corporations) we can rebuild quickly, with strong decentralized local and state. governments that we can control more easily, and without interference from corrupt judges. It will be fun to sweat them out too, and while stay'in at home relaxing. No need to fight just strike!!!!

Unknown said...

Are there people out there that have the balls and tenacity to fight for the freedoms that we have lost and the ones we will loose in the future?

whteshark said...

All that's needed is a spark to set it off. I have always thought that economic collapse or chaos would be that match that starts a fast moving fire so hot, so uncontainable that it burns away the facade that these progressive, traitorous scum are my fellow countrymen.

However, who knows. Obama going after guns could result in a severe backlash that could produce the same results.

I tire of the veneer of civility when all I feel towards the other side is absolute hostility.


Rest assured Whiteshark that the other side feels the same hostility toward us. While paying lip service to "peace" they would gladly reduce the population of conservative if they were confident that we could not shoot back. Obama declaring guns illegal by executive order could indeed be the spark. I don't know anyone who is planning or foolish enough to obey such an edict.
Let the games begin!