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Admiral James "Ace" Lyons

Let none think that the following essay is in anyway critical of Ret. Admiral James Lyons even though I disagree with him on one issue. He is one of America's greatest patriots and is an invaluable member of Frank Gaffney's group Center For Security Policy. Excluding those serving on active duty, there is no finer group of patriots to be found anywhere in our nation.

In the past I have written extensively about why Benghazi happened and my views are like none other's. It has been a while since I have broached the topic as there has been no new developments until recently. Now news is breaking as our bureaucrats seek to cover their own well being and so after summarizing my efforts and combining them with the latest from the hearings, I shall return to the Admiral and his great contributions to the mystery.

My regular readers are well aware of my thoughts on the Benghazi charade, for any newcomers to this site; the following summary:

Without fail, everyone who has tried to expose the Benghazi SNAFU has been running in circles trying to prove that Hussein Obama was gunrunning to Al Qaeda in Syria. They will never prove this for he was not, but Ambassador Stevens and the CIA were, and this is what led to the death of Stevens and three other Americans. 

Obama's role in the scenario was to be a non participant and simply to allow those weapons to fall into the hands of Islamic gunrunners and be transferred to Hamas to use in their struggle against Israel. His actual involvement was that of providing funds to Gaza that would be used to purchase those weapons. A clever arrangement I must admit, as those funds come with strings attached that the money will not be used for any terrorist activity, thus allowing Obama plausible deniability in the whole issue.

My first Benghazi essay was the result of Glenn Beck asking "Why?" about so many mysteries. Put a bunch of "Whys?", dots if you will, before me and provide a few relevant facts, and I will connect those dots and fill in the blanks. Glenn's questions led me to much research followed by these conclusions:

Why did the Ambassador go to Benghazi, a poorly secured and therefore unsafe CIA site on 911? Chris Stevens and Obama had two separate agendas. Obama had made him Ambassador trying to win the loyalty of the dedicated CIA agent. That effort failed. Stevens remained committed to the program of the CIA, which was to continue delivering arms to Al Qaeda in Syria. He left the relatively safe haven of the consulate in Tripoli for one reason only: Privacy. It goes without saying that the State Dept. had our embassy bugged, and anything that Stevens did not want Obama to know had to be discussed in the CIA compound in Tripoli.

Why did he choose to travel in a nondescript unarmored vehicle with only a token force of security? First off, thanks to Stevens not falling into lock step with Obama, his quite adequate staff of armed guards had been virtually eliminated by the State Dept. prior to 911, as for the vehicle it was a matter of hiding in plain view. The most armored vehicle at his disposal would have drawn attention to his movements, and the most heavily armored vehicle in the world could not withstand an attack by all of the militants in Benghazi. He hoped to avoid detection by being as inconspicuous as possible.

Why the meeting with the Turkish Consul General? This was one that I must admit baffled me for a while, with the answer being revealed in one of my later Benghazi essays. This gentleman was a gun runner, of the free lance variety, and that is why his motives and his part in the whole thing were so difficult to pinpoint. He was not serving Turkey in the capacity outlined by his position, and he hoped to strike a working deal with Ambassador Stevens, making them both very wealthy men.

Why was the drone monitoring the CIA compound, long before the attack began? Obama knew before 911 that his new Ambassador had failed his loyalty test and was continuing with the CIA agenda of sending arms to the rebels in Syria. As I mentioned above, Obama was not gunrunning to Syria. He had a different plan and Chris Stevens would not play ball, and so Stevens was sacrificed, in order that the Obama/Soros agenda could be enacted.

I have no doubt that Hussein of the White House wants Syria to fall into the hands of radical Islam, and become an honored member of the new Islamic Caliphate. He, or at least his superiors, reasoned quite rightly that they did not need to be involved in arming the rebels in Syria even though the State Department, the CIA, the Dept. of Defense, John McCain, Lindsey Wagner, and Joe Lieberman all were crying out for us to aid in the downfall of Syria.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, and some European states were already providing the necessary armament to Al Qaeda in their fight with the Syrian loyalists. Obama's logic was why not put all of those left over weapons from the Islamic assault on Libya to better use; namely arming Hamas in their efforts to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth?

Now, this is where the mysterious gentleman from Turkey ties into the scenario. There are vast fortunes to be made in gunrunning, and being an enterprising sort he tried to cut a deal with our Ambassador to Libya, and Stevens wouldn't budge. Turkey and the CIA were already working together in delivering Libyan arms to a border town in Turkey. These weapons were then shipped overland to the Jihadists waging war against Assad. There was no reason for the Consul General to meet with and betray Stevens unless he was working his own game, which was gunrunning to Hamas.

Now factor in the reality that setting up the weapons positions around the CIA compound was a time consuming event, witnessed by the overhead drone. Add also the fact that the Ambassador and his men were aware of suspicious activity by the "police" guarding the site. He knew full well that they were in danger and would in all likelihood be attacked if he did not agree with the Turkish Consul General's terms. To his credit he did not, and the mysterious man from Turkey left exiting through the armed Islamic positions. At this point the death of Stevens was guaranteed. Our government, via their eye in the sky, knew what to expect, as did the Consul General. The Ambassador was to be sacrificed out of political expediency.

At this point I must digress slightly with an honest admission about myself. When the Benghazi story first broke and I learned how Chris Stevens first entered Libya in the dead of night on a cargo ship bearing arms for Al Qaeda, how he claimed to love the Libyan people and their Islamic cause, and how he was but a CIA spook who got caught up in a vicious game, and murdered, I felt no pity. While everyone else was mourning the slain Ambassador I viewed a man murdered  in the process of arming Islamists who, a few months earlier, had been killing Americans in Afghanistan. In truth those views are still relevent, but I shall allow the Ambassador this. There is no doubt that the Turkish Consul General offered to make Stevens rich, and he refused. He was a man of principle even though I do not agree with the beliefs that he held. For that I must give credit where due. At least he did not sell out Israel.

At the end of this essay in Suggested Reading is an excellent article about Admiral Lyons and he points out what many have missed in their quest to prove Obama guilty of gunrunning to Syria. The Admiral and I differ on one point. He has considered the possibility that the whole Benghazi SNAFU was a bungled attempt to kidnap the Ambassador, but we agree wholeheartedly on the topic of the Ambassador's death. It made no sense! Unless, of course, you factor in the Israeli connection, which the Admiral apparently has not, as of yet done. He says:

"Because killing Ambassador Stevens made no sense to me, since he was the great facilitator in funneling the arms to the rebels, to other militias—many of which were al-Qaeda-affiliated, who had been fighting our troops in Iraq. So why would you kill the golden goose? It made no sense to me."

I both like and admire James Lyons as his loyalty to our nation is unquestioned, he is blunt, to the point, and pulls no punches. In the interview by AIM he is asked if the Accountability Review Board(ARB) is providing a clear picture of what happened on 911. He replies: 

"Not in the least: You’re still getting the smokescreen. I must say that, quote, “Independent” Accountability Review Board, from my perspective, was like having the Mafia investigate a crime scene."
Thomas Pickering 

And here is where I learned something that I was totally unaware of as the interviewer, Roger Aronoff, brings up the topic of Thomas Pickering heading up the ARB. I am well acquainted with Mister Pickering and his Soros connections from past research, but did not know that he was in control of this latest smokescreen. The Admiral says:

"Pickering and—[Admiral Mike] Mullen. Pickering, he’s the chairman of the International Crisis Group—which is a Soros-funded group. Plus, with his long career in the State Department, I wouldn’t consider that to be foremost in getting an independent review."

This curve ball convinced me even more about my already firm belief in the Israel/Benghazi connection. Soros stands behind and invests heavily in any effort to destroy the state of Israel. Now, one of his leading lieutenants is in charge of the Benghazi "Investigation". One more piece of the puzzle falls into place.

In Suggested Reading there is a link entitled "Soros And Egypt", it is a brief synopsis of the International Crisis Group mentioned above by the Admiral.

I hope that everyone reading this takes the time to read all of the excellent AIM article about Admiral Lyons linked below. It is also my hope that you take the Benghazi event seriously enough that you read further into my Benghazi Compilation where events are detailed far more than I can hope to do in this single essay.

Even with the Obama/Soros smokescreen in place a few truths are coming to light. Those truths will tend to vindicate Obama or at a minimum make it look like he simply fumbled, as long as the Israel factor is not figured in. It was recently revealed by the White House that Obama made no phone calls while the Benghazi attack was taking place, leaving the issue in the laps of his subordinates, who did nothing beneficial. This looks bad for him but it is better than the public finding out that he gave the Stand Down order.

In this article from the NY Times there is naturally a lot of hogwash about why Obama opposed sending weapons to those assaulting the Assad government, but the facts are clear that in spite of nearly everyone in the administration being in favor of the gunrunning, Obama opposed it. Many may view this as a cover up as they still cling to the Syria gunrunning theory and Obama. I see it as one of the few truths to come out of our Capitol, but I am convinced that as far as Syria goes he was willing to let other nations fund the effort while he rerouted all available weapons cross country, through Egypt, to Hamas.
Mohammed ElBaradei

This concept is further vindicated by the fact that just a short time after Benghazi, Hamas had such an abundance of weaponry that they initiated an attack on Israel, hoping that Egypt would join them in their quest. They guessed wrong. Egypt, under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, is a disaster in the making and most certainly not prepared to engage Israel in a war. Have no fear, that crisis will be resolved by the International Crisis Group. The Morsi opposition is led by none other than Mohammed ElBaradei, another of Soros' lieutenants, also in the ICG.

I discuss Hamas financing in detail in my Benghazi Compilation but will but briefly touch on the subject here. We are pouring vast amounts of American money into Gaza and yet the people gain nothing from it. The money goes toward the purchase of weapons from Libya, brought overland and smuggled through Egypt into Gaza. Egypt also turns a profit in the process and makes a big show of seizing some of these weapons, and a show is all that it is. Those weapons have to pass though a very narrow, easily policed corridor. Should Morsi so choose, all Gaza bound weapons could be stopped tomorrow. Whether those weapons are seized by Egypt or allowed to continue on to Gaza is a moot point. Whatever the outcome they are falling into the hands of those who hate Israel.

We have existing laws that prevent our giving money or arms to a terrorist organization, but there are ways around those laws. In Gaza's Unity Government, the Palestinian Authority is the official voice for the people, but Hamas is the true power, and so we give financial aid to the PA and it finds its way into the hands of Hamas. It is a convoluted way of arming the enemies of Israel but it is happening. We give foreign aid to one group and the other uses it to buy the weapons we gave to Al Qaeda in Libya. Sheer insanity, but it is effective.

Under the terms of the Constitution the House of Representatives controls the nation's purse strings, but there are ways around that as well. The House chose to place restriction on funding of both Egypt and the Unity Government of Palestine. This link is to the now famous letter from Michelle Bachmann to the Inspector General, discussing Huma Abedin's Islamic background among other things. The letter is in PDF format and so must be viewed in its entirety. Click the link,  go to page two, paragraphs two and three and see the technique that Clinton used to bypass Congressional rulings, thus providing Hamas with the funds to purchase our weapons from the gunrunners of Libya.

Later, the PA went to the UN and got a status upgrade for Palestine, against US wishes. Funding was again suspended and once again the Palestinians are waiting for their paycheck as John Kerry works to restore funding to Gaza to the tune of 700 Million dollars. That will buy a lot of Libyan RPGs.

Today we are viewing the Benghazi investigation and it is no more than smoke and mirrors to convince the public that our leaders are sorting out the mess. In the long run it will resolve nothing as the actual cause of Benghazi will never be discussed. Obama will walk away once again vindicated and no true culprit will ever be found. Meanwhile the arms continue to flow to Hamas and Israel must wait knowing that they will once again be attacked, using American weapons from Libya purchased with American money provided by our corrupt leaders. 

One final thought: After the attack on the Twin Towers, the conspiracy nuts and far left pundits blamed the attack, and terrorism in general, on America. We know better than that, but under Team Obama it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend against the statement that we are causing terrorism. In truth, we are not causing it, but lately we have been funding a great deal of their activities.

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