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Danny Jeffrey


I am a skeptic, but in light of today's political agendas, being a skeptic is an act of self defense, and quite frankly I do not believe anything that comes from the White House or their lap dog NBC. Just for good measure, let's throw in the rest of the MSM, for they too have sold out America.

Yesterday a news flash came out about Obama using drones to target Americans in foreign countries, believed to be involved with Al Qaeda. A Google check led me to Godlike and Before Its, two of the biggest perpetrators of nonsense on the internet. That coupled with the fact that the "leaked" document from the DOJ was undated as well as unsigned, and did not have a letterhead led me to the conclusion that it was just another hoax. The fact that Obama's killing of Americans with drones is old news led me to disregard it.

I have never concluded that something was a hoax and found myself to be mistaken. Well, there is always a first. This is not a hoax, but its purpose is far more sinister, as once again Americans are being subjected to political misdirection, a favorite tool of Team Obama. I shall build on that shortly but first you might want to take a look at the DOJ document that now has everyone's attention. Notice, if you will, the conspicuous absence of a DOJ Letterhead. The Link.

OK, if authentic, then this does indeed indicate that Team Obama claims the right to kill an Al Qaeda involved American in a distant land where we are unable to send a sheriff and arrest an American terrorist, planning to do harm to America. This is a grey area where I must differ with Judge Napolitano. He insists that any citizen of this nation, even though involved with known terrorists has the right to due process, i.e.: A warrant from a judge, arrest by the proper law enforcement, his Miranda rights, extradition approved by the nation in which he is arrested, transported back to our nation, and tried before a judge and jury of twelve, as well as his rights to legal council. That is indeed the Constitutionally correct course of action but it won't work!

Can anyone honestly state that some rogue nation is going to allow a man serving their agenda to be tried as per our Constitution? Therefore by Judge Napolitano's definition of justice, that man must be allowed to continue his traitorous action unimpeded. 

The Judge is also very contemptuous of Abraham Lincoln for suspending Habeas corpus and authorizing the killing of traitors during the Civil War. I do not know it for a fact but would venture to say that the Judge has never had to face the harsh reality of war. Civil rights and warfare are not synonymous. A man, in my opinion, forfeits his civil rights when he lives in a foreign nation and serves the goals of those who would like nothing more than inflicting mass death upon our people. 

Anwar Al  Walaki...American Terrorist
There is a term in the military, "Field Expediency"; basically it means accomplishing your mission by using whatever tools you have available and by whatever means necessary. In younger days I was trained in the use of field expediency and I endorse it wholeheartedly. Combat is no place for the Golden Rule or civil rights. War offers but two choices ... Kill or be killed. The Judge apparently has never been in such a situation. The man in the adjoining photo was dispatched to the hereafter by a drone and not allowed his day in court. C'est la guerre!

There is a great difference between the two terms "murder" and "kill". In this brief Fox News propaganda video Judge Napolitano is being interviewed. Please watch it and when you hear the word "murder" being used try substituting it with "kill". It seems far more appropriate in view of today's happenings. The only time that I have ever agreed with the Obama administration on anything was when this terrorist was taken out. 

I have seen another clip where Greta is interviewing Trey Gowdy, (Republicn-North Carolina) and she bemoans the fact that Al Walaki's sixteen year old son ... poor innocent American child, was also killed by a drone. 

Abdulrahman-Al Walaki
Perhaps I am overly harsh in my judgement, that is for you to decide, but I do not feel that his son was so "innocent". "Children" of sixteen have been responsible for a great many murders, in fact a disproportionately large number of suicide bombers are children. Add the fact that Anwar Al Walaki was a charismatic man who convinced a great many people to join the ranks of Jihad including Colonel Hasan, a military man with a background in the study if mental health who went on to murder many of our soldiers. Considering this I contend that Al Walaki also recruited his own son to his cause. His son is shown in the photo to the left.

He looks innocent enough, but then so did his father. The events of his "murder" as described by The Atlantic is an interesting read. He was indeed an American citizen, living in Yemen and had not seen his terrorist father in two years as the senior Al Walaki was in hiding. The young man received word that his father was on a kill list and was making his way to where he believed his father was.(Unknown to the young man, Al Walaki senior had already been killed two weeks prior to the younger's death).

I mentioned at the beginning of this essay that the current "leak" from the White House is part of misdirecting the American people. Please be patient with me for a while longer as the death of this young man is part of it. 

The Atlantic grudging admits that "The agency now aims many of its Predator strikes at the Haqqani network, which has been blamed for attacks on U.S. forces in Afghanistan." The Atlantic goes on to say "He was a boy among boys, then; a boy among boys eating dinner by an open fire along the side of a road when an American drone came out of the sky and fired the missiles that killed them all."

Poor boys! I look at the situation somewhat differently than do bleeding heart liberals. I don't know all of the details about exactly why the drone targeted these "boys" but they were en route to find, and warn, a known terrorist who has been proven to have blood on his hands. That, at a very minimum, makes them accessories to the murder of American soldiers both in Afghanistan and America. 

One other line that The Atlantic used that I am particularly fond of: They acknowledge that he, the son of a known terrorist, was living in the Arabian peninsula, training grounds for terrorists to be, and they tell us that "nor had he gone "operational," as American authorities said his father had, in drawing up plots against Americans and American interests." By that standard, a terrorist in training is not to be regarded as a danger. He is not a bad guy until he has gone operational and kills one of us.

Americans are, in general, a kind people with a protective nature toward the young, not only our own but the young of other natios as well. That is why the issue of drone strikes on young Muslims has once again become an issue. I repeat "again" because the Obamanation has already weathered the criticism of this topic, survived that criticism without too much effort, and have now, once again, rolled it out to create a smokescreen to conceal a truly significant un-American ruling from Hussein Obama.

We are all aware of the Obama tactic of announcing unpopular rulings on Friday evening that are largely ignored by the loyal lapdogs of the media. What could be a better time than Friday preceding Super Bowl Sunday to unveil a policy that is evil incarnate? You missed that one? Perhaps because of the smokescreen of drones killing poor innocent Americans in terrorist nations. To be perfectly honest, I missed it too and discovered it only because of my skepticism, an understanding of Obama tactics, and a desire to peer beyond the veil and see what the wizard is really doing.

My train of logic: NBC does Nothing to harm Obama, therefore why would they release this "leak" when they did. Why too did all of the faithful join in this apparent attack on the anointed one? Those question indicated that it was time to look elsewhere.

Barbara Lee Questions Obama's Authority In Drone Attacks
San Francisco Chronicle

Drone Strike Information To Be Provided To Congress By Justice Department

Memo Give Basis For Drone Strikes vs U.S. Citizens
USA Today

Drone Strikes On U.S. Citizens, Legal, Ethical, and Wise
ABC News

Events have taught me that when these sources are attacking Obama they are in reality covering up something he is doing and leading the American public away from the scene of the crime. This is the crime revealed in a Presidential Memorandum they hope no one sees:

Presidential Memorandum -- Presidential Determination with respect to the Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008

While not overly fond of Bush the Younger and his Progressive leanings, I must agree with his policy of not providing aid to any nation that drafts young children into the military and sends them into battle. Now Obama sees fit to overturn the Bush policy and in so doing he is literally sentencing ten and twelve year old children to death.

Take a brief look at this collection of photos. This is what President Bush tried to stop. This is what Hussein Obama endorses, and come hell or high water, Obama will have his way, but it is still politically expedient to keep the minds of the masses off of such issues. This is especially true while he and his supporters are trying to enact restrictive gun legislation in our homeland against responsible adults.

And so the smokescreen was called into play, last years news about the killing of a terrorist and his son. I give credit where it is due. Team Obama knows how to play the American public like string puppets. They plant a seed of fear and indignation and America goes for the bait, never seeing what they are not supposed to see. Well, I am here to make certain that you do see it. Quite honestly I will shed no tears over the death of Al Walaki, father and son. I am far more concerned about the little man in the above photo wielding a weapon of death that is nearly as big as he is. This is the evil that Obama spawns, and this is the evil that our media conceals.

One little thought for the future: Anytime you see the Progressive media attacking their exalted leader, look elsewhere. They are hiding something.

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