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Danny Jeffrey


I have often been described, and have frequently described myself, as a voice crying in the wilderness. Recently I had the distinct honor of finding a new friend, very much like myself, and that encounter turned into an all night internet chat. My new friend and I are but small voices when compared to the efforts and sacrifices made by a man who towers above most who strive in the wilderness. That man's name is Geert Wilders and if the world does survive the onslaught of Islam, his name will long be remembered as a man of both courage and wisdom who put others onto the right path.

Geert Wilders has written a book entitled "Marked For Death ... Islam's War Against The West And Me". Interesting name for a book; straightforward, honest, factual, and denounced by many. Those who denounce this man and his book are at best, fools, at worst, the enemies of our civilization.

This essay is the result of what I have recently read and watched about Mister Wilder's recent visit to Australia. Before I begin discussing it I would like to first include several quotes about him and his book:

''Americans, Canadians, Australians and others in the relatively 'free world,' better take heed and learn from the recent experiences of Mr. Wilders and of other brave singled-out Europeans, because their cultures too are displaying similar trends of preemptive capitulation to islamofascism, and they are going down the same ruinous cultural path that Europe has followed in recent decades to growing bondage.''
The Brussels Journal

And this is from the Foreword of his book: 
In the Netherlands, Mr. Wilders’ foes, whether murderous jihadists or the multicultural establishment, share the same ‘strategic objective’—to increase the cost of associating with him beyond that which most people are willing to bear. It is not easy to be Geert Wilders. He has spent almost a decade in a strange, claustrophobic, transient, and tenuous existence little different from kidnap victims or, in his words, a political prisoner. He is under round-the-clock guard because of explicit threats to murder him by Muslim extremists."
Mark Steyn

Later Mister Steyn goes on to add "there are a thousand other public figures who get the message: steer clear of Islam unless you want your life consumed—and steer clear of Wilders if you want to be left in peace"

I grow weary of the term "Muslim extremists" as differentiated from "Moderate Muslims". Anyone who has read the Qur'an or even selected passages from it, should begin to realize that any person who claims to be a Muslim following the teachings of Allah, is an extreme individual who puts no loyalty above that to the long dead and evil warlord named Mohammed. In general a Muslim extremist is described as one who joins Jihad and embarks on a path of murder, suicide bombing, and genocide. A moderate Muslim is one who stands in the streets of Tehran chanting "Death to America, Death to Israel", or one that marches in the streets of Europe carrying signs, warning of what is to be, then at night join others in gang raping the white women of the nation that took them in.

This link is the result of a Google search for "Behead those who insult Islam" Click it and spend a minute viewing the numerous images before you of those "Moderate Muslims" The photo to the left is particularly revealing as you can see first hand the rage and hatred that is born into the people who bow to Mecca.

In Suggested Reading at the end of this essay is a link to "Fitna", a brief video produced by Geert Wilders, and in it you will see a Muslim child just learning to talk, but has already learned that Jews are Apes and Pigs, and Allah wants the loyal to kill them. We cannot save or reform such people, for they were brainwashed from the day they were born. Such evil needs to be contained in its own part of the world and should not not be walking among us. 

When you hear a liberal or someone running for office speaking fondly of multiculturalism, get away fast, for this person is your enemy and in time can cost you your life. That man seeking political office makes enough money that he does not have to live around such sick people. If he had to dwell among them for thirty days and lived to tell about it, he would be following in the footsteps of Geert Wilders. warning all who would listen that something evil this way cometh.

Americans and for that matter, most of the people of civilized nations, are short on logic and heavy on emotions. That trait is probably the result of our relative wealth and success. You will not find a starving group of people who feel sorry for and wish to share with the Muslims of Arab nations. Only in a bloated society such as ours where one of the greatest health concerns is obesity among our poor will you find people feeling sorry for those who plan to destroy our nation and behead its people. Total lack of logic ... born of prosperity.

That emotional outlook spills over even onto those who do apply logic, but apply it only to a point. In this fairly recent video Glenn Beck is interviewing Geert Wilders and draws a line between his and Wilders' view of Islam. Glenn, with the aforementioned emotional outlook is hopeful that a reformist movement might soften the hatred and murder that is put forth in the Qur'an. Wilders in turn stresses that very little of Islam is actually religion, as it is an all encompassing life control for its followers, comparing it to communism, and fascism, predicting that Islam will not change if it lasts another thousand years.

In the beginning of this essay I described myself and others as voices crying in the wilderness. To Geert Wilders the entire western culture is a wilderness and he travels far and wide warning those who will but hear. His latest stop is Australia where he encounters the fearful, the believers, the deniers, the foolish, the enemies of freedom, and one refreshingly honest Liberal politician.

This link is to The Canberra Times. Knowing that many never follow links I must quote several items from it that are worthy of note:(Category ... Foolish Denier)
'Opposition leader Tony Abbot said Mr. Wilders' comments on Islam were essentially wrong but said he was entitled to his viewpoint. "I think that the Muslims in this country see themselves rightly as fair dinkum, dinky-di Australians." the liberal leader said. Mr. Abbot said the Netherlands had few lessons to teach Australia about the integration of newcomers.

While in Melbourne several hundred people managed to avoid protesters to hear Wilder's first speech in Australia, interrupted only by several standing ovations. There were also problems, due to the Fearful. His booking in Perth was cancelled ...'West Australian Premier Colin Barnett said he may have "played some role" in Mr. Wilders being forced to cancel his speech after saying he was not welcome at government buildings'

Other problems directly tied to Islam:
'"A number of NSW organizations and individuals, including the Islamic Council of NSW and the Uniting Church of Australia, have come together to form and alliance opposing Mr. Wilders' views."
"NSW is a multicultural and multifaith society in which racial, religious, and linguistic diversity is embraced as a strength." the alliance said in a statement.
"We believe in freedom of speech BUT(emphasis mine)we think that Mr. Wilders' views are fearmongering and an expression of bigotry, which have no place in Australia." the group's spokesman Mr. Mehmet Ozalp, said.

A personal note: It would appear that the NSW supports freedom of speech to the point that they will uphold the right of "Moderate Muslims" to bear signs advocating beheading of non Muslims, but condemn the efforts of a non Muslim who tries to warn that these people want to cut your head off.

On Fairfax Radio Geert Wilders made the following, very revealing, statement: 
"I lost my own freedom. I haven't been able to walk alone on any street in the world for almost nine years. But still, I know why I am doing it. I know that it needs to be done."

And then we have a surprisingly refreshing view from none other than a liberal, who apparently values free speech and truth above his political views. Senator Cory Bernardt stated that Wilders should be allowed to exercise his right to free speech. He added that the reception that Mr. Wilders received in Australia was indicative of a "double standard" when it came to expressing viewpoints. He continued by pointing out that it did not matter if people agreed or disagreed with the Dutchman, but that it was important for Australians to support free speech even if they did not like what was being said.

In a blog post the Senator noted that Jewish and gay people in the Netherlands no longer feel safe from attacks by Islamic fundamentalists: "These fundamentalists are the same people who want to kill Wilders and establish Sharia law under a global Caliphate because Mohammad commanded them to back in the 7th. century." He further added a very profound thought: "And yet it is Wilders who is characterized as an extremist."

Geert Wilders has to walk a fine line between the reality that he knows to be true and the political expedience that he must endure in the name of our tolerance of other cultures, people and beliefs.

Jesus told his followers "Go ye among sinners". Geert practices that policy. He is an excellent, and well paid, speaker. Should he so choose he would have nonstop speaking engagements among believers. He chooses not to do this for he would be but singing to the choir. To really have an effect on the world he must convince liberals of his views and so he also appears on shows with a hostile attitude toward toward him and his message, such as this interview on CNN. 

Political realities and the necessity of presenting tolerance before a liberal audience requires that he voice the thought that he has nothing against Muslims, and tries to create a dichotomy between Muslims and Islam. Therein lies a contradiction born of political correctness.

There are many people from the pages of history that I admire for what they have done. There are also many people I admire from today's world for what they are doing. It goes without saying that Mister Wilders is one of them, another is David Horowitz. He had the misfortune of being born into a communist family. In truth, in his younger days he did not question the teachings of his parents, but as he aged and learned, his views disengaged from his upbringing. Today he has a message to all about extremism of any kind.

He tells us that you cannot simply walk away from pure evil. Once you have lived it, seen it, believed it, and rejected it you cannot remain silent in the face of that evil. You MUST oppose it. Many of my regular readers who contact me with their thoughts are from nations who have lived under communism, and they will be among the first to lead the fight for freedom in this nation.

Where are these people who have left Islam and denounce its evil? There are some, but not many. Where were the "Moderate Muslims" on 911? How many came forth to denounce an Islamic act of terror? This is what Geert Wilders is up against. In spite of their actions he is still forced, in the name of being politically correct, to tell us that there are good Muslims and it is only the book that they follow that is evil, and that is a contradiction. If they are indeed good, then they cannot follow the teachings of a book that is evil.

The man's words are powerful, though at times, due to political norms, those words are veiled. Today he speaks to Australia, and everyday he speaks to the world. If only more would listen.

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