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Delaware Attorney General, Beau Biden, Strips County Sheriffs Of Arrest Powers via ... Dated January 29,2013

I cannot help but believe that this is pure crap! It begins with a poorly executed photo shopping endeavor followed by information that can only be linked to sensationalist websites that cross reference each other as sources. Not one class A news source has mentioned it at all.

Isaac Asimov, one of the greatest Science Fiction writers ever, once addressed a SF convention and stood before a host of other SF writers and opened his speech by telling them that 98% of science fiction was bullshit. After thoroughly stirring up the ire of his audience he went on to add that 98% of Everything is bullshit, and then launched into his premise that truth and integrity should be the guide points to all efforts. When he finished his speech he received a standing ovation.

That 98% applies equally well to what I see on the internet. A simple Google search generally separates the wheat from the chafe and so few utilize this great investigative tool. Doubt my statement? Try this link:

Yes, this story has been floating around the internet since April 8, 2012 and it was further enhanced by another publication that is none to fond of the truth ... The Examiner. Here is where the plot thickens as if you are going to tell one lie you may as well go for two. It is there that Reverend Martin on April 10, 2012 further enhances the article by telling us that FDR tried to eliminate all local law enforcement and abolish all 48 states replacing them with 9 federal districts. I can't find anything about that with a Google search either.

I tried with the following search keywords: roosevelt tried to eliminate local law enforcement. First reference was April 10, 2012 in, you guessed it, The Examiner. History fascinates me. Bloggers rewriting history disgusts me, and when a lying blogger hangs "Reverend" in front of his name I have to take to my keyboard to expose such trash.

First and foremost, bloggers have an advantage over the gullible. Most internet users swallow the story, hook, line, and sinker, as they do not do any background research to validate what they have just read. Why do bloggers do this? Partly to laugh at the public, and partly for profit, as most allow advertising on their sites and are paid per each pageview their site receives, and the more shocking the story, the more it is spread.

Now, as for Delaware sheriffs: They are, and have long been, glorified officers of the court, not law enforcement officers with the right to arrest lawbreakers. Please take a look at Title 10 ... Excerpt: 
"2103 Sheriffs and regular deputies,
Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs shall not have any arrest authority. However sheriffs and deputy sheriffs may take into custody and transport a person when specifically so ordered by a judge or commissioner of Superior Court."

Title 10 goes on to specify that the sheriff or deputy must be present when court is in session, handle foreclosure sales, and summon jurors. It is all there. Look it over. Do I like this? No! When I think of a sheriff someone like Sheriff Joe Arpaio comes to mind, but the people of Delaware did not consult me when they set up their state government many years ago, perhaps because they defined the roles of the sheriff before I was born, and their view of a sheriff does not match mine.

I mentioned above that I could find no link to a class A source but I did find a B, a source that, as a rule, I despise ... The Huffington Post, but they did publish a direct quote from the sheriff and if they misquoted him then they are subject to a lawsuit so I am inclined to believe them in this instance. According to HP the sheriff stated, "I want to recreate the office in the way it was intended. A sheriff is supposed to be out there responding to the wishes of the people just as the police do. Most people want to see more of a presence of law enforcement."

I cannot help but feel that the sheriff was wrong. If he wanted to recreate the office of sheriff then he should have run for State Assembly where he would have the opportunity to redefine the duties of a Sussex County sheriff. I also feel that he was stupid for giving an interview to the Huffington Post. No conservative publication wanted to get near him. The libs nailed him to the wall.

The HP article is brief and well worth checking out as it reveals much more damage the sheriff and his deputies have done by overstepping their job descriptions. Naturally they mention the fact that he is a Republican in their usual effort to make any conservative view look bad. They succeeded with the aid of the sheriff who tried to make an illegal power grab.

I would venture to gamble on one thing. If the sheriff did have arrest authority the citizens of Sussex County would have chosen someone else with better judgement. It only takes a minute to see the rest of the story in this link.

Knowing full well that the Huffington Post slants all issues to the left I had to dig further and found this official website from Sussex County Delaware listing the sheriff by name and spelling out in detail what his duties are. Click here.

I have long said that these bloggers who use hyperbole or in this case tell blatant lies are working against our purposes as they give grounds for the left to make us look like fools, and all it takes is one lying blogger to get the ball rolling, because before long fifty more websites will print the same lie and in the case of the so called "reverend" above, add to the lie. It only takes a few minutes to do a background verification but they don't do this. If a story is sensational then it will rack up more pageviews, ergo greater income from their advertising space.

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