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Danny Jeffrey


Planned to fit blades to front of truck for mass murder

One would tend to think that our Progressive politicians would at least be tried and convicted of accessory to murder and conspiracy to overthrow the government, if not treason, but this is not happening. The fact of the matter is they go their merry way, seeking votes, promoting multiculturalism, and getting reelected, forever ensconced in a position of authority and wealth as the followers of Allah grow ever stronger about us.

It is a sad fact that mental illness always has been and always will be part of the human race. It is even sadder that the Islamic culture promotes this illness among its people. Worse still than that is the fact that the loyalties of lawmakers of western nations can be purchased for thirty pieces of silver, and they promote the immigration of a culture famed for its murderous teachings.

We have all on countless occasions witnessed the videos of aircraft full of innocent people crashing into the twin towers. If one person had been the cause of so many deaths it could be said that person was mentally unhinged. When nineteen such people conspire to inflict so much horror it is the result of a cultural sickness, and that sickness is spreading among all of the people of the west.
A Triumvirate Of Evil 

The three men in the photo above do not look like raving lunatics for good reason: They are not raving lunatics. They are just three more examples of your everyday run of the mill murderous Muslims. By the same token, the three people pictured to the right are not raving lunatics either; and there is nothing run of the mill about them. They are exceptional; exceptionally evil, and they and their followers seek nothing short of absolute power and the ruin of America.

Of course many conservatives are still hopeful the GOP will come to the rescue and save America. Excuse me if I seem somewhat dubious in the face of such wishful thinking, but I do recall Michele Bachmann's polite letter to the Inspector General asking him to investigate some of Hillary Clinton's pro Islamic policies and her appointees with Muslim Brotherhood connections, I also recall the vicious attacks on Ms. Bachmann from certain powerful members of the GOP, both in the Senate and Congress. Sadly you can even add Fox News to her list of detractors.

In the song "America" there is a line that is so true: "God shed his grace on thee". Look unto the pages of history and behold a near miracle. A small group of colonial idealists heeding the thoughts of others of the Age of Enlightenment, banded together and, through word and deed, gathered about them a ragtag group of colonists and managed to defeat the greatest military in the world. They could have solidified their hold on power and gone the way of other revolutionaries before them. They did not. True to their idealistic principles they wrote the Constitution and severely limited their own authority over the people.

Oh, we could use their idealism now, for today such lofty principles are on the endangered species list. Our lawmakers have sold this nation out lock, stock, and barrel, as they welcome treachery among us. 

Thanks to our fracking technology the U.S. has more oil available than all of the Arab nations of the Middle East. Thanks to an abundance of oil sands in Canada we have an almost immediate supply of the precious commodity that will last for years to come, but the Canadian pipeline as well as fracking are opposed by the corruption that runs rampant in our nation's capitol. Both sources of oil would benefit this country immensely but utilizing our natural resources is opposed by our lawmakers who are becoming wealthy by serving the agenda of Islamic nations, instead of serving our nation that they are sworn to protect. They are traitors and there is no other word to describe them.

Daily we walk in an ever increasing darkness and danger as our sworn enemies infiltrate not only our country but also its governing bodies as well. Look at the image to the right and ask yourself if those three people are men or women. Do they have AK47s or suicide belts beneath those burkas? Is this the way they choose to dress or is this a disguise and they are en route to a crime scene? Such an apparition does not belong among civilized human beings. This is a specter born of an evil that was fostered by a murderous pedophile fourteen hundred years ago and it is being forced upon us by our "leaders". Those so called leaders should be residing in small little cells in a maximum security prison rather than the luxurious halls of Congress from which the reign with such a haughty arrogance.

Wheat field in Israel
The tiny nation of Israel has much the same terrain and climate as do their Arab neighbors and yet they prosper while the people of Islam cannot even feed themselves and are leaving their homelands and casting the scourge of Mohammed across the entire human race. The difference? Israel has embraced science as opposed to the despotic rule of the Qur'an that the Arab nations have endured for over a thousand years. 

One of my all time favorite words is Irony,  and I find it ironic that Obama keeps raving about Islam's great contributions to America. I personally have not seen those contributions, but I have witnessed a great deal of their hatred. Look across Europe at the cemeteries of the allied forces that defeated the Nazis. Graves are marked with the Cross and the Star of David. The crescent of Islam is not to be found, for Islam sided with Hitler and still does.

Another twist of irony is that Jews are hated world wide, perhaps nowhere more than Norway. Prime example: Recently the Norwegian Socialist Party expressed their hope of bombing Israel if the Jews acted against Hamas. What, you might ask is ironic, about that. The answer is the staggering amount of Jews to be awarded Nobel Prizes by Norway.

If you have a few minutes to spare click this link. It leads to a long and distinguished list of Jewish Nobel Laureates. Start scrolling down, down, and still further down, for the list is long and distinguished. Then if you have a few seconds, maybe less, you can scroll through the list of Arab Nobel Laureates as well.

If you so choose you can go through that long list of Jewish Laureates such as Einstein and many others and find some truly interesting bios but few will be as colorful as the Arabs who won these coveted awards.

Yasser Arafat and his prize. This world has seen many injustices but few can hold a candle to the farce of awarding a war monger the Peace Prize. Recent years have seen great changes in the world's political and economic fields and many of those changes have been wrought by none other than George Soros. Were you ever in the least bit curious how Obama got the Peace Prize for doing nothing. Continue with this list and learn a little more about the power that Soros has in world affairs.

Mohamed ElBaradei, another Peace Prize winner, also on the board of the Soros founded NGO International Crisis Group(ICG). Soros along with the Obama regime engineered the Arab Spring, There are always certain unpredictable factors in any civil uprising. It was part of the Soros agenda for ElBaradei to become the new ruler of Egypt. That did not go well as the people of Egypt wanted rule by the Muslim Brotherhood and so Morsi gained power in spite of the best efforts of the ICG. Fear not, Soros and ElBaradei are still plotting and as Morsi's government crumbles Obama keeps pouring sophisticated weaponry into that backward nation, ElBaradei is still waiting in the wings for the next coup.

Tawakkol Karman
Tawakkol Karman strikes an interesting note as it is rare that an Islamic woman is singled out for praise ... in the form of another Soros sponsored Peace Prize. However, woman or not, she has done her fair share to bring ruin to the human race and such effort should be properly rewarded. Note that this link leads to an Arabic Newspaper. Count down to the eighth paragraph for the Soros connection. He is never far away from such people. 

Then we have a gentleman, named Naquib Mahfouz, who to a large degree breaks the mold. His Noble prize was for literature. He was a creative, well educated individual who believed in the freedom of speech, and often clashed with the Arabic fundamentalists. His independent thinking caused him to be placed on their death list, which led to an assassination attempt that nearly killed him.

Next on the short list is Anwar Sadat, also a recipient of the Peace Prize after spending most of his life in political or military struggles to rid the Middle East of Islam. Interesting qualification for a Peace Prize. He had collaborated with Nazi Germany, and was a leader in a coup to overthrow Farouk I in 1952. He did finally reach a peace accord with Israel which resulted in his assassination. Islam does not want peace. They seek only conquest, as per the Qur'an.

Last on the list is Ahmed Zewail awarded the Noble Prize for his accomplishments in chemistry. He left Egypt to complete his education in the U.S. where he took up residence and adopted an American way of life.

It was perhaps unnecessary to list these six people as I have but this claim of Obama's that the Islamic culture has given so much to the world just rings of untruth. This should once and for all put an end to that claim. Were I to do the same with Jewish Noble Laureates it would fill a book. Sorry Obama, another of your lies has been exposed.

The actual contributions that the Islamic culture has brought to the world is misery, murder, mayhem, and terrorism, which brings me back to the purpose of this essay, the criminal activities of our lawmakers. Islam has nothing, in the way of an accepted cultural norm to offer to the world, and yet we are being forced to accept them and their seventh century doctrines. Were it not for the oil beneath their lands that western civilization discovered and tapped, they would have nothing of value at all to offer humanity.

It is that oil and the money derived from it that has bought the loyalties of those in power world wide. Unless We The People rise as one and put an end to what they are doing to us, that oil, Islam's money, and the evil they spread, will put an end to our civilization, and our granddaughters will one day walk down the streets looking like a Hefty Lawn and Garden bag.

Along that train of thought I may as well close a serious essay with a laugh.

But Officer, I simply complimented her on her three beautiful children, and that is when the fight started.

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