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Danny Jeffrey


So many when recalling Abraham Lincoln think first and foremost of his compassionate nature, overlooking both his great intellectual ability and his wisdom. So very many of the things that he wrote and said one hundred and sixty five plus years ago so well describe today's events as if they were said but yesterday.

On December 3, 1861 in a message to Congress Lincoln's wisdom shone forth once again, revealing not only a grand truth but an equally great challenge:
"The struggle of today, is not altogether for today ... it is for a vast future also. With a reliance on Providence, all the more firm and earnest, let us proceed in the great task which events have devolved upon us."
Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was a man of the ages, for he could see far beyond the view of most about him, and his words were fine tuned to fit this age as well as his own.

Every American alive today was born into and grew up under a two party political system. Today that system has utterly failed us, and being creatures of habit, many have been unable or unwilling to adjust to the new reality that both parties are so out of step with our needs.  For all intents and purposes they have forsaken those who grant them power, replacing representation with oppression, and joined those who would bring America to its knees. Now, though as yet officially untitled, there are two different parties: them ... the Traitors, and we their victims ... the Patriots.

Lincoln spoke of a house divided, and we could certainly use his leadership today as this house is divided more than it has been since the first Civil War. However, a man such as Lincoln would find no home or support in our nation's capitol, for a man of honor would be out of place among the looters that have seized control of our government.

Were Lincoln alive today I cannot picture him as entering the dirty world of politics. I would imagine him more as a voice speaking for the oppressed, somewhat as Martin Luther King did, except instead of rallying the blacks or the whites, he would stand forth as a leader of patriots of all colors. 

Our greatest weakness today is that we lack such a national voice of liberty that will stand before America and address an issue we all know and yet many will not accept. The issue is that our government is beyond redemption, that it is hopelessly corrupt and must be taken apart piecemeal and rebuilt as it was meant to be; compassionate and caring, yet strong and unyielding, based on a morality that will not bend, a courage that will not falter, and a dream that will not die. That can be done only by one man with vision, and we lack such a man, with possibly one exception.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. The human race is essentially a species of herd animals. Conservatives love to picture liberals as sheep, but the image applies equally well to conservatives, and this is part of our inborn nature, for not all are qualified to lead or stand alone, were this not so we would never have built cities, we would live alone and isolated from our fellow man. Were the instinct to follow not natural there would never have been such a thing as war, as war requires great armies, and armies must follow a leader. That is our greatest weakness today. We have no apparent leader.

We have all read the stats. The gun owning people of America are the biggest, best armed, best educated army in the world, and yet we are on a daily basis losing our freedoms to a few thousand bureaucrats in our nation's capitol. What is wrong with this picture? Actually nothing is wrong with it. We are behaving in a perfectly normal fashion that one would expect of the human race or a herd if sheep. Without a leader to guide us we mull about, lost, confused, and frightened.

Do you believe that the Greeks and the Macedonians wanted to conquer the known world. They did not, but they followed Alexander. Do you believe that the French wanted to wage war on Belgium and Austria? They did not, but they followed Napoleon. Do you believe that the Germans wanted to invade Poland and Russia? They did not, but they followed Hitler's generals. So goes the human race, in its herd instinct, and so too shall we go when that leader with vision steps forth and tells us to follow. On that day, America will be reborn.

At the moment, Glenn Beck is the closest thing we have to a "Leader" and even he has not yet grasped, the inevitable, or is at least in a temporary state of denial, but he is making progress. He knows the effect he has on people, but he has not yet accepted the role that he could play in the refounding of this nation. Glenn still speaks of peaceful protest, which has proven to be fruitless, but I cannot help but feel that his vision of the future grows more keen every day.

He is a compassionate man, a gentle man, a caring man, and a man of wisdom who has not yet found his true purpose. The same things could be said about Abraham Lincoln before the Civil War. Both he and Lincoln voiced the hope that divine intervention would prevent the need for bloodshed in salvaging this country. He put so much hope in this last election believing that God would rally with us and grant victory to the worthy. The results of that election was a hard lesson in reality.

In the early days of the Civil War Lincoln commented that both the people of the Union and those of the Confederacy believed that God was on their side. He observed wisely that God could not be on the side of both and was perhaps on the side of neither. Later in the war, that grew ever bloodier and seemed unending, he concluded that God had taken the side against all of America and would not allow the war to end until a price that was to be paid in blood, washed away all of our sins. When Glenn Beck learns this he will be ready to lead, not as President for that office is beyond redemption, but as a leader with a vision that people will follow.

About a year ago I wrote that the Republican Party is dead. Last week Mister Beck said the same, and he spoke of war, of how we must not minimize it or sanitize it, that there are two options, you shoot them in the head or they shoot you in the head. He emphasized his point with a gesture like he had a gun in his hand. Sounded almost like Patton! Glenn is not a military man, he is more like Lincoln, but should he choose to sound the battle cry of freedom then retired military and many from our active military would take up the standard and lead.

Will he ever do this? I don't know, but his faith in the GOP seems to be a thing of the past, and I do not believe that he still has serious hopes for divine intervention, and it is obvious that a political solution is a hopeless dream, leaving only one option: A gathering of patriots.

That a revolution is on the horizon, few doubt, and without purpose, without vision, without leadership it will be horrendous. If it begins by individuals who are fed up and set out on their own to right the wrongs done to us it will be total chaos. If guided by one man's vision then the strife will be ennobled, and the cost paid, worthwhile, and the outcome guaranteed.

Glenn Beck and Glenn Beck alone has the power to galvanize the patriots of America into a cohesive force, prepared to do what must be done to reclaim liberty for our posterity. This nation can embark upon a renewal of spirit and a rebirth of liberty should Glenn embrace the words of Lincoln and cherish them as his own:
"The struggle of today, is not altogether for today ... it is for a vast future also. With a reliance on Providence, all the more firm and earnest, let us proceed in the great task which events have devolved upon us."

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Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct and all it takes is for one to simply look around at your friends. How many of those you love and call friends sit back and literally say nothing when it comes to standing for freedom. How many are actively involved in anything outside of themselves. They will nod and agree but then walk away ... do nothing ... post nothing but, "It's a wonderful day and I just got back from my favorite store and you should see the bargains I found...check it out @..." Will we ever wake up and take a stand.

whteshark said...

The GOP's demise is not a good thing but it's futile to follow them at this point. They have not the will to stand up to our Dictator in Thief.

We saw what the progressives did from 2008 to 2010 but this time it will be much worse. Obama is about to turn the table with immigration reform that was grant amnesty to millions of new Democratic voters. With that stroke our voice and power on the national stage will be over.

We will be a voiceless, marginalized people while our enemies dance and delight in our demise, thinking we will do nothing but accept it. I'm a huge fan of Glenn Beck and I for one would follow him. Anything is better than this purgatory we find ourselves in at this time; this wait for our enemies to deliver the final death blows to liberty.