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Danny Jeffrey


Many can find numerous reasons to find fault with George W. Bush. In my mind his greatest failing is that he set America up for a great fall with his now famous, "Islam is a religion of peace" comment. While Bush had many detractors there were also millions of our citizens who trusted him and took those words to heart.

That speech was given while the burned and crushed remains of three thousand Americans still lie beneath two massive twisted mountains of rubble in New York City, brought down by nineteen dedicated Islamists who were anything but peaceful. That speech was designed to protect Muslims from angry Americans, and it worked. America's righteous anger was misdirected, and we are still paying the price for that today.

"Religion of Peace" ... The catch phrase has come to serve three different purposes today. Islam uses it as part of their deception as they move to gain control of western nations. The gullible and the stupid use it because they simply don't know any better. Those who do know better use it in jest or sarcasm as they speak of the danger that is on the verge of overwhelming our way of life.

George W. Bush can self righteously state that he was advised to make that speech and use that phrase by Grover Norquist. Mistakes are the price that Presidents pay for having poor advisers. My greatest complaint with Bush is now that Norquist's loyalty to Islam is documented and anyone with any common sense at all knows that Islam is a murderous cult and not a religion of peace; why does he not, even at this late date, set America straight on the dangers before us?

One simple speech, admitting the error that he made would prove to be one of the greatest legacies of any of our past Presidents. However, he will not say those words, for he too is a Progressive and is part of the plan to take America down. He followed in the footsteps of his father who hailed the New World Order as the goal that we would pursue.

But what are the ramifications of the concept "Religion of Peace"? Once this lunacy was accepted as part of the narrative any who would dispute the premise was branded as being Racist, Xenophobic, or Islamophobic. Silencing dissent was a key element to the growing cover up. For those who are unaware of UN Resolution 16/18, see the link in Suggested Reading below. Briefly, this resolution is designed to criminalize any and all criticism of Islam or the pedophile that founded it.

It is said that a nation is like a ship of state, the bigger it is the longer it takes to alter course. The U.S. is a big and complex nation. If you want to know our future look to the smaller nations of Europe and England. Muslim rape gangs roam the streets, pedophiles known as "Groomers" kidnap young children and force them into a life of sexual slavery. Honor killings are common place as Sharia Law gains acceptance ... And there is a problem with all of the above: Politicians, police, and news outlets are no longer allowed to use the term "Muslim". It seems that Islamic murderers, pedophiles and rapists get their feeling hurt very easily and so Muslim is no longer acceptable. To deal with sensitive feelings these savages are referred to simply as "Asians".

Americans have a long history of saying "It can't happen here". Sad to say there are many stupid Americans walking our streets believing this. Think back to 2008 when Hussein Obama told us that he wanted to transform America and that he wanted us to be more like Europe. As mentioned before, this is a big ship of state and changes take more time to implement, but it is indeed happening. Our FBI, NSA, CIA, and military training manuals have had many words edited out in new issues that delete any reference to Muslims, Islam, and terrorism. Old knowledgeable instructors are being replaced with a younger more politically correct vintage, and the media plays right along with the narrative.

Look at the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. Black man attacks white man, white man shoots black man, and all hell breaks loose in the main stream media. However...
Excerpt from this link...
"Investigators say Ibrahim shot and killed the victims, severed their heads and hands, and buried the remains at a Buena Vista house"
Unless you live in New Jersey you probably have not heard of this gruesome murder as it was not publicized by the MSM. Why? Because the perpetrator was a Muslim and so the report was swept under the carpet.

Now this one strikes home, I mean really! This shooting spree ended about a mile and a half from my home, and I doubt that you have even heard about it.
Excerpt from this link...
"Police said they are searching for a motive after a college student allegedly killed three people before taking his own life during a terrifying rampage across Orange County on Tuesday."
Again, no publicity, and why? Perhaps it is due to the fact that this "Asian" was named Ali Syed.

The vast majority of my regular readers are staunch conservatives, but on the off chance that you are a liberal you are probably saying to yourself that these are isolated incidents and prove nothing, so let us go further afield to Dearbornistan.
First topic: Honor Killings...
Lawsuit: Honor killings OK by Michigan Shariah
"The allegation about the honor killings that have been “overlooked” in Dearborn comes on Page 61 of the 96-page complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan today."

This striking bit of honesty from left leaning CBS...
"Honor killing" under growing scrutiny in the U.S.
"We don't have the mechanisms in place here in the U.S. to take care of these girls says Det. Chris Boughev of Arizona's Peoria Police Department.  "What do we do with a teenage runaway? Ninety nine percent of the time we take her home. But some of these girls end up getting killed."

As a rule I do not like CBS news as the TV reporting is so slanted. This particular article is outstanding, perhaps because it is a blog, and perhaps due to the fact that it was written by a woman who can better relate to the victims.(Respectful hat tip to Julia Dahl) She continues with much more you won't hear on the 6:00 P.M. News. 
Referring to world wide honor killings:
"We have very poor data on honor violence." says Nisha Varia, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. "It's such a difficult phenomenon to accurately record because many don't get reported, or they happen in remote areas, or are classified as something else.
And if international data is bad, American data is practically non-existent. No national or state agency attempts to collect data of any kind on "honor" violence, including murders. But we know they are taking place in North America."

Ms. Dahl adds: "In January three members of one Canadian family, a father, mother, and brother, were convicted of four counts of first degree murder in the deaths of three of the family's daughters and the father's other wife. The four women's bodies were found submerged in a car in June 2009."

While openly critical of the MSM and its agenda to ignore an issue regarding the dangers of Islamic culture I am the first to admit that their omission is not nearly as bad as blatant complicity by law enforcement.
Front Page Mag writes of a Muslim woman in Tampa Florida, who was unable to have children and was consequently shamed by her family. She was so distraught that she repeatedly beat her head on a coffee table until she died. 

Few if any believe this story as told by the Tampa police. FPM continues with a comment from David Caton of the Florida Family Association
"The Tampa Police Department has accepted a Palestinian family’s account that Fatimah Abdallah killed herself by repeatedly beating her head against a coffee table.   However, a Tampa Rescue Lieutenant at the scene told Florida Family Association's private investigator that was implausible, that "she looked like somebody beat the blank out of her"

Any good lie deserves a good cover up and the Mayor of Tampa found one. After thousands of people called the Mayor's office demanding the case be further investigated, a new medical condition was added to the narrative: "Prompted by Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn the Tampa Police Department made up a new theory that Fatimah Abdallah had seizures (not documented in autopsy or medical report) and that was what the family saw when she beat her head against the coffee table."

The victim was living in a house with three families and no serious question was ever raised why they waited for three and a half hours after she was dead before calling 911.

The Florida Family Association has done an outstanding job of pursuing the truth to this woman's murder, all the way up to the Governor. Their efforts and frustration with the Tampa Police Department and the bureaucracy are well described in the above link as well as many other pertinent issues about the case.

The simple fact of the matter is that many of our law enforcement agencies are intimidated by the threat of Muslim violence or political reprisal from today's existing politically correct bureaucracy. The problems grow worse everyday and you will see a time that, like the nations of Europe, we will be breaking the law if we use certain words that are being deleted from our vocabulary.

When much younger I loved the phrase "Tomorrow beckons." That phrase no longer appeals to me, as I fear the specter that tomorrow brings. The country that I grew up in is fading into the pages of history, along with our freedom of speech. Truth is being replaced by political correctness and the day will come when murder, dismemberment, and rape will be acceptable behavior as long as no one is allowed to talk about it. Tomorrow no longer beckons for it has become a baited trap.

Many have supported and encouraged me in my writing efforts. I especially wish to acknowledge one in particular: KCS ... Thank you Karen.

Suggested reading...
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