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Danny Jeffrey


Major Dick Winters  Easy Company

A great deal of time and money has been spent on the study of how long can a man endure combat conditions and remain mentally intact and capable of continuing the fight. We all have limits and combat is surely the most hellish condition that exists on the face of this planet. A few weeks, a month, a few months of unrelenting stress and the best of men begin to break.

Most have seen Band Of Brothers by now and in it there was one particular scene when Easy Company was in Bastogne. The series showed one officer, helmet in hand, just standing there. Then the helmet dropped from his hand, and there stood, a broken man; a victim of stress, worry, fear, and the loss of men who had served under his command. War is hell, and sometimes so is peace.

One other scene from that series will set the stage for the point that I am about to make: When it became obvious that the Battle of the Bulge was a truly serious assault by the German army and that Bastogne was the most important sector on the whole Allied front, the 101st Airborne, the best that Eisenhower had, was sent there to defend against the worst that Hitler could throw at them. As they entered Bastogne, in summer clothing, some without weapons or ammunition, short on food and medical supplies, other units were in retreat, unable to deal with the horrors that Hitler had unleashed upon them.

Screaming Eagles
If I may be so bold I would like to compare those men who were in retreat to the liberals of today, unable to deal with the reality at hand. I would further like to think of the conservatives of today, outnumbered, surrounded, under siege from all corners, much the same as were those Beleaguered Bastards of Bastogne, as the 101st. Airborne liked to think of themselves. In spite of overwhelming odds they did not give up. They stood firm against the very best the Nazi war machine had, and in time they emerged victorious.

Now, there is no way that I am trying to compare the horrors of Bastogne to what we, as civilians are enduring today. The point that I am trying to make is the stress that patriotic Americans have suffered for four years continues on a daily basis. There is no let up and the pressure we are enduring is unrelenting and that stress is working to Team Obama's benefit. Time is not on our side. Every day he is building drones and war machines designed for the streets of America. Rest assured on one issue. Obama does fear the armed conservatives of America. Otherwise he would have made his grab for absolute power long ago. 

Four plus years ago the foolish of this nation voted Hussein Obama into the White House leaving the more sensible of us to realize that we now faced a new and serious danger. Recall the photos of eagles and flags we so proudly posted alongside quotes by Jefferson, Washington, and kindly old Ben Franklin? Those days are gone, but they served their purpose. Those images and phrases and the internet largely solidified conservative Americans as a group with a common cause, but it was only the beginning of a long and desperate struggle that will one day end in either bloodshed or total tyranny.

We were so naive in those days, still believing in the power of peaceful protest, petitions, calls to our elected lawmakers, and the Republican Party. Oh, we have on many occasions had our collective noses bloodied by reality as our naivete was stripped away, and we all learned more about the workings of politics and history. Thank God Glenn Beck was there to point the way. Had he not been, I shudder to think where we would be now.

In those days one of our biggest fears was that Obama would turn off the internet but he could not yet muster that kind of power. Team Obama tried with The Fairness Doctrine, but failed, thank goodness, for the internet is nothing less than our lifeline to the truth. So many when they were young did not pay much attention in class but now most are well versed in a great deal of American history and Civics 101. Others who never fired a gun before in their lives now regularly practice their new found skills, and those who never considered joining the military are quite prepared to die in the fight for liberty.

We have learned so much as we watched dreams dashed on the rocks of reality and we fear for the futures of our young. 2010 was one of those harsh lessons in reality. When "Vote em Out" was the battle cry America stood firm in the hope of politically disabling the Obama agenda. The Senate was a lost cause from the start, but a great deal of hope was placed in the House as the Tea Party fielded new leaders. Shortly after that a new reality set in and some of us began to see it. That new reality was a fearful thing indeed.

Then there was 2012, when the aforementioned stress levels really began to take it toll. So very much hope had been put into a GOP revival and it was during the primaries when the true agenda of the lawmakers of the Republican Party started to become apparent. The Tea Party had resurrected the GOP in 2010 and as a show of gratitude the GOP kicked the Tea Party in the teeth in 2012, seeking votes from the left as they embraced the "browning" of America.

We all know beyond the proverbial shadow of a doubt that the 2012 election was stolen. Americans were numb, bitter, and frightened, for we all knew that a stolen election was the death knell for this nation, and the GOP said nothing. Actually that is not quite true. What they did say was that in subsequent elections they would have to look even farther to the left in hopes of winning. Winning what? Winning America back or simply winning four more years of opulence and power?

I am uncertain who first made the statement "I didn't leave the Republican Party, it left me." but the point is well taken and quite accurate. Today the candidates of the GOP still utter the platitudes of days gone by but vote with the enemy. Any who still foolish enough to fall for those old platitudes is fair game for this new age of political shills.

The next time this many Americans take to the streets they will not be
carrying signs...they will be bearing arms.
Post 2012 election day was when the stress levels of many Americans reached the breaking point and that applies to me as well. Actually I should have been better prepared for the results as it came as no shock to me. Glenn Beck, Bill Whittle, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and millions of Americans were confident Obama would finally be dethroned. As one of the few who said otherwise, writing long in advance of the election that Mitt Romney was a shill to guarantee an Obama win I should have been able to take it better. I did not take it well at all. It brought me to my knees in tears. I wanted so desperately to be wrong, as being right about a mournful tragedy is not a victory at all.

Right after the election some of my internet friend dropped out of sight for a while, R & R if you will. Some still haven't returned, while others have, but posting with less frequency than they exhibited before that fateful day. Posts today usually comprise bad news, warnings of danger, and proof of still further betrayals by our lawmakers of both parties. 

A few who cannot yet accept the truth of what is happening still circulate those silly Impeach Obama petitions and believe that calling your Senator can make a difference. Head planted firmly in the sand is still a comfort zone for many, but the vast majority are beginning to realize that there is not going to be a political solution to the Progressives who have seized control of our nation. 

They are the ones that are holding their own against the stress of each piece of news that assails us. They know that we are not going to "Vote em Out". We throw em out or bow before them, there are no other options available. A lot of those who used to say "Vote em Out" are now saying "From my cold dead hands." They are adjusting to the new state of affairs and such spirit is what created America, maintained America, saved America, and will rebuild America.

We have endured four years of assault from our nation's capitol and the forces of the New World Order that Bush the Elder unleashed upon us. Reagan is gone, and one such as he would be crushed by today's political criminals, but one such as he will arise in future days.

One day at a 21st Century Bunker Hill, Trenton, Saratoga, or Valley Forge, someone is going to walk through the smoke and blood of a man made hell and say "Follow me!" and we will follow, and on that day America will be reborn. Until then the news grows ever worse, the stress evermore difficult to bear, and the dread of tomorrow leaves a sick feeling in one's stomach, but we will make it. Till then I give you two words from Major Dick Winters...HANG TOUGH.

One final thought: In much younger days I enlisted with but one thought, becoming a paratrooper. I wore that Screaming Eagle patch on my shoulder because I chose to serve with the best. Well, that was many years ago. I can no longer run, fact of the matter is that I sometimes have difficulty walking, but I am still mentally alert with a positive attitude, and still choose to serve with the best, and so I count all of my friends among the Patriots of America.

If you did not click the link under the image of the statue at the beginning of this essay I would like to include two very important quotes to indicate the character of a Major Winters, a great soldier and patriot.
During the movie there would be an occasional pause and you would see some of the men of Easy Company, who were still alive making a few comments. At one point Dick Winters recalled when his grandson asked him if he were a hero. His reply:
"No, but I served with a company of men who were heroes." I must confess to shedding a few tears at that moment.

He never lost that sense of humility. The link below the image of his statue takes you to an article in Mail Online UK. The major knew that they were going to mold a bronze statue to honor him, which he did not live to see. This is a quote from that article:

"But Major Winters - of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, who died last year aged 92 - only accepted serving as the statue's likeness after monument planners agreed to dedicate it to the memory of all junior U.S. military officers who served that day."

Now that is an American!

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Redneck Dixie Warrior said...


Great Post!You have once again put into words what most of us have been feeling!
Folks aren't posting or blogging much about their feelings now. Most know that it is just too hard to say it so well as you have. Not to mention being worried that they will have a target painted on them! Most are keeping their heads down I think and are quietly making plans for when the SHTF!
We need another man like Major Dick Winters or even a few good men like him to bring America back to her greatness. I'm confident He or they are there and waiting for the time to come forward. perhaps that is not reality?...but it is how some of us persevere with the heartache of watching what is happening.
God Bless you and yours. Stay safe and strong! :)