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Danny Jeffrey


Hitler also made great promises

"Can you imagine the turmoil were something like that ever to happen?"
Hat tip to MB.

Many of my essays have been the result of internet conversations, and this one falls into that category. It sprang out of the topic of the Bread and Circus that the American public is being treated to, and the reactions of our military leaders as they run scared before Obama's hit and run Chicago tactics. From that exchange emerged the idea of this essay and a bloodless alternative to what we now face.

In that conversation my wise friend pointed out that many of the Department of Defense brass are running scared, thinking of their career, retirement, and hoping for a better day. I, in turn, mentioned a recent essay of mine entitled "A Few Good Men"(Linked in Suggested Reading at the end of this essay). The premise behind it was that if but fifty six Congressmen, the same number who signed the Declaration of Independence, were to call a week long press conference on C-SPAN and put before the American public the questionable, dangerous, and treasonous activities of Hussein Obama, they would finally wake up America, even many of the brain dead liberals. 

In that essay I went on to add that this was but a hypothetical concept that would never happen as we do not have fifty six patriots in Congress. 

Today, I went one step further and theorized a different scenario. What if fifty six Generals and Admirals,(active duty or retired) did the same thing. There is a great difference in our Flag Officer Corps(FOC) and Congress. First off, there would be no difficulty in finding fifty six patriots in the FOC, and secondly, the public trusts our military far more so than they trust Congress.

It was as this point that my friend interjected the comment "Can you imagine the turmoil were something like that ever to happen?" I answered "Yes! Yes! And Yes!" This, if enacted, could change the course of this nation.

Unlike my hypothetical group of Congressmen suddenly mending their self serving ways and standing up for liberty, I look now to a group of men who for a lifetime have laid their very lives on the line for what they believe in. This was perhaps a Eureka moment for it is actually feasible.

Liberals do not spend their time reading my thoughts. Patriots do, and patriots know full well the dangers that lie before us. Our options are few, and barring all of America bowing before Obama, we are looking without a doubt, at massive bloodshed and civil war if we hope to recover our liberties. Many have hoped for a military coup such as we have seen in other nations but that comes with built in problems. Most coups do turn violent and without fail, frighten a large part of the populace, often resulting in another dictatorship.

A far better solution is to be found if those members of the military address America directly with hard evidence of what is taking place in our nation's capitol. Give them a five to ten day C-SPAN education about the facts of life, put the problems squarely in the laps of We The People, and find out if they want to continue down the road to oppression or find their way back to the light.

As I pointed out in my earlier hypothetical essay, the MSM would initially try to ignore the situation, but interest would grow as people communicate among themselves on the internet. Within three days talking heads would be on all of the liberal talk shows denouncing the endeavor. By Friday all America would be tuned in, watching, and listening.

Americans, and this includes conservatives, do not understand big government. So many are circulating petitions to impeach Obama, never realizing that if they succeed, we get none other than Joe Biden. Let's impeach both ... We get John Boehner.  Get the drift? Impeachment is a waste of time and will not work.

John Kasich
Others say forget the federal problem and support your local and state government. How is that working out for you people who voted for John Kasich, and Chris Chistie? They have sold out to the feds and embraced ObamaCare. Still others hope in vain that we'll really show'em in 2014 and 2016. That is not going to happen either. 

The GOP has abandoned conservative values, found comfort and wealth with the NWO, as well as the petrodollars of Arabia, and are leading a march to the left. For all of you Paul Ryan fans, he is all for giving Obama "flexibility" in handling the Sequester crisis. Rand Paul lovers ... Do you love John Kerry and Chuck Hagel? Rand Paul voted for their confirmation.

The simple fact of the matter is that we have been sold out by politicians in general, and the nation needs desperately to be overhauled from the top down, enacting criminal proceedings where appropriate. Short of an all out revolution, and the resulting staggering death toll, we have no hope but through a militarily led rebuilding of the Republic.

A military coup is illegal, unless it succeeds, then they make the rules. If it fails then they pay for their error. What is described above is not a coup! It would simply be a legal gathering of those who have served or are serving in the military, calling for an audience, presenting facts, adding their views, and suggesting change. If their presentation is accepted by the people of America, it would be they who would demand immediate change, and it would be they who take to the streets to show their support for that change.

No one wants war, especially those who have seen it, and no war is as hellish as is civil war, and at the moment Americans are preparing for just that. They, as patriots true, have ruled out the Fascism that Obama is enacting with the consent of GOP lawmakers we have mistakenly trusted. That conservatives will prevail I have no doubt, but only if it begins soon. 

All of the political posturing of issues like the "Fiscal Cliff" and "Sequester" are but distractions to give Obama ever greater control of our spending. Gun control is a valid concern but many believe that Obama wants to seize weapons tomorrow. He does not; 2015 is a more realistic target date as he needs time to built his fleet of drones and assault vehicles. If he is given that time then American patriots have little chance of victory.

I have no doubt that the scenario that I have outlined above could have a lasting impact on America. Fifty Six men ranging in rank from Colonel up could finally open America's eyes. I know that there are such men. Some appear on Fox News as special contributors, Allen West now hosts his own show on PJTV, several are part of Frank Gaffney's Center For Security Policy, and serve as speakers nationwide, but there is a problem. They, by and large, are preaching to the choir. The format that I propose will bring together a gathering of heroes to address all of the people of this nation.

The evidence of Obama's activities and plans must be put before all of America, and that can only happen as a five to ten day format on C-SPAN. One or two men or even a small group lack the ability to make this happen but if fifty six of America's finest came forth as a unified gathering of patriots the powers that be at C-SPAN would have to recognize that there is a movement in the works.

I do not implore people to "follow" my site, nor do I ask them to repost my every word. This essay is an exception for it can indeed make a change in America if enacted. Repost this if you will to any patriot website, send it to any you know and trust in the upper echelons of our military. Put it before any who can facilitate such a gathering of men. We all know that we are sitting on a powder keg, and time is working against us. I can see no other way to avoid a conflagration on the soil and the streets of America.

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Chief_Cabioch said...

they need desperately to come forward so this person, (i use the term loosely) can be thrown out of office , and jailed for his crimes

whteshark said...


One of the few times I would disagree with you. The Left controls the media and nobody watches C Span anymore. The major news organizations would come out against these Generals or these Congress men with a vengeance charging treason and all kinds of other slanders while painting us as extremists and racists.

Most of the American population is living paycheck to paycheck and is dumbed down and have checked out. They have no idea what is really going on.

Obama has gone on the warpath. His goal is to destroy the Republican Party once and for all--and all those that support limited government. When cutting two percent of spending that hasn't happened yet (while you run trillion dollar deficits) is some kind of watershed moment you know it's over. Once Obama has split the right he can destroy them piecemeal and impose his radical socialist utopia on all of us.

The only hope is resistance by any and all means necessary. We make them realize by force that we will never succumb to their tyranny.

We should preparing for war on all fronts--pulling our money from the system; we need to create an alternate economy; an alternate media; and an alternate government.
We need to elect state and local leaders who would use state national guard units to resist federal tyranny; and worse case scenario prepare for a guerrilla campaign.

There's no reasoning with lemmings or a shark that smells blood in the water and knows their enemy is divided and fractured.

Jimmy "The Torch" said...

That was a barn burner my friend. Wow, I agree with your reader that the left controls the media, but take exception on C-Span.

C-Span is the left and is watched for the most part by those that want to see their own brain's reflection of its thoughts in the mirror. I'm J.C.

elwhite said...

Danny, I like the idea & have been RT every day. The first negative comment I've seen is from Whiteshark. Do you have a Leader/Coordinator in mind to take this Bull by the horns? Allan West?, Glen Beck?...Would they?

whteshark said...


I think you mistake disagreement for negative. I'm a big fan of Danny's blogs.

You might want to learn the difference.


elwhite said...

Whteshark I am a product of 11 1/2 years of public schooling. I can't tell that much difference between Positive/negative & agree/disagree. It would make a difference in Court but for the point i was making......anyway I read all of Dannys work and your comments and I know where you stand. I agree with you that the Left will be on this like stink on shit, but if the right people would come on board who knows. Blaze TV & Glen Beck plus cspan???? Whoever gets involved will be puting their carrers at risk, but so did Washington,Adams,Jefferson & gang.
Wish I could express myself as you and Danny can but.........

whteshark said...


I wish it was so. You're right about Jefferson, Adams, and Washington putting their careers on the line; they also put their lives on the line.

What I would like to see before arms decides our fates, would be a new Continental Congress to form from the states and the territories that support The Constitution. The beginnings of a new government to address our concerns and grievances to those in Washington.

Maybe it would wake them up, maybe it would scare them. We do need leadership at the top and this would be a start. We need people at the top that can direct us.

The right need to wake up. I don't think we can win another presidential election. The demographics aren't on our side. It's only a matter of time before the Supreme Court falls into socialist hands (I mean can we really trust Roberts at this point?)and then they'll be able to completely undo The Constitution because it's a living thing that can be reinterpreted the way they want to interprete it.

It's over; it's time to circle the wagons. We can still retain our liberty and our freedom if we organize and prepare from TOP to bottom. We need real leaders at the top who will put their lives on the line; we need as many veterans as we can who still believe in the oath they took; and we need the civilians in the middle to look at this as a home front and fills in the gaps.

The battle of tomorrow won't be fought on a far off battlefield--the battle will be fought on your front porch.