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Danny Jeffrey


Minute Man Statue
The Shot Heard 'round The World

So many, including myself, have been believing that the coming civil war will begin with a massive march of armed Americans on Washington D.C., intent on restoring liberty for our posterity. I now begin to reevaluate that premise and find it lacking. Americans always seek the ideal, and what could be more perfect than millions of our citizens in unison saying "I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" and marching off to enact a rebirth of liberty, but it will not happen that way.

First off there is the logistical impossibility of millions of leaderless people at one time converging on our nation's capitol in armed protest. For such an event to occur it would be necessary for people from such far flung points as Maine, Florida, Washington state, and Southern California to arrive in our capitol at the same time. Impossible! Wars are famous for the "fog of war" and this one shall be no different.

A far more likely scenario is that a small group of armed citizens will take it upon themselves to strike a chosen target and beat a hasty retreat, and from that first defiant action the seeds of rebellion will spread. 

So many mistakenly believe that the Revolutionary War began in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Not so! The Shot Heard 'round The World was fired in 1775 at the battles of Lexington and Concord. Tempers flared, blood was shed, a cause was born, and out of the chaos a document was signed, and a new nation sprang forth upon the Earth. It was then that the colonists settled in for a long and bloody struggle to cast off their oppressors. 

Move forward in time to the first Civil War. Everyone, whether from the north or south, knew full well that war was looming, and yet no army of the Confederacy was forming. Men who were later to become great generals in the army in rebellion still wore the blue uniform of the Union and hoped that the coming crisis would never occur.

Fort Sumter...April 12-13 1861
It did occur, and it began with a few southern men firing on Fort Sumter in a South Carolina harbor. Secession was declared and then one state after another joined in the rebellion. Great men, having long served the Union with pride, resigned their commissions and headed south to support state's rights. Now another great war lies before us and the cause is far more noble than mere states rights. The conflict we face reaches for a much higher calling and will demand than many die for individual rights, both their own, and their offspring, for if the cause be lost, then it will be lost for all people worldwide.

Know thine enemy! Failing to heed those words may very well be the downfall of George Soros, Hussein Obama, and the entire Progressive movement. It is odd how they reverse the meaning of words and get away with it. Progressive ... one would think that has to do with progress. It is far more akin to cancer, and its progressive destruction of living tissue. It matters not in what period of history you search there has always been an elite class of rulers and their underlings. Call them what you will, subjects, peasants, boors, or slaves. They had no worth in the eyes of their overlords.

Our "Elite" lawmakers have learned to look upon the people of this nation with the same contempt as have other rulers in the past. They make a great error in believing Americans passive because we prefer peace, but Americans are different than any other people in this world. We have a common heritage that demands freedom, at all costs. I look forward to a 21st. Century version of the Nuremberg Trials, as those on Capitol Hill pay for their crimes against the citizens of this great land.

Today we deal with such an overlord, playing golf and vacationing non stop as he enacts policies that will once again bring a state of feudalism to once great nations of the west, but the tide is turning, as awareness of the danger grows. 

The great American dream was once a home, family, white picket fence, and security. Today that dream is being stolen by the Progressives who have seized power, and a new dream is taking shape. It is called a basic survival and freedom. Americans have begun hoarding gold, silver, food, water, arms and ammunition. The old dream is dead, and a new one must be forged in the fire of a new quest for freedom. The tree of liberty must once again be fed by the blood of patriots.

A great irony is taking place as this hoarding progresses. Billions of rounds of ammunition are being ordered by the government for all of the branches of their spreading bureaucracies. The citizens of this nation are buying ammunition faster that the manufacturers can produce them, and our first responders, the police departments of America, are caught in the middle, unable to procure the ammunition that their jobs require.

This from WSBTV...

Public Safety Agencies Facing Ammo Shortage

And it's not just the practice ammo in short supply."We've been looking at what to do,” Copeland said. “We don't know when our next shipment of duty ammo is coming in."

The men of the 101st. Airborne, cut off and surrounded at Bastogne in 1944, faced a dire shortage of ammunition, but that is war and such things are to be expected. For a police department in America to face such a shortage is unthinkable and it is not just one. This is a problem faced by our police officers nationwide, and the trouble has not yet begun. 

This past weekend a special friend from Arizona, unable to find ammunition there came to California, home of the liberals, hoping to find a different situation. Failure; the shortage is nationwide as Team Obama prepares for conquest, and patriots prepare for liberation.

A few minutes ago I watched a video from Wild Bill For America. It echoes what I have suggested above. It is time for action. The video is less than two minutes long. Watch it. This man has come to the same conclusion that I have about a massive uprising never happening and what he proposes or something similar will be the the Lexington, Concord, or Sumter, of 2013.

This from Will Bill For America...
Patriot Special Forces

I say 2013 for a very real reason. We cannot wait until Obama builds his 2700 armored assault vehicles and 30,000 drones. If we tarry, he wins and the thousand years of darkness that Ronald Reagan spoke of settles upon the Earth. We the armed American citizens constitute the biggest army in the world, but rifles, shotguns, and pistols are no match for armor plating. If indeed a blow for liberty is to be struck it must be soon or it will be to no avail.

These behemoths are designed for warfare and Obama plans to use them in the streets of America. They come equipped with armor plate, bullet proof glass, run flat tires and a vee shaped bottom designed to deflect the force of IEDs. They also have battering rams to knock down houses and heavy towing equipment for towing an armored trailer with a squad of men to a battle zone. Interesting "Rescue" vehicle for use in a "Free" country. Let me assure you. We are not free. Obama has assumed the mantle of dictator but does not plan the ultimate takeover until he has more of these to guarantee his hold on power.

I do not anticipate the clampdown until late 2015 or early 2016, but rest assured it will happen before any sham election of 2016. Obama does not plan to leave the White House. 

Obama warned us before he was ever elected that he was going to form his own private army, but few listened, and now the day of reckoning is at hand and I recall the now famous words of Sir Winston Churchill.
"Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you have to fight with all of the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worst case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory for it is better to perish than to live as slaves."
-Winston Churchill

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whteshark said...


Another great essay. As you have states many times before we lack a clear cut leader we can rally around.

I'm no military man but I saw these armored vehicles on Drudge and my first thought was wow, it's come to this. These vehicles and the drones give Obama a strong military advantage. All he needs now is an uneducated populace and unions to fill the ranks of his brown shirts while hamstringing our own military and he'll be ready for his war of suppression.

I have said it before our time is short and we need to move quickly before he can bring his war machine down on the heads of all that oppose him.

I watched the Wildbill video and subscribed. Good stuff.


I have a habit of reading between the lines and read more into Wild Bill's comments than he voiced. He commented that the groups he is assembling are retired from our elite warrior groups. Groups of five to ten men. Sounds like a gathering of Delta Force personnel. He goes on to state that they will be "investigating and if necessary prosecuting the bad guys."
One does not create a civilian version of Delta Force with a goal of "prosecuting" anyone. A line from Apocalypse Now comes to mind. "Terminate, with extreme prejudice."
Our much needed leaders may be operating in the shadows at the moment working out details right now of what is to be.

Joanna said...

Several hours ago, early in the morning here in Poland, they were talking about various options Cyprus being in a heart of it....
and one person say this or that, but they all have concluded that that the principle set on Cyprus is manumental...
in a way openning the gate to other countries being robbed at high noon by all legal , Brussel blessed procedures...
I think Wild Bill (sounds kind of Native American Indian)..
has a load of common sense behind the action proposed and involved...
As an immigrant (legal) to the USA some over 30 years ago I will say this:
Never I could have a nightmare as bad as present situation...
...what exactly are we suppose to do?... cover our windows with blankets at night radiocast of Rush?...
..well...I know it sounds funny to many...but would not surprise me a bid if we come to this kind of practice soon...
In all honesty?... I can not believe the reality hitting AMERICA in short 30 years since I have arrived...

the beacon of freedom and liberty needs some serious CPR action!

Anonymous said...

It won't happen, an armed rebellion in the US
There might be small groups and individuals who attempt to resists. But without large numbers and support they will be smacked down one by one.
Now most communities are that in name only. Not much common thread anymore hold them together. This isn't 1775 anymore
No originized militias and most people wouldn't last more than a day or two outside in the rain and cold.
They'd just go home and watch sports and munch on popcorn. Then go back to sleep.
So maybe a nice idea, but it ain't going to happen!