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Danny Jeffrey


I love the internet! There is not, nor has there ever been, a greater source of knowledge, and in all the human experience there has never been anything more fascinating than people, for it from our fellow human beings that all knowledge flows. We are the fountainhead of all that is known, and for millennia the flow of thoughts was seriously impeded by great distances. In 1776 it took an average of sixty five days for a sailing vessel to cross the Atlantic, and so if Thomas Jefferson wrote Benjamin Franklin in France he could anticipate a reply in four and a half months. Today, thanks to the internet, I have shared multiple posts with a new found, and very well informed friend in China. What she has to say is staggering.

This morning I received an email from China regarding the young lady's problem with not being able to access my blogs since she recently moved there from Australia. Anyone who writes loves being read; that is why we do it. When any writer encounters a person who faces difficulty in being able to continue reading his work but is prepared to deal with the difficulty by whatever means necessary then this person is certainly deserving of some special attention. Rest assured she will get it as she is also a wealth of new found information for me.

China is an enigma, and in many regards a fearful place to the people of the West, but my newly discovered friend can shed much light on what is transpiring there. Most of the following essay is her words, interrupted only occasionally by yours truly with a thought. She is very intelligent and well informed, as she is indeed a teacher and a lecturer. I shall copy her words exactly as written, misspellings included. Those misspellings were intentional on her part as she is well aware of keywords that will flag an email and invite unsolicited attention from the powers that be. For the sake of her privacy she will only be identified as WC.

This morning I received the following:

Dear Mr Jeffrey, 

I've enjoyed reading your blog very much. I've just moved to China and I guess you already realise your website is blocked here. It's possibly because it is linked to a blogging host. Unless you have some suggestions or have dealt with similar circumstances, I'll have to find some other way of accessing your material. 

Keep up the great work!

Now that brightened my day! One, that a reader so far away planned to one way or the other continue reading my efforts, and two, being an activist for liberty I took it as an honor to be blocked in China. 

My reply to her:

Name deletedfirst off, thank you for reading my efforts. I am honored, Secondly you have answered a great mystery for me. I am widely read in China and Russia and did not know that I was blocked there. Now that is a real honor! I am stepping on the toes of tyrants. 
The mystery that I speak of is the sites that my blogstats record. All readers from both nations find me via a company website. Examples are clothing, jewelry, porn sites and such. Until now I had assumed that these readers were employees of the sites and perhaps did not have a computer at home. Now, finding that I am blocked I must wonder if these people have found a way to piggyback on those sites to access my writing.
An example of such a site, non porn, is from Russia.
There are two ways to subscribe to my site: One is "Followers" in the lower right side bar which links through Networked Blogs, perhaps the blogging host you mention, and a more direct route via Atom, top right of the side bar. This may provide a way around the block. Worst case scenario I will Email you every time I post a new essay. To test that, after I send this Email I shall also send a link to the essay posted above to see if it gets through. 
Thank you for reading my work

And her reply. This is where it begins to get interesting:

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me. Unfortunately that link is also blocked. 

The way you site can be accessed is most likely through virtueal privet net works (please excuse the spelling, as I must assume all email is scanned). Access to the Internet in Hong Kong is pretty much unrestricted (I can vouch for this while staying at one of the big hotels).

I should be thankful email is working. Most western news sites work too. I was even watching Glenn Beck last night! Ironic, given he was talking about China as the top thugocracy. I've tried quite a few, and Drudge is the only one not getting through. For example, Breitbart, NRO, American Thinker, WND, Red State, Fox News, The Blaze, Daily Caller, PJ Media are all fine, even some conspiracy sites are ok and Michelle Malkin's gets through, but Daniel Greenfield's b log "The Sultan Knish" does not. However, Daniel's articles can be accessed through Front Page Magazine for which he is a key writer. I think the issue is b logging host sites. The ones getting through have their own domain. 

China is too preoccupied keeping its own people under control, and is terrified of the masses mobilizing. Which of course is why it bans face book & twetter. Add to that any site with the potential for organizing  uprisings, particularly b logging sties. I think the information per se isn't blocked, its the vehicle to disseminate it - for control of the masses here. At this stage I'm not sure they give a jot about what's going on in the US or Australia or the UK, politics-wise.

The following paragraph I find to be very enlightening:

Make no mistake, the sleeping giant has already woken. The people here are more capitalist, if you like, than in any Western country. They work hard and look after family, because the state wont. Also, there are no lobby or interest groups to worry about, and no opposition to any decision. That spells t y r a n n y if you are one of the underclasses, but absolute free reign to amass a fortune if you're not. The wealth here is unbelievable! (But so is the poverty). For the time being, I think China's attention is focused inwards on keeping its 1.7? billion population under control. The West is dying with or without China's intervention. Perhaps they're long-term thinkers, who knows? They will make moves at some point, when the West's self-inflicted implosion is beyond the point of no return (which, arguably it is now).

Sorry for rambling, but China is sure a fascinating place - an enigma really. Just on a personal side note that you may find interesting: the only reason I'm here is because I couldn't get a job in my field in Australia. 

I will try to get your updates as I agree with practically everything you say. Keep your beacon of light going, it's very much needed as our times become more and more uncertain. 

Kind regards

My reply to that was insignificant other than asking her consent to publish her emails, excluding her real name, substituting it with only her initials. 

And now in her next post we get to some of the nitty gritty details of modern day China.

Hi Danny,

Yes that would be fine to use my initials. I am in deep China if you like. I was in Hong Kong, but now in Zhongshan, only a short ferry ride away. I’ve only been here a few days, but visited extensively last year. So I knew what to expect.

I think the affluence of China and Chinese people generally is the biggest shock. This is something you just do not know until you witness it for yourself. Westerners are kept out of the industrial areas (I did try this unsuccessfully last year), and I do know that the outer country/rural areas, particularly in and around T ib et suffer from abject poverty. But in major cities it’s a completely different story. For example, I live in a large (middle-class I guess) apartment complex and every car is relatively new – Audis, Volkswagens, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Hondas, upmarket Toyotas and Volvos. In the street, I’ve seen Porsches and Ferraris as well! Believe me, there are many Chinese with a standard of living equal to or better than most Westerners. The thing they don’t have is clear air (I have yet to see the sun) and space, and of course freedom as we know it. 

The above I found to be terribly interesting.  China is building twenty new cities a year in which no one lives. (Mentioned in my last essay) They consume more coal, oil, and iron, per capita than any nation in the world. Americans complain of the smog in L.A. and Denver, but to find that China has smog so bad we now find that can't even see the sun. While we are being forced into absurd concerns about the environment, they go merrily along pumping hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

The following thought confused me for a few seconds, then I realized that she was referring to name brands, Levy, Nike, and such.

The brands they are working on. Because one of the only things the West has left are its brands and branding. From what I can see, they really do want to be like us and live like us. Everyone wants the iPhone5! The young people will be at the vanguard of the new China – and they are increasingly rebellious and even liberal.  I’ve seen plenty of young women/girls who dress like Beyonce and parade around, and effete-looking young boys with makeup, particularly in the upmarket shopping districts. This is what the Chinese govern ment is so afraid of. They can’t stop this juggernaut – the social and economic change that is sweeping their country, creating huge middle classes who want more and more.

Anyway I’m at the beginning of an indefinite contract here (teaching/lecturing) so I guess there’ll be plenty to learn and write about while I’m here. Just on the employment issue – it was better for me financially to move to China than to stay in Australia, considering the cost of living there is soaring. For example, you can eat here very very well on less than $10/day. Oh, the other thing I’ve noticed are “wine clubs”. That’s the only way to describe them. Very upmarket shops if you like, where there are a few “tasting tables” and lounges flanked by walls of wine bottles. It doesn’t appear that food is served there. So it seems wine has become the new “in thing” in China. Fascinating!

I have no doubt that many Americans will find comfort knowing that a certain leader of this eastern nation is rolling fitfully in his grave.

In the meantime, I’m working on my access issues which I’m hoping will be sorted soon. I will let you know how I go. If it’s not too much trouble, until then are you able to send me your articles in an email? I will understand if you can’t, as you do have many fans!

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me.

Kind regards


PS  I pretty much always agree with Glenn Beck, but not sure that I’m with him on the potential China-Islam alliance. See they have their own troubles with muslims in the western part of the country and deal violently with uprisings. Generally they are very very suspicious of all religion, except for watered down Buddhism. But maybe. Glenn was right about the Arab Spring, so...

We had some of those muslims in Guantanamo. Later pardoned all and they now live in luxury estates in the Bahamas, equipped with pools, tennis courts, and golf courses. In regards to the point that Glenn Beck brings up it could be a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Final thoughts. My new found friend is a stranger in a strange land, and we can learn from her findings. Until she can find a way around certain restrictions I shall still endeavor to post my latest to her. She cannot receive a link as we reasonably free people can, but it seems that I can copy the essays that I write and transmit them via Email, and so this will be the accepted method of communication for the moment.

To all Americans, heed this lady's warnings. The triumphant general on his return to Rome rode in a chariot. Beside him rode a slave whispering in his ear, "All glory is fleeting." That too goes for freedom. Those of you who debate liberals, show them this essay. Show the other other side of the coin and hope they learn before it is too late, if it is not already.

Many thanks and best wishes to WC. Stay safe!

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