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Danny Jeffrey


It has long been my opinion that Obama feels absolutely no loyalty or concern for United States or its people. His loyalties lie with Islam, communism, and his own delusions of grandeur. His past and present affiliations with people who hope to destroy this nation leaves the field wide open insofar as speculating what he is capable of. What he is actually capable of is restricted by reality. What I believe he would like to see is the utter destruction of America and everyone who loves it, and he is trying to turn his dream into our worst nightmare. He is a man of mystery who hides his past life from prying eyes. We know less about him than any man who has ever occupied the White House, and that lack of knowledge is the greatest danger that we face.

Last night I had one of those Eureka moments in an internet conversation with a special friend in North Carolina. My friend brought up the topic of all of the military personnel and aircraft in our southern states, and his comment set me onto a new train of thought. Appreciative Hat Tip to R.F..

Our Constitution supporting citizens are already on the brink of uprising and in previous essays I have speculated that Obama, contrary to what many believe, hopes to delay the outbreak of civil rebellion until 2015. The reason I believe this to be the case is that Hussein does not plan on there being an election in 2016 and at the moment he lacks the proper equipment to crush a rebellion. He needs time to build the 2700 armored assault vehicle and 30,000 drones he has on order.

In the four plus years that Obama has reigned in our nation's capital, this country and its people have changed so much. Think back to his early days as Team Obama was just settling into their new found powers. They had a plan in mind long before his inauguration, and immediately thereafter they started rushing their agenda. They have long since learned to slow the pace and be more evasive in their actions, but in those early days they were promoting "The Fairness Doctrine" and we all feared that the internet would be abruptly taken away. Since then they have learned that it is to their benefit to leave the internet alone and monitor our comments, thus creating their "Enemies List"

Another thing we feared was the imposition of Martial Law which has not occurred for the simple reason that it could not be done with the forces that Obama could control. I recall a friend asking me a few years ago if I thought that our military would fire on us if given the order. My answer was No. I added that given a worst case scenario of extreme rioting in our inner cities that they would use water cannons, sonic cannons, and other high tech non lethal means of crowd control, perhaps even resort to rubber bullets but under no circumstances would they use live fire against fellow Americans.

We have all been making an error. Many have assumed that some of our warriors would abandon their posts and join the resistance. This belief is based on the concept that the entire military wold essentially assume a hands off attitude while civil war rages around them. I now find this to be unlikely. I have been thinking, with an uninvolved military, that the coming strife would last about four years. In light of my friend's mention of all of the military hardware in southern states the equation changes. If they do indeed join us in the struggle then those dreaded armored assault vehicles of the DHS will disappear in a puff of smoke before the wrath of Abrams Tank or a Hellfire launched from an F16 ... And, Obama knows this, leaving him with a twofold problem: A gathering of patriots and a military that rejects his inspired leadership and supports the Constitution.

In an essay I wrote just yesterday I made a mistake. I stated that the only thing that the Obama regime fears is an armed citizenry. Add another fear to that: Our military.

This from Western Center For Journalism...
Breaking: Secretary Of Defense Panetta Disarms Marines In Afghanistan
Approximately two hundred Marines were told to leave their weapons outside a tent while listening to  Panetta’s speech, but many state that disarming the Marines will lead to a morale problem due to a high official distrusting his own troops.

And this from
Marines Were Disarmed for President Obama's Second Inaugural Parade
Marines marching in President Obama's second inaugural parade recently were carrying rifles without bolts, meaning they were removed.

Many have seen this brief video. If you have not it is a good time to watch how the Marines responded to George W. Bush as opposed to their response to Obama. It will make you proud of the Marines.

Were the military to follow orders from the Commander in Chief and engage rebelling Americans we would have no possible hope of winning, but this is a scenario that neither Obama nor I believe possible. That is why, from the start of his administration, Hussein of the White House has envisioned his own civilian force, i.e.: the DHS standing before the armed and irate civilians of America.

I cannot help but believe that history is the greatest teacher of all for those who are willing to learn, and this thought takes me back to events of 1861. Fort Sumter was fired on, secession began, and that secession effected the ranks of the military as well. Abraham Lincoln offered Robert E. Lee command of the Union Army. Lee, a firm believer in states rights regarded himself to be a Virginian before his loyalty to the union, declined the offer and returned home to serve in the not yet existing Army of Northern Virginia. Many other officers said goodbye to dear friends and headed south as well. 

If history does indeed repeat itself we shall see a similar parting when hostilities begin, largely along racial lines, as nearly one hundred percent of the black people of America voted for Obama in both elections and I believe it reasonable to assume that most would side with the Progressive movement and continue their support. This also implies that the white conservatives in the military would in all likelihood side with the conservative element and bring their machines of war to assist in the restoration of freedom.

The above projection is the results of a best case scenario, but never risk your future to the best possible case. Always look to the worst, prepare for it, and act accordingly. Anything less than the worst you have expected is a walk in the park. There is one great difference between 1861 and 2013. Abraham Lincoln was a man of honor and he allowed southerners to safely return home before hostilities began. I don't think that anyone would use the name Obama and the word honor in the same sentence.

A best case scenario is incomplete without a worst case scenario, and somewhere in between lies the question of why is Obama bringing the bulk of our troops home at the end of 2014, knowing that in event of civil war breaking out, they will take sides against him? In my writing I apply a tool of logic known as Occam's Razor. Over the years it has been written many ways but essentially it is this: "All things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the right one."

I do not like the answer that Occam's Razor gives me for it is almost incomprehensible, especially the Plan B part, but it is based on many indisputable facts and it is the simplest answer to Obama's plan for total conquest.

Reread, if you will, the paragraph with which I opened this essay. If you agree with the perspective I put forth in it then you are ready for the next projection...

"It has long been my opinion that Obama feels absolutely no loyalty or concern for United States or its people. His loyalties lie with Islam, communism, and his own delusions of grandeur. His past and present affiliations with people who hope to destroy this nation leaves the field wide open insofar as speculating what he is capable of. What he is actually capable of is restricted only by reality. What I believe he would like to see is the utter destruction of America and everyone who loves it, and he is trying to turn his dream into our worst nightmare. He is a man of mystery who hides his past life from prying eyes. We know less about him than any man who has ever occupied the White House, and that lack of knowledge is the greatest danger that we face."

I like to use links from far left MSM as they tend to conceal Obama's agenda, so when they publish an awkward truth, believe it. Obama has built a Top Secret bunker beneath the White House lawn.

This from The Huffington Post...
White House Big Dig Remains A Mystery As Construction Wraps Up
"However, what reporters and photographers saw during the construction appeared to go well beyond that: a sprawling, multistory structure whose underground assembly required truckload after truckload of heavy-duty concrete and steel beams."

This brief video in English from RT, a Russian sponsored news agency revealing the fact that five thousand new bomb shelters are being built in Moscow.

This from Mail Online UK...
China's Ghost Towns: New Satellite Pictures Show Massive Skyscraper Cities Which Are STILL Completely Empty
And despite pictures last year showing some of the reported 64 million empty homes, Chinese authorities have since erected masses more buildings.
Gillem Tulloch, an analyst for Forensic Asia Limited, described one of the areas in Chenggong,  as a 'forest of skyscrapers'.

China is building twenty complete new cities every year with no explanation as to their purpose. To the western mind these cities must be a make work project to bolster their economy. Nonsense! Such massive expenditures are a drain on their economy. These cities are being built as fallback locations after a nuclear war ends. You should click the above link and view those magnificent cities standing empty while the Chinese peasants live in squalor. China wants those cities to remain empty, as without occupants they are not a worthwhile target for nuclear missiles.

Does anyone find it odd that Russia is building bomb shelters in huge numbers for their people, China, already well equipped with bomb shelters are building new cities in advance of nuclear war for their people, and Obama is building one bunker for himself, and why would he be concerned? Does The Manchurian Candidate come to mind?

This from Daily Mail UK...
Russian Attack Submarine Slipped Past U.S. Navy And Patrolled Gulf Of Mexico For Weeks Undetected
'It’s a confounding situation arising from a lack of leadership in our dealings with Moscow. While the president is touting our supposed "reset" in relations with Russia, Vladimir Putin is actively working against American interests, whether it’s in Syria or here in our own backyard,' Republican Sen John Cornyn told the Beacon.

This from Reuters...
China Submarines To Soon Carry Nukes, Draft U.S. Report Says
Beijing is "on the cusp of attaining a credible nuclear triad of land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and air-dropped nuclear bombs," the report says.
The JL-2 program has faced repeated delays but may reach an initial operating capability within the next two years, according to the Pentagon report, released in May

Since Obama has taken control of NASA and implemented outreach programs, security has become very lax, to the point of hiring firms to bring in contract employees without our doing a background check.

This from Fox News...
Was Scientist A Spy At NASA? Chinese National Arrested On Airplane

Now let us return to the military that Obama fears and Occam's Razor. If you agree with what I stated in the first paragraph then everything else here will make sense. If you do not agree, nothing will convince you of the following analysis.

Civil war looms. Few will deny this premise. Another premise upon which most will agree is that the majority of the military will stand with the conservative factions against Progressivism. An extension of that thought is that Obama, if opposed by this nation's military will be deposed. That leaves Hussein behind the eight ball unless he does some fancy political maneuvering, ergo: Keeping the military out of the country.

Last year I wrote an essay entitled Our Next War ... Syria.(See Suggested Reading below)
Excerpt from that essay:
Instead of leading the charge he always holds back, waiting for his allies John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman to accuse him of being too timid.

Recently Hussein of the White House announced that the use of chemical weapons in Syria would cross a red line and be grounds for war. Lately reports have emerged from Syria that WMDs have indeed been used with both sides blaming the other. Obama, master of the game, appears timid as he advocates further investigation of the incident before any action is taken. True to their ways McCain and Graham are pushing the timid one to war. The beauty of the technique is that it gives our intervention in foreign affairs the dignified cloak of Bipartisanship.

Author's note: I do not care if you hang a D or an R alongside the names of people like McCain, Graham, and John Boehner. These men are Progressives, and in the game with Obama up to their eyebrows.

This from RT...
McCain and Graham push for US to invade Syria
Syrian government and the opposition accuse each other of using chemical weapons. The US considers this a “red line” – and two US senators are now urging Washington to declare war in response to alleged use of the weapons.
That sounds familiar.

As I write there is an unconfirmed report that Assad was the victim of an assassination attempt and may or may not be dead. His being alive or dead is irrelevant as the excuse to send in American troops is to secure the WMD.

Another excerpt:
"I don't care what it takes," Graham told Foreign Policy’s The Cable. "If the choice is to send in troops to secure the weapons sites versus allowing chemical weapons to get in the hands of some of the most violent people in the world, I vote to cut this off before it becomes a problem."

This situation now gives our Nobel Peace Prize winner another excuse to launch yet another war and keep our military busy overseas.

Earlier I mentioned Plan B, in the event Obama fails in get us into another Islamic war. Plan B is an act of desperation on the part of the Progressives and I would rather see our men and women aiding another Islamic takeover, for Plan B is totally, totally, evil, but it would be effective.

I have already established that Obama cannot gain total control of the U.S. with an operational military stateside, therefore if they are stateside they must be destroyed. Here is how it could be done:

My projected time for Obama's planned tyranny is in 2015 prior to the election. We are supposed to bring the rest of our forces home from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. These troops are battle hardened and after fighting to free a foreign people they will not hesitate to engage the enemy here, and if not diverted to another war, they and others present a major problem for Hussein Obama.

Obama classifies the Tea Party as enemies and foreign tyrants as friends. He and his tyrant allies all seek the same ruin of America and he would call upon them in his time of need. Russian submarines, as described above, have the stealth technology to penetrate our defenses. Picture, if you will, a few of their ballistic missile subs on our Atlantic coast and a few more on the Pacific coast, and a few in the Gulf of Mexico, protected by their stealth killer subs. Now imagine them launching, not an all out attack on our cities, but a narrowly defined assault striking only our military bases. 

With them being so close there would be little if any time to defend against those incoming missiles, and thanks to the Collaborator in Chief. Russia probably has the codes necessary to disable any of our defensive missiles.

Fast forward to Obama's speech on the day following the attack. View an angry Commander in Chief as he recounts a horrendous sneak attack on our nation that occurred the night before, and since those nuclear weapons were launched from submarines we cannot be certain who fired them, but he would appoint a panel to investigate the incident and would not rest until the situation is resolved. This speech would naturally not be given in our radioactive atmosphere but from his Presidential bunker beneath the White House lawn. Oh yes, and until our findings are complete and the perpetrators are brought to justice, Martial Law must temporarily be declared to maintain order.

Too much? Too far fetched? Or does the scenarios above fit into what we know and believe about Hussein motives, agenda, and tactics? That is for you to decide. As for me, I most certainly pray that this never comes to pass, but I do firmly believe that Obama is totally amoral and totally anti American, and if given the opportunity he would not hesitate at all to do as I have described above.

Needless to say, whichever scenario emerges, whether the military is off fighting another Obama war or assailed by a nuclear missile as they sleep, we are back to the scenario we have feared: Obama's war machines against us.

Never underestimate that man. Know thine enemy!

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