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CPAC...Then and now

Tea Party Set To Dominate CPAC 2013 
CPAC is the conservative event of the year and has come to serve as the meeting of minds to discuss the present state of conservatism and, just as importantly, the future of conservatism. The Tea Party is dominating this discussion and the agenda of the conference shows exactly that.

Now that certainly looks like some good news in light of all the bad news we have seen lately ... But is it true, and if so what does it mean to us, the patriots of America?

Another infiltration has taken place, and it is either CPAC or the Tea Party, or both. Either way, this infiltration is a blow to our freedom and it behooves us to know just what has occurred. If the last line of the above quote is true then it can be rightly said that The Tea Party has indeed been infiltrated. Now that comment just stepped on the toes of some of my internet friends who assure me that The Tea Party is alive, well, and loyal, in their particular area of the country.

The same thing can be said about the Republican party in isolated sectors of America, but by and large, the GOP has sold us out. Let us examine some facts and see if also, by and large, The Tea Party has joined the exodus.

Pamela Geller was barred from CPAC 2013 and explained the move in this link:
Jihad-Accommodating CPAC
Excerpt: "I applied to CPAC and met with their signature wall of silence. I tried to partner with the tea party (as I had done last year), but no dice."

This from the George Soros sponsored left wing rag Think Progress:
Exclusive: Frank Gaffney Was Barred From Participating In CPAC, So He Invented A Reason To 'Boycott' It

Personal thought: I regard Frank Gaffney to be one of the greatest patriots alive today and whether he 'boycotts' an event or is not welcome there, I most certainly would also choose to boycott said event.

Let us have a look at another who has fallen into disfavor with the CPAC/Tea Party crowd:

How CPAC Has Been Completely Corrupted By Islamists
This essay by Joshua Pundit relates how Robert Spencer was notified that he has, by a vast margin, been selected to receive the People's Choice Award at CPAC. Now that sounds great. No committee or politically correct panel chose Mister Spencer for an award. He was chosen by a landslide vote from the conservatives of America. But(there are always buts) there was a problem. The CPAC/Tea Party leaders did not want him to receive the award during the CPAC ceremonies. Why you might ask? Freedom of Speech! They were afraid that he might exercise his.

Suhail Khan
"He told me that there was a slight problem: the Tea Party group, which co-sponsored this People's Choice Blog Award, didn't want to allow me to receive it at CPAC next week unless I promised not to criticize Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan as I accepted the award."
Many readers do not follow links. The one above should be an exception. It reveals much of what the wizard is doing behind the curtain.

Most of my regular readers are well aware of the significance of Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, their threat to our freedoms, and support for Islam. For any who are not familiar with these two gentlemen and have not yet taken the free Frank Gaffney course listed in Suggested Reading, I urge all to do so. 

Also in Suggested Reading there is a David Horowitz video at CPAC 2011 that is a must watch. It is a total of twelve minutes and forty four seconds in length. If you choose not to watch it in its entirety at least watch it from the seven and a half minute mark where he reveals the dangers of Norquist and Khan and salutes the efforts of Frank Gaffney in revealing their agenda/threat.

Looking back four years it is so pleasant to recall those glory days of The Tea Party. So many thousands of patriotic Americans converged on our nation's capitol that the MSM had to lie to their viewers and diminish the numbers of those who were rallying in defense of what America was. Their lies mattered not. We know that a massive peaceful protest took place, with signs asking "Who is John Galt", other signs with giant photos of Ayn Rand, and Martin Luther King, while others called for "Glenn Beck for President". Those were the days of glory, unity, and hope.

I recall other days of glory, when victorious generals rode in the triumphal chariot through the streets of Rome and at his side was a slave whispering in the general's ear, "All glory is fleeting." What has happened to us in four years? What has happened to The Tea Party and those who asked who is John Galt and hoped to vote for President Beck? Why do the leaders from that effort now oppose those who speak out against Sharia? Have they given up, defected, sold out to those bearing petro dollars, or simply been outmaneuvered?

One thing that really bothered me about traitor McCain's campaign was how many thousands of times I must have seen that one photo of him walking beside Reagan, and while giving lip service to Reagan he opposed everything that the great man stood for. 

Frank Gaffney is nothing like McCain. He was a trusted adviser of Ronald Reagan and still carries the torch of freedom that his leader hoisted. But let us say that you perhaps do not like Gaffney and support The Tea Party's stand against him. Let us further assume that for reasons of their own The Tea Party feels justified in rejecting Pamela Geller's stand against Sharia. There yet remains a damning indictment that The Tea Party cannot deny.

Robert Spencer's award that he is not allowed to accept at CPAC was an award granted him to him by THE PEOPLE. I recall four years ago when those who now deny Robert Spencer and the people their rights, were protesting the Obama regime's oppression of the people. How the mighty have fallen! When The Tea Party suppress the views of conservative people and the conservative writers they follow, they are no better than those in Washington who would oppress all of us.

Above I wrote that either CPAC or The Tea Party or both had been infiltrated. Now I shall demonstrate that it is both, and show how and when it occurred. There are many donors to CPAC including the Heritage Foundation and the NRA but the primary sources of funding are The Tea Party and the American Conservative Union. As you read above The Tea Party claims to be in control, and they want no bad words applied to Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan.(Please watch the David Horowitz video in Suggested Reading)

The ACU/Tea Party affiliation dates back to a short time after the Tea Party's founding.
American Conservative Union Reaches Out To Tea Party
Traditionally it is a long climb up the political ladder for any individual or group seeking recognition, but the ACU saw both a threat and an opportunity in the newly formed Tea Party.
"Turning the tradition of seniority in politics on its head, the 20-month-old tea party movement suddenly finds itself courted by the 47-year-old American Conservative Union."

It must have been quite exciting, perhaps even overwhelming, for many who had never even been in the political world to be welcomed by such a group as the ACU. I believe that overwhelming is indeed the correct term, for these starry eyed patriots to suddenly to come face to face with none other than Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan ... Members of the ACU board of directors and long time visitors to the White House. Suddenly elevated to fame surely it is not asking too much of the new social climbers to please scorn the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. And so it comes full circle. Those who but a few years ago were defending the freedom of speech now stand against it. Infiltration at its finest.

Some disagreeing with my thoughts can quite rightly put forth the idea that other conservative speakers will be at CPAC. For them I have two thoughts. Watch the speakers and see how many are advocating increased tolerance of Muslims, revising our immigration policies, and seeking GOP support from minorities, i.e.: leaning left. Also any good that actually comes out of CPAC will be more than offset by the damage done by the moles in the background that CPAC is protecting.

Turmoil is coming to this nation without a doubt. Obama is stockpiling billions of rounds of ammunition and training FEMA forces to put down rebellion, he has ordered 27,000 armored assault vehicles to use in the streets of this nation, and 30,000 drones to patrol our skies. We are many and we are mighty, but we are without leaders, and without leadership and a plan, we are lost.

Obama is living proof that a people are better off with no leader than to have a treasonous leader, and now I look unto The Tea Party with the same mistrust that Obama has inspired in all of us. 

This is going to be another hard reality for America to accept, but think back to those whom we once trusted who have either sold out or are selling out. We used to call them Republicans, now, knowing better, we address them as RINOs. We also once totally trusted FOX News but have learned to take their reporting with a grain of salt, if not outright skepticism.

Civil war is on the horizon and if it begins with conservatives having qualified leaders the casualties will be greatly diminished. Sadly those leaders stand not before us and consequently the initial death toll will be horrendous, but out of the chaos leaders will emerge, and the future will belong to those who are willing to fight for it, but then that is the way it has always been.

One final thought. The leaders of The Tea Party should really be a little more selective of the company that they keep. Norquist and Khan are bad enough but when you factor in the likes of Alberto Cardenas, Cuban born Director of ACU they really have a mess on their hands. In 2011 he said of the leaders of The Tea Party in an interview with Human Events: 
"“They don’t really have a toolbox of principles.  [The Tea Party movement] is probably a less-educated conservative movement group than any I have witnessed in my 40 years of being [politically] active."

With such an attitude it is easy to see how the leaders of the ACU looked upon The Tea Party as being naive and easily manipulated. Considering the fact that Tea Party leaders are now standing against conservatives leads me to think that the ACU may have been right.

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